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BuzzFeeders Play Truth Or Dare • Spicy Food Edition

BuzzFeeders Play Truth Or Dare • Spicy Food Edition

why not show you the photo you like spicy food I love spicy food I’m in pain but I like it it’s a good pain it’s weird there was a good time when I thought Taco Bell was spicy though I was like been training for this moment though I’ve been adding spice in little by little so it’s like truth or dare but truth or spicing who goes first I think I think you should do you want me to do it yeah spicy turkey who is someone you can’t stand and why I think you should eat the jerky or demon name I don’t have any names although he betrays you I actually I love you want to try this Oh currently that Reaper I think the Carolina Reapers are like the spiciest pepper that’s alive that’s so much not bad is it that how bad it’s just don’t breathe when you need it all right okay my turn roll she was like em ElastiCache aha yup Yolo hook what is the most illegal thing you’ve ever gotten away with it’s not bad I kind of just want to take the shot okay that enough yes hey I haven’t done anything not illegal I’ve just stolen things but you know what I don’t want to glorify what I did so for the kids I’m doing this okay boom whoa sorry I gave you a feel alive the first time take a look at it yeah take a look I’m gonna take a question this looks amazing I would just eat it what is your most Awkward public poop story oh I do not have one I wish like I had one so I can like maybe you want to eat more you can eat more mmm that’s good is it good that’s good I kind of want to taste it it’s a pretty good you know alone it’s more salty than I’ll wait mmm I guess it gets spicy I got spicy for me do you have napkins mm-hmm don’t touch your eyes I know oh it’s you maybe I might even too much I’m sweating a bit chilly got Baron von air pepper it’s a little too spicy oh it’s not eating that one peanut made me a little nervous wait what yeah you want I eat like eight yeah I know you’re calm [Music] Thank You Robin spicy Robin have you ever sent a sexy photo of yourself is that even in let’s define sexy photo naked make it yeah so many freaking times I take them just for fun okay I’m not even concerned if my phone gets hacked and then get out there I’m just like yeah whatever okay like it’s true I’m gonna skip it the answers the questions yes this is something that I don’t want to do it was wrong yeah it was rough how many people have you kissed I don’t know I mean I can’t do you really want to be like estimate jeez do you wanna do you want to do the shot I’ll do the shot not bad right spicy chocolate that sounds good like that sounds good looks a little suspicious see any brand I’m very small too so okay show me the sixteenth photo in your camera bowl from the bottom up no we talked about this I mean I show it to the camera IRA sent a sexy photo naked naked yeah so many freaking time because I take them just for fun okay you just want to eat the shot oh Oh spicy spicy Oh actually it looks very harmless no way it’s not that spicy no it’s not is it really I’m okay okay I’m sweating it’s in my throat come I need a drink I wish I just showed you my naked photo oven you know a little you know I feel okay yes is it painful yeah why not show you the photo I could have been your selfie just a harmless old what if it’s someone else oh my god might as well drink the whole bottle geez who is one person you pretend to like but actually don’t describe your relationship with the person my boss definitely my limit your school teachers yeah teachers bosses friends boyfriends or girlfriends yeah what MA one of my best friend’s girlfriend I had to pretend like I like that which would but nobody did it’s you know white lies I think are good sometimes I’m feeling better every one so [Music] Oh what is in your web history that you’d be embarrassed to come out I’m trying to think of a creative answer right now did you eat the jerky that’s pretty big he’s got some flakes in there the bigger the bigger the piece the size here it is this is really ready yeah I’m not crying yeah no no my name is this do you think you’ll marry the person you’re currently dating yes baby and I don’t have to eat that chocolate can I eat it just for the curiosity yeah eat it I think nothing on this table compares to that chocolate yeah I feel you know I understand thank you I feel feedback I’m good why did I decide to volunteer I learned that you’re very kind and sweet person Evan thank you you know what you really are I’ve learned chocolate could be very spicy if you see a gold wrapped chocolate on the street please don’t eat it [Music]

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  1. Can we get Ella to do a challenge with her wife on here one time?

    And by her wife I mean the glorious Hannah Hart

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    Am i gonna be single for valentines am i gonna get presents after christmas day? Am i gonna get birthday presents? Please love me

  3. Might as well named the video : "Buzzfeed employees try different spicy foods"
    We didn't get to know any of their secrets 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  5. Watched this in hopes of getting something juicy from them, but this video was boring af. They ate more than answer questions.

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