Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Burger King’s back in my life again I
know you’re probably thinking didn’t Sammy boy break up with birding he’s
been through so much with them where they mess up his order multiple times
give them bad food sometimes the food is just terrible even if it’s right but
they kind of redeem themselves with those crispy tacos I know a lot of you
hated them but I love them so we’re back we’re trying every single meet at Burger
King today that’s right we got fish we got chicken we got beef we got pork we
got everything cover all the bases don’t need these napkins ketchup packets spicy
crispy chicken giant double cheese bacon burger from the new stackers line of
burgers we have a large fry which we’ve not seen very large all right so they only kind of smush to
death but that’s okay you know what can you expect it’s fast food but here we
are the burking double stacker with the
bacon on it it seems moist and nice we got our spicy bacon a Caesar chicken
there nursey their chicken thing which I think they just put Caesars also ain’t
nothing big deal and we got the fish but I’ve never had I didn’t Kristin hook or
see no I’m gonna Burger King so shoot was wild because for some reason on that
broth on that block in Brooklyn here there’s a Burger King there’s McDonald’s
there’s a Taco Bell there’s a Jamaican patty place there’s a grocery store
KFC there’s a roadie shop so it attracts a lot of people and there’s a subway
station but the Burger King seems to have it’s like gravity well but it only
attracts crazy people maybe that’s why I keep going back
but every time I often diverting something weird is happening
so I thought it was just cute when I was there you know I put my order in on the
machine I don’t go up to the counter because my order is ordered to like a
ridiculous amount of food that I don’t want to say out loud because I am
embarrassed but up at the counter and I’m waiting for my food there’s like a
child there and by child to me that’s like 16 to 20 year old I’m not sure how
old this kid was but he’s trying to fill out an application for a job and he
doesn’t have a pen but they won’t give him a pen because it’s against Burger
King policy to hand out a pen to someone applying for a job okay I guess I get a
lot of pins stolen whatever nice old lady gives him a pen he goes from
dejected and sad to go back and sit down and fill out a thing he’s like so quiet
and shy and socially awkward like I felt for the kid so bad
it reminded me of myself when I was his age and also now because I am still very
socially awkward I’ve been socially awkward towards to tell you from this
weekend actually once we start eating but so that was kind of cute and funny
and some little girl who’d left her like bow-and-arrow
not like a real bow never like a toy boy an arrow up the counter and there might
I’ll excuse me little mom a little mom will come get your bow now and this
little girl ran up and she was crying and she but she got over an arrow and
she I happy and she went back to sat down with her like grandma or whatever
and ate her food it was just so sweet and then they get in my food order ready
number 12 and this man comes up to the counter and they just say in a bunch of
orders and she comes up to the counter and just starts screaming I want number
four and can’t get the large and the phone just turns around she said you get
the fuck out of here I’m making an order right now I will ask you what you want
when I am ready and he turns around and I was first like wow this is the most
amazing lack of customer service but it was an appropriate response to how it
was acting so I respected his stand up for yourself Burger King workers and he
turns around starts walking on the store and just like crazy pointing everybody
yelling Spanish but nobody you know pays him no mind
and by the time I got my food and was leaving he was still doing it he was
pointing at me I was going out the door yelling his fast again
Papapa Papapa Papapa that’s not my impersonation of Spanish I don’t didn’t
actually hear what he was saying not being insensitive yo there’s a while I
don’t know I think it’s cuz maybe the Burger King doesn’t have a security
guard and McDonald’s does have a security guard so stuff gets more wild
in the Burger King but listen is a burger for a Scott oh pretty juicy I
didn’t get any bacon in that bite I’m just gonna break some bacon off here barking bacon alright the Burger King
we’re just regular burger there’s so much better than other fast-food burgers
that come out so dry like your basic McDonald’s burger unless you get the
quarter pounder it’s all thick and nice let’s goodness chicken caesar one I hope
tastes like real like Caesar dressing cuz I love Caesar dressing but the thing
I love about it is anchovies which I know they probably don’t actually put
real anchovies in this I would assume the chicken is crispy you get the
Luminess you get the oiliness you get the the parmesan that like complex salty
flavor you get from parmesan in a Caesar dressing I’m getting most of the notes
here it isn’t like super fishy maybe they use
like some extract or something which I can understand some people do think like
oh let the mushed up anchovies and the sauce is nasty but you know what I have
recently dogs disappointed in I had the chicken sandwich from what’s that wild
popular chicken place no Papa nice but not sure she’s the one that hates gay
people which I know I shouldn’t hate there but one chicken sandwich and I
feel like I do enough good otherwise to make up for it but it wasn’t that great
it was fine but I understand in line for like 30 minutes to get it and now it’s
not worth it let’s try this fish I’m worried this fish is gonna be dry
because like we got pickles we got a little bit of sauce it’s a little bit dry but the tartar
sauce is surprisingly strong and tart flavorful I like that
bear with me you’re paired with me I’m gonna try something on try something on
this let’s get that cheesy cheesy fish here
yeah that’s all nicer that’s nice moistness to it that very
much enjoy creaminess now let me tell you about my socially awkward weekend which to you is probably gonna sound
like these are normal everyday situations why is she freaking out about
them well the club I have social anxiety which I guess is fairly common so maybe
you have it – I’m glad if you’re having a meal alone we can have it together
here and talk about this up or up your fruity pebbles or whatever you haven’t
around know if you’re some place lucky where they actually has it the McRib
they don’t have the mercury of anywhere in New York State
what the hell McDonald’s I’m sorry I’m getting I’m getting sidetracked by my
Angermann huh but first weekend my wife and I seem eager we take the metro-north
at the Metro notice we take the Long Island Railroad out to the Hamptons well I’ve never been
because I’ve never really seen anything out there I’m gonna do if I want to
drink rose’ I can drink rose’ in New York City where there’s like better food
instead of going off to the Hamptons but we went out because there was an art
exhibit we wanted to see the art exhibit of blacklight art and like fluorescent
tube art lighting art and it’s in this like cool old church building
it’s owned by a museum now it’s beautiful really small but we walked to
it from the train station BRR I think it benefit from some more
cheese some easy cheese but we walked this place from the train station and once we find the entrance because
there’s a little bit hidden there’s no one in here there’s just like one what
do you call it dosent like one person managing the location and I didn’t
realize that I thought I was about to pay some fee or something cuz it’s the
museum and their other location you have to pay like 20 bucks walk in kind of
