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Bull Shark Fishing and Tripletail on DOA Shrimp Islamorada Florida

Bull Shark Fishing and Tripletail on DOA Shrimp Islamorada Florida

What are those, ballyhoo or needle
fish?It’s hard to tell.>>I think they are needle fish.>>I think they are needle
fish as well. Look at all the grass on these traps out here.>>It’s loaded up.>>Just look
how many traps there are.>>Absolute million traps out here.>>Easily.>>So Tony they just
hang on the structure just kind of like what they do up north where they are around me
just for the bait and what not?>>Yeah>>Yeah I think they just use the crab traps as a
bit of a current break and all that grass and weeds and stuff and the shrimp and crabs
live in there. They just use that as an opportunity to eat there.>>All those good eating things
we like to eat too. [laughing]>>Yeah same things. I think that’s
what makes them taste so good is they eat the same things we do.>>Well there’s enough
crab pots out here>>Oh my gosh so many>>We were coming out here coming across the bay
and we come up to the crab line here and it looked like white water.>>Alright, I got
a triple tail on this yellow buoy right over here in front of us at twelve o’clock.>>Got
him. Got it, hey that looks like a pretty good one. What’s your size limits here?>>Fifteen
inches is the minimum size limit.>>Alright.>>See him there?>>Yes sir that looks like
a mighty fine triple tail there.>>Yellow buoy again.>>He is there. Well welcome to
this episode of Addictive Fishing. We are off Islamorada right now. We got Captain Tony
Melton with us and right now we are catching triple tail. We are going to go hit a wreck
out in Gulf here a little bit later, but you know me man, I love to catch fish and I love
to catch triple tail. So here we go. ♪♪ ♪ Ooh! I felt him bang it.>>He’s still there.>>Need
to get him away from that buoy just a hair.>>He ate it, he ate it.>>There I got him. [laughing] Old triple tail. Now you say these
buoys just run from here all the way to where Boca Grande is don’t they?>>Yeah they go
all the way up towards Naples, around the corner of the cape and they’re just if you
look out there they are just numerous.>>Now is that about your average size triple tail?
>>Yeah that’s a pretty average one for this area. Can get bigger ones, but- ♪ ♪>>Come
on there little dude. These things are pretty. Pretty prehistoric.>>Those are my favorite.
>>These are your favorite?>>Oh yeah, my favorite fish to eat.>>I got a buddy of mine that
is in Port Canaveral and he specializes in these things and up there, we get some absolute
monsters. Some of the biggest triple tail in the world up there. We’ve got several world
records.>>That would be awesome.>>And this one here, you say that’s your average one
huh?>>Yeah that’s pretty close, looks like a pretty average fish for here.>>I love these
things. Talk about something that looks like a saltwater oscar. ♪ But these guys are
in their own family. They got great cheek meat here just like a grouper. But one thing
you got to watch out for with these guys are these serrated gill plates. Because they will
flat cut you like a knife. like a knife. Triple tail right there. From just outside of Flamingo.
>>Just outside yeah. Just running the traps. Just running the traps. We are running them
on the way to the Gulf to go catch some big fish so, we are going to let this dude go
>>Awesome.>>See ya later mister triple tail. And we’ll be right back, catching big fish.
(Play it)Addictive Fishing is brought to you by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Every season
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Simply, clearly, better. And by Trokar. The world’s sharpest fish hook.Yeah, crabbers don’t die man they just
smell that way.Yeah exactly! [laughing]>>So you say none of these are
Canaveral triple tail out here huh?>>No apparently not, I mean I’ve never fished them up there
but you told me they get pretty big. I think the biggest one I ever caught here was like
fourteen pounds.>>That’s a good size trip.>>But that’s pretty rare.>>Well I downsized
today. I’m throwing the seven two with a DOA. Thirty pound leader, fifteen pound Smackdown.
We are gonna see if it gets the job done on these giant ones that are here.>>Alright,
I got a triple tail right here at twelve o’clock on this yellow buoy here.>>Ok I got him,
that should be good. Well welcome back folks we are still on our way out to the Gulf to
the wreck. Hopefully we can make it out there before we catch too many fish, but uh… Got
another triple tail right on this yellow buoy. And what’s weird man they are all on the yellow
buoys.>>All on the yellow. Old yeller.>>And there is millions of white ones and blue ones
and black ones and this is a nice triple tail here, looks a little bigger than that last
one.>>Alright.>>Nice current.>>Oh he’s on it.>>Oh he didn’t take long to eat that
did he? [laughing]>>He on it! There he goes!>>Oh!
