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We are now looking at developing a much simpler
service to encourage anglers to take up the service online. I wanted to look at the service
from scratch and see how we can build it for our customers. I’m just speaking for the
customers themselves, it’s what they want. It’s their service. Most people that go fishing want to buy a
licence because they understand where the money goes, and they understand that the money
goes back into the sport to enhance it and improve their sport for them and the future
generations. Our overall objective is to get more people
buying licenses online. We’ve just been through Alpha, so we’ve just being trying to prove the concept. We’ve been building prototypes and taking them out to our customers, those that are not so tech savvy, what kind of help and assistance do they need. Do they need telephone support? Do they need that assisted digital in the Post Office or wherever the counter service may be? Things like “Would you like a digital licence?” – some of
that terminology of the word ‘digital’ hasn’t sat comfortably with people, they’re not sure
what we mean by that, so looking at our content and making sure that’s simple enough for
the customers to understand is what we’re working on As an enforcement officer I want a system
where I can check details and people that have got a licence, when we check them
on the bank, I want to know instantly. It can help our side of it as enforcement officers
no end if they can really make the job slicker and quicker. Ideally we would like to move to a
paperless licence, but that’s some way off yet. Or moving to text messaging or emails where
they can just show the officers on the bankside when challenged; it’s just more handy if
it can be stored on their smartphone. One particular person said it was that simple,
his granddaughter who’s six could use it, which is really positive feedback that we’re
actually on the right track and making the service really simple and easy for them.

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