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Brothers Go Fishing For The First Time

Brothers Go Fishing For The First Time

– [Keith] Dolphins! (splash) Oh (bleep), Oh (bleep), we’re going down! We’re at Hilton Head Island,
my family comes here a lot. The other night, we were
doing karaoke at a bar, and we met two dudes,
Campbell, and Drew Davis. Now they’re gonna take us fishing. (honky tonk music) – [Keith] Oh shoot, that’s a big forklift. Check out that big ass bird. – How you doin’ man? – [Keith] Good, how you doin’? – Good. – So, this is my first
time, going fishin’. I’ve never been fishin’ before. – [Brian] Wow. – I’m excited. – I used to go fishin’ in high school, with my buddy, Jay,
but it’s been, oh gosh, at least 15 years, something like that. – This is the second time I’ve been in the Atlantic Ocean this year. Last time, I was chased
by sharks, and I vomited. – Last time I went fishin’,
there was a huge storm. We all ended up in the
water, didn’t catch any fish. But, you know, I’m excited, anyway. – We’re gonna go out on the water, we’re gonna try to catch some fish. And we’ll learn about the most
important parts of fishing, and then we’re gonna
bring some fish back, and, I don’t know, then we’ll
have some dead fish. All right, let’s go. (guitar riffs) (honky tonk music) – Yeah, so this all used to be
docks, before the hurricane. – [Keith] Oh (bleep), that
was from the hurricane? – [Drew] Yeah. – [Brian] Wow. – [Keith] Wow, that’s what
hurricanes do, I guess. Here’s to not vomiting, this time. – Hi, my name is Drew Davis. – Campbell Goss, nice to meet you. – [Drew] And what we’re
gonna do, today, guys, is we have a couple of
rods soakin’ out here. And we’re goin’ after black drum, redfish, sheepshead,
trout, the inshore species down here, at Hilton Head
Island, South Carolina. We’re both inshore guys, and
that’s what we love to do, so we’re hopin’ to get
you guys on some fish, and make a good afternoon out of it. – Around here, you go out,
you catch your own bait. We got some clams. All right, you ready to smash some clams? – [Keith] Yeah. – [Campbell] All right,
you take it like this, and bang ’em like a caveman,
just against each other. – [Keith] Yeah, that’s
how the otters do it. (polka music) – [Campbell] And one will break, and then you just break off that,
and toss it into the water. – [Keith] Man, I did a
shitty job, is that enough. – [Campbell] You know
what, you did a fine job. You can eat that, if you want. – [Brian] I don’t. – Ugh, no, I didn’t like that. – [Cameron] Oh, did you actually try it? – I did, yeah. (laughing) – Basically, you take that bait. Nice little chunk of meat. Little tough part,
right there in the clam, so you put that right on the hook. – [Keith] How often do you
cut your finger, doing this? – [Campbell] All the time. – [Keith] How many tetanus shots you had? – [Campbell] Um, none. – [Keith] Oh, wow. (laughing) – Right here, next to these
pilings, these fish come in. Best way to cast it out, put
your index finger right there. Cast it right towards the pilings. (electronic keyboard chords) (fishing line winds out) (splash) – When you get it there,
you flip this back over. – That way? – Yep. That way, when the fish pulls it out, you’ll snag ’em, so. – Then I put it in the hole. – [Campbell] We’ll let that
sit, and hopefully, we get one. – Did I cut my finger, already? How did I do that? – [Brian] Your fingers are dirty. (foghorn blasts) – [Drew] We call those guys googans. – [Keith] Wait, is that, googan? What’s in it?
– Googan? – It’s a charter fishing term for a geek, like, fishing, I guess. – You know the brim hat with–
– Fisher – 15 different lures,
and a disposable camera. – [Keith] Yeah, I thought we should have dressed up like that. (Drew laughs) – [Campbell] You should have. – So, pretty much, catching a fish is, you’re gonna wanna watch your rods. So we staked ’em out in the water, the bait’s soakin’ you’re gonna watch your rod tips. And when they start hittin’ a little bit, it means the fish is chewing on it. So when it totally bends over. – [Brian] Like that. – [Keith] Oh, like that. – All right, can one of you
guys come over here, real quick? – [Keith] Brian, get in there. (shouting) – [Campbell] Get over there. – [Brian] All right.
– All right, you just start reeling this down. (suspenseful music) – [Keith] Thank you, Brian. – [Drew] Oh, nice little speed back. (laughing) – [Keith] Yay! – [Keith] He’s a winner! Oh, he’s so little! – [Campbell] These are