Come on trippy. They do like to try to go back to that buoy don’t they?>>Oh yeah, he
wants to go back. What’s funny about these fish is that they actually jump. You wouldn’t
think it would be a fish that jumps but they will actually jump sometimes.>>I always said
you never know what a triple tail is gonna do. They’ll dive they’ll jump they’ll turn
sideways just like that and use the current. There he is. Yeah he’s a little better than
that last one. You want this one for dinner?>>It doesn’t matter to me whatever you want
to do we can release it. The cool thing about down here is I have the opportunity to do
it all I want. [laughing]>>That is true. I gotta get me
a new DOA he slung that one off.>>Look at that.>>Come on dude. There we go. Time for
a new DOA. Ow! Just talking about those gill rakers. Gotta be so careful with those. Those
things every one of them is just like a pin. But you want to talk about a sandwich and
a half. Those guys right there… The reason they call them triple tail is they use that
anal lobe fin and the dorsal fin and the tail fin to move and I’m telling you what, they
use all three of those tails right there. That’s why they are so fun to catch and they
are just so powerful. So I guess we’ll let this guy swim back up to Cape Canaveral and
get big… Bigger! [laughing] See ya dude. They are hearty.>>Definitely
a hearty, hearty fish.>>Very fun fishery. They’re not all that big, but man you get
a ton of them. Time to rig up and get me another fish.>>Well there’s our turtles popping up.
You know it’s always a good sign when you see turtles.>>Yeah always a good sign.>>Reason
is for that, there is always structure around where these turtles hang. Even in the Atlantic,
wherever you get sea turtles hanging. Always [drag pulling]>>There’s a fish. Thought I
felt something bang it.>>Get out of your way here.>>What in the world we got? [drag pulling hard] [laughing] I think I know.>>I think yeah.
>>That was a big old shrimp. What do we got? It’d be nice if it turns out to be a big brown
one huh?>>Yeah right?>>Caught them a lot on shrimp. Heck I’ve caught more cobia on
shrimp than anything else.>>I throw the biggest shrimp I can find at them a lot of times.
>>It’s a DOA shrimp a lot of times I throw at them too. Just one of them little three
and a half inchers. ♪♪ Like I was saying with your fish… Even though it’s sharks,
I know when I was a kid, I couldn’t care less about catching a tarpon, care less about catching
a bone fish. I wanted to catch sharks and just stuff that pulled hard. And this one
is a shark. Bonnethead, big bonnethead. ♪ [drag pulling] Haven’t there been a shortage
of bonnetheads I heard?>>Uh, maybe not I don’t know I see a lot of them though, so…
>>He’s gonna come around.>>Musical chairs. [laughing] ♪>>These are the size I’ll still
bring aboard. [laughing] ♪ ♪♪ I know a lot of people
always mistaking these for hammerheads.>>The thing I hear the most is ‘oh I caught a baby
hammer head.’>>Looks like he’s hooked right, uh oh… That’s fifty pound I put on there.
>>Come here buddy.>>Got him? There you go.>>Got him, look at that. That fifty pound
held up right in his mouth.>>Seaguar does the trick. Let’s see I got a little de-hooker.
Unless you want to stick your finger down in there.>>No not particularly. [laughing]>>Let’s see I can grab it with
your pliers there. ♪♪>>Bleeding all over the boat.>>It ain’t the first time bloods
been on this boat. those Trokars will do the trick. There you go. There you go. Now why
people think these things are baby hammerheads is that shovel nose on their head but a hammerhead
will actually come out one this size would come out about that far. But go ahead and
toss him, I know there’s a shortage of them so…>>There we go. Nice! Good way to start
it off.>>That’s a lot of fun. Hey what we did guys, our yellow buoys that we were following
a little bit ago, the lobster guy that was running the buoys came by and he took them
all and we weren’t finding anything on any other buoy. Anything that would eat anyways
it was only the yellow ones so we went ahead and came out here to the Gulf just set up
and started catching fish immediately. Y’all stay tuned we are going to be right back,
see what comes up at this spot. It’s always a surprise. Blair>Duh nuh. Duhh, nuhh… The
sharks gonna eat it.>>The shark is not gonna
eat it.>>Ahh, look at that! So you been down here about eleven years huh?>>Yeah about
eleven years. Full time guide for about six now. Just bought my new skeeter boat back
in November so I’m running that. People seem to love it and I love it so, loving life.