stare at her for a second then she goes hi hello hi she goes so you guys there’s
the sew ins Dan Flavin lighting exhibit upstairs I say thank you and I’m kind of
reaching for my wallet then we pause and stare at each other
and then she says yeah you can go up and check it out that’s it okay and walk up
the stairs on my oh shit like I thought we had to pay and I was
standing there waiting for her to say it’s $25 the whole time then now I felt
like I’ve done ass mm-hmm but the exhibit itself was really really
cool and then the backlight portion by another artist and it had like things
painted in different kinds of pigments that showed off in the light and
beautiful and the plan was parts of our clothes like illuminated light I found I
had stain on my shirt but certain colors on our clothes like illuminated mist and
girl had all these cool shoes that like glowed in the dark we’re not gonna gloat
in the black light we didn’t realize dog super-ego was a December to a whole
nother level and we had some pretty good beats out there we had like a clam pizza
white sauce pizza and then what was the better the pizza was actually a Chinese
inspired duck pizza dough were really tasty their crush left something to be
desired but I can be like a pizza snob so I don’t want to be hypercritical and
like we were coming out from New York City the mecca of pizza to the
countryside so what can you look back was a fun experience and then we walked
around the richie rich neighborhoods was authored giant hedges to hide the rich
and famous people who live in these giant houses the roving security cars
and sign saying protected by Rosco security hmm I like the chicken the most
I’m liking this I think like somewhat brioche e bun the spiciness is good the
fact that it has this like juicy tomato on it but eventually we ended up at the
late South Fork Nature Center something’s called but it’s a little
building looks like two rooms of exhibits in it and we walked in I mean
it to pee so when they were like oh it’s actually $10 per person to come in here
there’s no one there because like okay so I paid the $20 so we could go to the
bathroom my kind of water around and look through all these like children’s
exhibits about the different habitats of the area but that had like a staff of
like four or five people there and there are no other people there so people kept
walking up to a same I oh do you need any help and I answer any questions for
you we ended up learning they have a
salamander that it’s like 15 16 years old or something
it has cataracts and can’t see anymore and have to feed it by hand poor
salamander they need to let him go the salamander doesn’t know why he being
kept alive so long a little tank but that all these trails outside so we went
to go wander the trails I need some water I just so refreshing but we go to wander
these trails first thing we notice our path is blocked in one direction by a
big group of wild turkeys you know if you know something else Amy
boy I don’t mess with no turkeys so we decided we would go the other way so we
talked going the other way walk into this field it’s all pretty there whole
plants and flowers I’m sake notice as we like further away
from the building in the road I start walking through the grass there’s just
like armies of grasshoppers jumping everywhere so many grasshoppers it was
unbelievable every time you took a step in you’re like shadow went out further
in front of you I think the shadow scared them and they you just see them
fly up into the air off the path and they were big juicy boys I think I
certainly stepped on one I feel bad about it but they’re hyper we have bought into it even though it
did freak Sammi go out a little bit we were having fun with it until when we
were watching out for all these jumping grasshoppers there were two huge spiders
in front of us and chamber girls said no we turn around we turn around so we turn
around so going back the way we came although the grasshoppers would come
back at this point and to jump out of our way again until
we’re almost back to the building and there’s the turkeys and they followed us
there blocking the path it’s a war we gonna do we can’t get back now luckily
though light inching forward turkeys seemed more scared of us than we were of
them even though I’m like these turkeys probably got like big claws and they
like kick at us they’ll get us good but we were moving slow and then they
started like taking off and flying and that’s the same girl was like nope no
we’re moving we’re moving but it’s fun to see some wild turkeys
which you know you don’t see that in New York City my fear hmm oh that cheese
cheese fills you up here we are talking so much about nature
and I’m eating a little bit of fish a little bit of bird a little bit of pork
a little bit of cow beautiful right now feeling a little bit sick okay a little
bit more water oh my she’s at it was a little bit salty as it is like everything about this meal
oh my god I didn’t even tell you guys about like on our subway ride to get to
the train to go out on Long Island like there were these three rough looking
ladies all talking about like how hard they went last night and taking IVs to
getting over hangovers and this girl sat in the middle
she was talking like she was 22 but her body looks like she would damn me 40
mm-hmm don’t party too hard kiss and then we get on the train I don’t lie
which was fun it was one of those double-decker trains so we got on the
top when we had nice of you the whole way out but like a bachelorette party
sat in front of us and it was a British bachelor party
which was like odd but they were all talking the whole time about you know
their engagement story it was like an American Valley Girl accent with British
on top of it like Oh a wedding Paris and we had just been to see the what a bar
we had a picnic and then this lady after she got in the aged she went to a
restaurant set her hair on fire by leaning into a candle and then she was
talking about how it was at the restaurants fault the whole time I was
sitting there thinking about all the poor other patrons who had this mountain
burnt hay or the rest of their meal because there’s a drunk old burned her
ere mm-hmm he’s really very show off you people and I just don’t like that and
then I started like cracking multiple champagne bottles on the train which is
legal but annoying because they got progressively louder and it was like 11
a.m. we ended up like switching seats but it’s part of the experience you’re
annoyed at the people but then it’s like people cite scene you know it’s part of
the entertainment and you get the story god that’s poor husband he’s probably
terrible too but like the bride-to-be I was talking about how like Jared knew
better than to propose on some random bridge in Paris as he took her to some
special spot that was pre-arranged like if you love somebody it shouldn’t matter
you know I propose the Sammy girl on our couch
with a curly fry as I put on your finger hey guys I just found out my camera
turned off for the last part of this video so it’s audio only for like the
last couple minutes here but sorry about that
stick with us she thought it was a joke initially buzz real and now we’re
married and we’re happy and we’re about to take our honeymoon so yeah we waited
a Tara honeymoon so we would have like the time and the money to have a lot of
fun oh man I’m super full thank you for
sticking with me through fun story it’s fun to sleep sit down and have dinner
with you guys not always be this ASMR II you know fun chat hmm I was a lot of
food though I need to let that settle thank you guys for chatting with me let
me know in the comments like what you were eating if you were eating while we
were talking talking well I really need to what that so I love you bye


