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Burges Salmon – what makes us different?

Burges Salmon – what makes us different?

I think we are unique I think we’re the only firm that now
works to our model we differentiate ourselves by our relationships with our
clients and the way we work together clients can be assured of real
commitment and high quality service but importantly value for money it’s a very unique place in terms of the
people and the culture and the environment here that I don’t think you
find in other law firms we’re the UK law firm which we
believe offers the best mix of advice service and value great value is party based on our
location and we’re the only major law firm in the UK which is headquartered
outside London and that gives us a different cost base from other firms
which we are able to share with our clients I think these days location is
irrelevant we’ve got clients all over the UK the ethos of the firm and
people these days generally is that we go where our clients are international work is really important
for us it’s not only important for servicing our UK clients needs but as an independent firm we can also
service the needs of law firms from other jurisdictions and also their clients we’re very proud of the quality
that we can offer clients but nowadays they’re looking for more they’re looking for business advice
which we were able to bring them as well our approach reflects the fact that no one
can be all things to all people and so we’re really focused on our core
sectors specialisms and services so that we can really understand our clients in
the areas where they really need our help We very much tailor our internal teams to
service the client needs and we haven’t got any structures internally that force
us to impose a team on to the client it absolutely comes down to what the
clients business and legal needs are and then we’ll adapt the team
accordingly we’re not very hierarchical here
although we are a partnership so it’s not a case of the only
person the client can speak to is the partner that isn’t how we work here the client speaks the people they need
to speak to it’s all about relationships and I think we really do go the extra
mile to really get to know our clients and develop long-term relationships with
them it is a great place to work there’s
always somebody here who’s doing something interesting or innovative or
something is happening and there is a really good feeling here it’s the collegiality and the team
approach that we can bring to working on on transactions and matters and that’s
the sets us apart I’d like clients to think wherever we were working with them
whether it’s an office in bristol in London their offices overseas that they
really enjoy working with us with nice people we work terribly well together as a team we really can deliver for them a
fantastic service and a great experience

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