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Bushcrafting A Fish Landing Net Day 15 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

Bushcrafting A Fish Landing Net Day 15 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

100 comments on “Bushcrafting A Fish Landing Net Day 15 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

  1. Net making Blog –

  2. Yes bush crafting!!!! these are my favorite!!! I love seeing the simple things you make, clever ideas like your measuring string complete with hook! and now the net.

  3. Watching every episode .
    Nice fish and net that's using the ol noodle . Those wet boots 24/7 had to have sucked big time . Sitting here on the Pacific West Coast watching this on my deck in the freezing cold and rain. I'm good for about 15 mins, 30 days …..iiiiyaaaaa , thanks for the fortitude gentlemen 👍

  4. I'm leaving a comment to let you know I am watching the challenge and the other vids to. I leave a like and comment. Nice job making that net and it wascoll to see greg use it to help with your fish.👍

  5. Watching every episode!! My son loves these so much he has started building his own bushcraft in the woods! Thank you for getting him outside!

  6. I'm watching every episode, keep switching between channels, very cool to see two different points of view on one adventure!

  7. You do know you don't have to put Gill or worms on your lures? They work without! That's what they're designed to do. I know it's a confidence thing to put worms on em but it's not needed.

  8. I'm watching every episode! I don't know where you get your music but it is awesome and fits well. I thought you were cutting a Christmas tree at first but then remembered it's July. Love the dream! Dude you are a PRO !! with the camera 😁

  9. i love the way you do the 30 day survival Challenge and i look forward to more videos and challenges
    i have watched all the vids

  10. "Watching every damn episode" and Greg's as well! Love your craftiness, and how you show what you do instead of just have it appear in the next frame like some others. Praise God for keeping you through this journey man!

  11. LOL,Mud puddle coffee,
    Watchin' everything!
    Refered with 🏕️ friends what they liked on YT and sent him a link to Zach's Makery & Mischief.

  12. Hey Fowler so glad to see an "unashamed" approach to the outdoors. You brought the best gear…. His word. Thanks for keeping it real for all of us to see.

  13. Sorry for my silly question, but one thing always keep me wonder, what is actually black coffee u presenting, i mean do they came with sugar in the pack or 100% just bitter cofee with no sugar coz i see you enjoying much your coffee time. I love to learn something new especially from ur survival videos

  14. I really wanted to hear what Greg said after he caught in his net he was charged did he curse Fowler that was energy cool moment

  15. Another observation I can see the transition in both your films when you walk up on Greg live by the fire you should make a cut with both edits merged I keep going back and watching a second time I heard surf music great cut dig the neck knife man got that coming nice product

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