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Brook Trout Creek Fishing with Panther Martin Lure

Brook Trout Creek Fishing with Panther Martin Lure

I got a nibble, might have got a nibble Yes! Oh, no! What’s up everybody it’s Tiefsa, and I’m going after a specific fish, the mighty brook trout. Now, I’ve been fishing
a lot, and I’ve caught some big fish, but they’ve all been species I’ve caught
before. Got a nice largemouth I caught a nice smallmouth you’re not
gonna get off. Whoa! Whoa. Calm down. Look at this smallmouth. Holy buckets. I’m ready whenever you are. Yes! Oh!
Got a really big pike. But, yeah I got a be, I got to be more specific in what
I’m doing. Supposedly in this very little creek,
there a brook trout. I have no idea if there will be. The creek look tiny,
but I got my waders. I’m going to get my camera on, and we’re going to do this. I have a very limited amount of time, as I think a storms coming, so enough of me talking.
Let’s do it! There won’t be any right here, will there be? And we’re in. You think right in there. I got a nibble. Might have got a nibble Yes Oh no. There in there. Yes! What are you? Get in there. Oh, yes. Yes! Oh, you’re so pretty. You seeing this?
Oh my goodness. Look at how pretty that fish is. We got him. The brook trout. Let’s let him go. Oh my goodness is that a pretty fish. Oh
my goodness. There he goes. oh yes yes yes Species 22, 22, oh yes.
That’s so cool. Man brook trout are just beautiful fish.
Unbelievable. All right let’s try and get some more. Oh I like it. Oh, I like it
Oh you gotta kid me, another one? Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Wow, are they feisty little devils. Wow Wow God, these are pretty fish. Unbelievable, Man look at these fish. Stop, stop, stop. You’re only getting hooked worse. Yeah, there you go. Real quick before the rain gets me and I gotta go. I’m using this thing called the Panther Martin. It’s just this real little,
little lure. Smallest one I could find of the Panther Martin, and that’s what I
was catching these fish on, this little guy right here. Oh, it worked. That was so cool. Cast it, bring it on back, you might catch a brook trout Oh, he’s right there. Come on, David. Yes. Alright alright alright. This net is not big enough such a pretty fish. look at those fish. Look at this guy. My
goodness, what a pretty fish. this is species 22, the brook trout. It’s
raining, I gotta go. He wants to go, all right let’s watch him
go. Okay here we go. It’s pretty out isn’t it? Oh my goodness, hey don’t forget to push all the good buttons, you know? Oh that’s so cool. Man, I’m pumped, yeah I’m pumped. All right, give me a number one, you’re
number one, I’m 22. 28 to go. Yes! Yes, yes, yes. Whoo! Just for sake, let’s look at
how ridiculous I look right now. Hee, hee. I got the strap from my daughter’s bag.
Let’s do it! Let’s do it.

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