>>Yup, definitely good boats.>>Here he comes, here he comes. Oh gosh he’s eating, he ate
us, he’s eating! He’s eating, he’s eating!>>How big was he? [laughing]>>He’s pulling drag. Golly! I didn’t
want to get stuck with this thing.>>Just as his buddy says ‘hey come on over.’ ♪ How
big is he feeling?>>He’s not feeling huge. Now I’m making ground I wonder if he popped.
Nope there he is! [evil laugh]>>You got sixty five pound Smackdown
on that.>>Oh man, he’s gone! ♪ [drag pulling] ♪♪ [engine starts]>>Just cause all these crab
pots I’m gonna have to go backwards. Hey you want to get on the bow so I can…>>Yup I’m
seeing backing on this thing.>>I’m turning you. ♪♪>>I was just kidding about you
fighting the first one.>>I got backing! [laughing]>>But hey, since you were close
to that rod. [laughing] [laughing] Get him Tony! Get him Tony!>>Golly!
How did I get suckered into doing this?!>>Well you said nothing is gonna hit until the tide
changed. [laughing]>>Alright we got some line back
on the reel now.>>Alright, ha ha. That was pretty wild. Sitting here waiting for the
tide to change and his buddy over there called him back and said hey come on we got tons
of cobia and sharks around here if y’all want to get some good footage. So we were gonna
go over there on the trolling motors and just as he grabbed the blue runner rod, bout yanked
out of his hands.>>I tend to give my clients a hard time when it comes to this. Now I’m
getting my payback. [laughing] ♪ ♪♪>>I bet I
know where Tony is gonna be sitting when we
go to the next spot. [laughing] That’s just experience there Tony.
>>Yeah! [laughing] He’s shaking his head a lot.>>Watch
it be like a sixty pound cobia.>>I wouldn’t be mad at that.>>That wound’t be a bad deal.
I think though, he’d be more in the eighty pound class fighting like that.>>Yeah!>>Gosh,
can you believe this day on the Gulf?>>Oh it’s beautiful out here.>>What is it, March
twenty->>Fifth?>>Something, I don’t know. I lost count of the days. It’s the middle
of March and I think they just had another snow storm up north. ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪>>He’s
going right. Alright I’m going to see if i can put something on him here.>>Well the
new spot paid off huh?>>Yeah buddy.>>Even though we are sitting here waiting for the
tide to come, he’s going to be on this fish a while I believe. So y’all stay tuned. We
are going to be right back with some more Addictive Fishing. And Captain Tony’s weight
loss program. [laughing] (Play it)Addictive Fishing is brought
to you by Star Brite The world wide leader in marine, automotive, and RV care products.
Wright and McGill Never compromise. Engel. The original high performance cooler company.
D.O.A. Lures. The unfair advantage. and by Seaguar. Trust Seaguar when everything is
on the line. ♪♪>>Rig it right by Wright and McGill.On today’s rig it right
segment I’m gonna show you what Captain Tony and I were out there using. Basically let
me tell you how I met Tony at the Miami Boat Show this year, they picked up a new Skeeter
dealer down in Islamorada. It’s Islamorada Boat Center. They told me they just signed
up a new pro down there named Tony Melton. Had never met Tony before. Super, super nice
guy. He’s been fishing down there quite a long time and knows what’s going on for sure.
Our target was exactly what we went after. It was those triple tail up the buoy line
on the outside of the boundaries there and these triple tail they just love to hang underneath
the buoys because it’s always trapping sea weed. You’ll see the sea weed that is on the
buoys themselves and they just lay there. As soon as a shrimp comes up next to them
or it’s in that sea weed. They come up and eat it. Very, very easy fish to catch. We
were using the small stuff on them but they are still a lot of fun. They use all three
of them tails to pull. Then we moved out to the wreck. We didn’t know what was going on
out there. He said the sharks are always out there but when you’re wreck fishing in the
Gulf you never know what you’re going to run into. The prototype rod we were definitely
giving it a workout out there. Al at Wright and McGill, he hit the nail on the head when
he made this blank. If you see how much Tony is pulling on this fish at the end of the
fight it will make a believer out of you. Sixty five pound test Smackdown by Seaguar.
