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BT Daily: No Fishing!

BT Daily: No Fishing!

[Steve Myers] I think most of us realize God
forgives our sin. When we’re truly repentant, we are broken
up by our sin, we go to God, we ask him to forgive us. We’re pretty conscious of the fact that he
does forgive our sins, but oftentimes it seems that these things may come back to us, that
we may feel guilty even knowing that God’s forgiven us. Sometimes that guilt can come back and it
just seems to haunt us in a way that we just may not be able to get over that hump of feeling
guilty. But one thing is sure, God doesn’t want us
to feel guilty. When we really repent and we really change,
He tells us we shouldn’t feel that way. A couple of powerful passages remind us of
that. There’s one in Micah 7, that I really think
is a great reminder of this. Actually, it’s in verse 19, Micah 7:19. He says, “He’ll have compassion on us and
subdue our iniquities, our lawlessness, our sins.” But before that, he says, “Who is a God like
you, pardoning iniquity and passing over the transgressions of the remnant of his heritage?” God forgives our sin. He removes our sin. In fact, just after this in verse 19, it gives
us a little illustration on how God deals with our sin. I think it’s pretty amazing. It says, “You will cast all our sins into
the depths of the sea.” Now, how deep is the sea? Well, it’s really deep, you know, we know,
we haven’t even discovered things in the ocean because it’s so amazingly deep. So, God takes those sins in a metaphorical
kind of a way and throws them right away. They’re gone. They are in the sea, gone, never to be thought
of again. And that’s the image that Micah is painting
here who’s inspired to give us that very illustration of that. And in fact, when you think about that, that
should help us to get rid of the guilt that we have in our life. In fact, there’s another passage I think that
ties in with this over in Isaiah 43:25, there’s a wonderful reminder here that tells us what
God does. God Himself says, “I am He who blots out your
transgressions for my own sake and will not remember your sins.” You see, when those things come back to us,
we’ve got to get rid of that thought because that’s not the way God thinks. God’s taken those sins and He’s removed them. He doesn’t even remember them. So, if we keep these couple of things in mind,
I think it can help us to deal with the guilt that may come back. God doesn’t want you to feel guilty. God doesn’t remember our sins. Keep that illustration of Micah in mind where
he takes those things and He throws them in the sea. And maybe one of the things we could remember,
I think in a way, He puts up a sign after he throws them into the sea. And you know what that sign says? “No fishing, no fishing.” Don’t bring those things back. Don’t let guilt irritate you and get back
into your mind. Remember what God promises? He doesn’t remember them. It’s like he’s thrown into the sea and in
a way, he says, “No fishing”. That’s BT Daily. We’ll see you next time.

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