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Build Pyramids And Fish Pool By Ancient Skill

Build Pyramids And Fish Pool By Ancient Skill

Build Pyramids And Fish Pool By Ancient Skill

100 comments on “Build Pyramids And Fish Pool By Ancient Skill

  1. Imagine having one of these in the middle of nowhere. You could relax with your fish, do some paintings, forget about everything else

  2. hey Tutankhamen! at what temperature your brisks hardens? that hole in the ground 50cm by 50cm help you to burn that bricks? amazing and only took you 20 days to prepare the what ? delivery from depot for materials ? nice building by the way ! we need to admire your skills as project manager , architect, and builder. but please cut the crap out with burning brisks in that hole in the ground . you make public that on internet and you are one click away from searching an find on what is the process to obtain bricks.

  3. GOOD house but the fish needs a friend. Make a swim pool to that would be cool. But do you live in a real house to and make little dens like this?

  4. for the idiots talking shit….this is where they put the ashes of their loved ones or bury them… not for fun.. its meant for a burial site

  5. Its a minecraft desert temple, but with a pool and made of bricks. It also doesn’t have the 4 pillars on each corner.

  6. You and all your videos or face because you keep playing the same clip in all your videos how to make bricks out of sand and mud

  7. I know we saw the whole process of him gathering materials, preparing bricks and putting everything together, but it was somehow aliens. Because reasons.

  8. In the future when robots take ober and there are little humans left they will stumble upon these ancient structures thinking aliens built them but in reality a single guy made them WITH A STICK

  9. I only have one question
    Do u see purple?
    (Scroll fast)

  10. А какую функцию выполняет эта пирамида? Просто для красоты?

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