way too small to keep. I think they have to be
13, 14 inches to keep, so. – [Brian] He looks like
a goofy-lookin’ weirdo. – [Keith] Yeah.
– [Campbell] Yeah. – [Campbell] All right.
– [Brian] Look at him. – [Campbell] Is this your
first saltwater fish? – [Brian] This is my first saltwater fish. – [Campbell] You have to kiss it. (romantic foreign music) (kissing pucker) – [Campbell] Awesome.
– [Brian] All right. – [Brian] See you later, buddy. Stop number two. First dock wasn’t good,
it was too broken up. – [Keith] Oh, there’s a crab in the boat! – [Brian] Oh, Crab! – [Campbell] This is one thing
they do is curl up in a ball. What you do with these is basically, the legal way to do it, you don’t keep the whole crab. You first break off the biggest claw, keep the claw and throw back the crab. – [Keith] It’ll grow another one. – [Campbell] It’ll grow another one. – [Keith] Okay, about
to say, that seems, like kinda shitty! – [Campbell] Yeah, yeah. Little guy’s going back in. – [Keith] Thanks for lendin’ us a hand! (laughter) Oh my gosh, you look so nice. Let me fix those glasses. (laughter) There we go, all fixed. Pinchin’ your butt! Pinchin’ your butt, Campbell! Pinchin’ your butt! (thud) Hey, what’s the deal with all these gnats? – Well, these gnats stink. And we call them dog dick gnats because every time we’re
always hunting with dogs, they’re always around the dog’s dick, so, just kinda, say whenever
you’re out in public, just be like, “God, these dag,
these dog dick gnats suck.” (laughter) (heavy metal music) – Wicked cold, huh? – All right. So now we’re out redfishing, guys. This is a little bit different, so instead of fishing the docks, what we’re doing is we’re
fishing these oyster beds along the bank. – [Keith] We’re cuttin’
these up for bait right now. – Yeah, yeah, these are just weight. These are called mullet. Nickname is cookie, though. – [Keith] Cookie? – Yeah, you’ll get on
the radio and be like, “I’ll trade you a rum drink
for a couple cookies.” – [Keith] Well we got
some cookies in the water, hopin’ for some redfish. We got one, two, three, four, five. (singing) How do you
know that I was fishin’ ’til I met a fish. – Look what she got. (bleep) (bleep) – [Keith] All right,
somebody get over there. – [Campbell] As soon as we
– [Keith] Brian! – [Keith] Ouch, I got it,
Drew, I got it, I got it. – [Campbell] Get it, get
it, get it, get it, get it! – [Keith] Yeah!
– [Campbell] Yeah! (bleep) (bleep) – [Keith] It’s hard to fight. – [Campbell] Pull up. – [Keith] Pull up, like this? – [Keith] Oh, God, it’s so far away! I’m not strong. It’s so heavy!
– [Brian] You know how heavy. – [Keith] Oh my God, he’s big! My God, he’s so strong! Stop… fighting… you big (bleep) fish! Come out, come out, come out. Nice! (claps) Sweet! Oh, he didn’t even eat his cookie! (Campbell laughs) He didn’t even get to eat his cookie! Oh God! – That’s a fatty. (Keith sighs) – [Keith] God, I’m Exhausted. (laughing) Hey, I’m so sorry about all this. He’s not gonna bite my face? – No, he won’t. – He’s so big. – All right, kiss him! – He’s lookin’ at me. (laughs) – Just kiss him. (kissing pucker) (romantic music with vocals) (kissing pucker) – Hey, this my fish y’all, what up? (laughter) Yo, we’re from Hilton Head Island, this guy, he’s slowly
suffocating in my hands. (laughter) All right. So, Charlie, who I had such
an intimate romance with, he’s too big. So we gotta give him back to the ocean. – Bye guys! – [Keith] I don’t have to die today. (laughter) Go on, Charlie! – [Campbell] Bye, buddy! – [Keith] Tell your friends about us! – [Campbell] There are
more where they’re at. You gotta do the fisherman’s handshake. – My hand’s still gross. – [Campbell] Do the fisherman’s handshake. – [Keith] What’s that? (hands clapping) Thank you. (laughter) How big is the fish I caught? – [Brian] 27 inches. – It’s a big fish. So, uh… did it, Ya know? We really went fishin’. – It was very exciting for me. Like, a lot of fishing is not fishing. – [Keith] Look at them, beautiful. – And those parts are fun, too. You’re on a boat havin’ a good time with your bros. – The highlight of the
day was we got this crab. And as a token of
appreciation for being caught, he gave us his arm. Let’s go eat that crab. (thud) (splash) (clash) (clink) – How are we gonna get into this crab? (smash) – [Keith] Is that all you
guys got a little piece. – [Brian] Small taste. – [Keith] Yeah. – [Female] It’s really good though. – [Keith] Yeah? Say bye. – Bye. (romantic accordion music) screech