  1. Dude I am so socially awkward and the fact I'm a goth in a small that's country and hipster at the same time bc it's a college town just makes it worse 😂 thankfully the great old City of Richmond VA is not far and I can feel less awkward with my awkwardness lmao. They got rid of Burger King where I live. There's a place in Richmond that has a bangin' Thai curry pizza. They make Sammie boy style pizzas and it's run by hippies lol And I hope you guys have an amazing honeymoon!!!

  2. I love your Burger King story times. That Brooklyn Burger King sounds like the most ratchet ever and I wanna go witness it for myself lol.

  3. Bring your camera next time you go to that BK! Shit show! Food looks so noms, and love the commentary as always. 🤗💫🍔

  4. I’m fascinated with that bottle of cheese sammieboy…
    Nothing worse than ppl getting drunk on the train 🙄
    And,and this Bk nearvyou hasgot to have a nickname where all the far out there go.your just unfortunate,to live near that one ☝️ !
    Excellent chat and mukbang video. 👍👌

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  6. I went to Burger King 🥰
    But I’m gonna throw the BUJESUS up of my soul bc I ate 2 king bacons and 1 Steak house and 10 CHIKEN NUGGETS and NO don’t tell me “wow that must be nice” NO IT REALLY ISN’T

  7. i love your Burger King stories, some people be wildin.. 😭 i just imagine you standing quietly waiting, witnessing all of that.. 😂
    but other than that, food looked great! 😍🥰

  8. This was probably my favorite story time video you’ve done because it was really chill. I’ve been under the weather all day and finally got the strength to make a croissant sandwich so I just listened and ate and kinda forgot about my bad day for a bit. Thanks for sharing ! You n sammiegirl have a great week 🙂

  9. I ordered a fish sammich from Burger King and I ended up with some dry, tasteless chicken sammich. The fish looks good tho! 🐟

  10. I know I’m a little late but it’s chick fil a that is the restaurant that hates homosexual people because it was started by Christians and that’s why it is also closed on Sundays

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