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Can a shark and a dolphin have babies?

Can a shark and a dolphin have babies?

(phone ringing) – Hi, it’s Doug! So, this summer, my
family and I got a cat. Now, I’ve always been a dog person. I wasn’t so sure about this. But, he’s awesome. We love him. His name is Auggie and we got
him from a rescue shelter. One of the things that I
found interesting is that just like there’s different kinds of dogs, there’s also different kinds of cats. The rescue shelter we got
him from thinks he’s a mix, part Siamese, part tabby cat. Well, someone named Nina
has a question about a totally different kind of animal mix. Let’s give her a call now. (phone ringing) – Hi Doug. – Hi Nina! – I have a question for you. Can a shark and a dolphin have babies? – Oh, that’s an interesting question. What would we even call
a shark-dolphin mix? A sholphin? A dark? This is fun to think about. I mean, both of them live in the ocean. They even have some similarities
in their body shapes. They both have fins, they both have these
kind of snout-like noses, and they’re both such
interesting creatures too! It’s fun to imagine what a
shark-dolphin would be like. Would it be playful and
friendly like so many dolphins, but just with ferocious teeth? Since we’re talking about
this, it kinda makes you wonder about other animal combinations too, like could a dog and a cat have babies? And what would we call that? A cog? Or a dat? What about a giraffe and a kangaroo? A girafferoo? A kangaraffe? Could they have babies? Now, maybe you’re thinking no way. All these animals are just too
different from one another. I mean, a dog and a cat? They’re two totally
different kinds of animals. There’s just no such thing as an animal that’s part dog, part cat. But now, wait a second
because you might have seen or heard of dogs like this. This is a labradoodle. It’s part Labrador Retriever, part Poodle. Or this one, part Australian
Shepherd, part Poodle. People call this an Aussiepoo. Retrievers, Poodles,
and Australian Shepherds are all different kinds of dogs. They look different from each other. So, is it possible for two
different looking animals to have babies? Before I say anything more,
now would be a good time to pause the video and discuss. Okay, you ready? Well, even though two
different kinds of dogs like a Bulldog or a Dalmatian
might look very different from each other, they’re
both dogs and that’s what really matters. This is something scientists
have thought a lot about. When people talk about
different kinds of animals, scientists have noticed that sometimes, people mean different things
when they use that word, kinds of animals. For example, Dalmatians,
Labradors, and Poodles are all different kinds of dogs, but scientists call
those varieties because they’re all still kinds of dogs, it’s like they’re just
different versions of dogs. A dog itself, that’s what
scientists call a species. As long as two animals
are the same species, they can have babies together. So, a Dalmatian and a Bulldog, no problem. It’s a Bullmation. But a Dalmatian and a Siamese cat? Sorry to say, it just can’t happen because cats are a totally
different species from dogs. Cats and dogs are just too
different from each other. For any of you who’ve heard of DNA before, this has to do with
the fact that their DNA is what’s too different. So now, what about a shark and a dolphin? Well, even though they do
have some things in common, when ya look really closely,
you start to see some big differences. Sharks have gills. They’re able to breathe underwater. Most of them lay eggs. They have a lot in common with fish. Dolphins, on the other
hand, they have to come up to the surface to breathe air
and when they have babies, they don’t lay eggs, they give
live birth to their young. They even give milk to their young. Sharks don’t do anything like that. Dolphins aren’t fish at all. They’re mammals, so I’m sorry to say, on the question of whether
a shark and a dolphin could have babies
together, the answer is no. No such thing could exist. Sharks and dolphins aren’t
the same species at all, not even close. But, in case you’re disappointed,
I can share with you something you might find interesting or maybe even a little weird. Ya see, even though two
different species aren’t supposed to be able to have babies,
people have discovered that there are a few species of
animals out there in the wild which are just similar
enough to each other that sometimes, they can have
babies together, like this. This is what’s called a Coywolf. It’s a cross between a Coyote and a Wolf. Or check out this. Can you guess what this is? It’s part Polar bear, part Grizzly bear. People call it a Pizzly. Okay, here’s one more. While dolphins can’t
have babies with sharks, this one is part Bottlenose Dolphin, part False Killer Whale. It’s called a Wholphin. It turns out that a False Killer Whale is just similar enough
to a Bottlenose Dolphin that even though they’re
different species, they do occasionally have babies together. It’s just incredibly rare. Now, what is going on with these examples? Each of these animals are
technically different species from each other. Polar bears are considered a different species from grizzly bears. But should they be? I mean, if they can have babies together, wouldn’t that make them the same species? That’s a good question
and one that scientists sometimes debate. Here’s the thing though,
all of these babies, like Pizzlies or Wolphins,
usually once they grow up, have trouble producing babies themselves. That’s one reason why scientists
do still think of things like polar bears and grizzly
bears to be different species. So, in summary, if you
wanna know whether two different looking animals can have babies, usually you can tell just
by finding out whether they’re the same species. But there are some interesting
exceptions to this. It’s not always true. That’s all for this week’s question. Thanks Nina for asking it. Now, for the next episode, I
reached into my question jar and picked out three
questions sent into us that I’m thinking about answering next. When this video’s done playing,
you’ll get to vote on one. You can choose from, “Why do mosquitoes bite people?” “How does a cactus grow so tall?” Or, “Has a shooting star
ever landed on someone “and what is a shooting star?” So, submit your vote
when the video’s over. I wanna hear from all of you watching. There are mysteries all around us. Stay curious and see ya next week.

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