Once again, Seaguar makes that great fluorocarbon out there that will disappear in the water.
Their new line here is about the thinnest braid I’ve ever used in my entire life. If
you ever get a chance definitely go by Islamorada and fish with Captain Tony Melton because
he is one awesome captain. Remember one thing though, every season Starts right here at
Dick’s.>>Rig it right by Wright and McGill. ♪♪Oh he’s coming up. Good Lord
that’s a big shark.That’s a big boy.>>That’s a full grown one.>>I told you there
were some big ones out here.>>You need some help down there yet?>>I don’t take help.
I dont like help. [laughing]>>I gotta at least grab his tail.
>>Alright come on. ♪♪ ♪>>Ok, I got some color on him.>>Oh yeah, look at that
fish! Look at the size of that fish! ♪ Trying to find my gloves here. Strong line isn’t
it? That’s the most that rod has bent over.>>Oh yeah? Well we are putting it to the test.
There he goes again.>>That is a beast of a fish.>>Alright I got to go under.>>Not
only does Seaguar make great leader material and great line. They make great gloves. [laughing] They wont protect against that
mouth though good Lord.>>No there’s not much out there that will.>>What are you breathing
so hard for?>>Cause I’m not usually the one on this end of the rod. [laughing]>>You want to bring him on the
deck?>>Up to you.>>Nah, I’m not bringing that fish on the deck. [laughing] I was just seeing if you wanted
to.>>I can’t keep him on the surface.>>Oh you will in a second.>>Come on!!>>He’s only
about eight hundred pounds. How big would you say that fish is?>>Oh, too big! [laughing]>>Nah there ain’t no fish too big.
>>That thing’s nice, I’d say at least in the three hundreds.>>There he comes. Come on
baby, we are just gonna let you go.>>Ugh he don’t like that.>>One more time, let’s
get him up and get that hook out. Roll, roll good job. Yeah he’s done. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪>>Look
at that big boy.>>Get on! That is what you come to the west side for. Big, big animals.
Brother… That’s Captain Tony’s program. Y’all ever get a chance to come down to Islamorada
and do that I highly recommend it. You got me sweating just looking at you. You know,
I don’t think we got any more time in the show bro. He done burned the whole clock up
on that fish. That was what a three hundred pound?>>Oh yeah, easy three hundred pounder.
>>Y’all come down here during spring break, you luck out and you get a day like today
it is absolutely beautiful. It don’t happen this way in March all the time and if you’re
fortunate enough you get a day like today and you can come out and just have a ball.
It is an absolute blast. Captain Tony, thank you very much man.>>No thank you>>Don’t
forget about the website addictive fishing dot com. Make sure you send us your picture
there on your phone. Hashtag, show your mogan. We’ll see you next week. ♪♪♪Check
out more footage from this show, by logging onto addictive fishing dot com for out takes
and bloopers.>>On the yeller, old yeller buoy.>>Watch it be like a sixty pound cobia.
>>come out here and catch a shark.>>Ohh.>>There I got him. [laughing]>>Ahh, he ate it I was trying to
keep him from eating it.

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    Great stuff.  Can you explain again what kind of shark that hammerhead-looking one is?  And maybe also a bit of information as to it's protected and fishing status?  Thanks, man.  As usual, nothing but the best.

    OH PS, couple guys who talk the big talk (and deservingly so) they have a great reputation in the internet fishing community had a video posting where they chartered out a few fellas and one guy hooked about a 45 pound yellowfin tuna and it took them FOREVER to get it on the boat and they even gaffed it!!!!  I couldn't believe how much time they spent backing up, circling, worried about the leader coming too close to the boat (that one I couldn't figure out it's a fishing charter boat for crying out loud and just stick your damn hand out to keep it away!!!) and so I politely questioned why it was such a huge ordeal  (and mind you, painfully long time to watch them bring that fish on the deck from the second it surfaced maybe 35 to 45 minutes) and then directed them to a few of the MANY yellowfins vids shows you've done where the fish comes up, you get her lined up properly maybe 2 or 3 tries and either in the net and up or gaffed and done deal!  Move on to the next one.  Waiting for his reply but I was shocked at what all the fuss was about. 

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