100 comments on “Brothers Go Fishing For The First Time

  1. hey they went to south carolina and i live in south carolina
    if only i saw them but i dont live on hilton head island

  2. This is horrifying..breaking off a creatures leg while living…We should do it too allof them…Ashamed of them..especially Keith…didn't take him for an abuser. These guys they fish with are losers. Respect creatures that give their life for you…

  3. Keith looked so weird wearing a sweatshirt and not a flannel. He was probs wearing a flannel under the sweatshirt tho.

  4. Even if these crabs can respawn their claws. what's the point of breaking them off?
    Besides that, I'm always surprised how these thin lines and rods can hold such heavy and strong fish without breaking

  5. Why is Keith so concerned and worried about killing or hurting a single fish when he happily devours probably thousands of chickens, hundreds of pigs, and dozens of cows every year?!? Pretty weak hypocrisy. Maybe folks who eat meat so readily should always see where it comes from and how it is treated, because that fishing trip was probably the most ethical and sustainable meat he's ever eaten. Reality check.

  6. After watching Keith's wedding and the Try Guys Fatherhood Special, I can conclude he is his dad's carbon copy.

  7. Regardless of wether fish feel pain, I treat all fish carefully like with big fish ensuring proper weight distribution

  8. I'm in oklahoma sitting on the front porch sunny and 80 and where they were fishing in the deeeeep south is 30 I'm so glad

  9. Omg March break of this year I went it the exact same place in Hilton head and I said the exact same thing about the giant forklift too

  10. As far as I can tell (I haven't looked through the whole thread but have seen a lot of it), the complaints about people complaining about fishing being cruel by far outnumber the complaints about fishing being cruel. The world gets a lot smaller when you stop mocking people for having perspectives that are different than yours and for being different than you. And no, I'm neither a vegetarian or a vegan, and I feel the same about vegans and vegetarians mocking meat-eaters.

  11. Comment statistics:

    30% YouTube fisherman cringing nonstop and commenting on how great fisherman they are
    35% people commenting about how there are so many comments on animal cruelty or how vegans are triggered
    5% people commenting about animal cruelty and/or being triggered
    29% Keith, his brother, blue squares, funny
    1% Ned’s wife

  12. All of these vegans/vegetarians saying "humans dont fish for survival anymore, they do it for fun" um. Excuse me, but there are Eskimos in Alaska who depend on fish for food? Sure there are plants, too, but most of the land they live off of is barren.

  13. 2 things 1)never tell a try guy “hey try this” cuz they will 2) all u vegans & vegetarians complaining u do realize cavemen had to hunt for food right?

  14. Does fish have meat?
    (I already know it is not meat, I just want to know how many of you guys know that it’s not a meat)

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