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Can Child Obesity Be Fought with Fish Oil?

Can Child Obesity Be Fought with Fish Oil?

it is no secret out there that fish with its omega-3 fatty acids can boost your heart health well now there’s a new study suggesting that fish oil supplements when given to your baby may help prevent obesity and insulin resistance in your child as they grow up this was a study done in Australia it looked at 420 infants half received fish oil from a 650 milliliter pill the rest were given a placebo containing olive oil in the infants who took the oil the the omega-3 oil for the first six months of their lives when those kids were 5 years of age researchers took blood samples measured waist circumference and those children who took the fish oil actually had smaller waists than those that had placebo and I think it’s really important first of all to note that this was not a study done for vanity sake we’re not talking about ok your waist is smaller in circumference so these kids look better this is all about getting back to the visceral belly fat I I was intrigued by the study I’m always shocked about doing Studies on babies I’m not I’m not personally very comfortable with the whole concept of testing things on babies but that’s why we’re joined now by pediatrician on skype dr. eric ball to talk about this so dr. ball give us some insights and your thoughts on this study so it’s an interesting study this would be kind of the Holy Grail right so if you can give something to a baby that therefore prevents them from having heart disease when they’re older that would be really the most ideal way to treat heart disease so it’s really interesting that they gave certain children fish oil and then those children had smaller waist circumference and we know that smaller waist circumference and adults leads to fewer heart attacks and cardiovascular incidents so the question is do does having a smaller waist size at age 5 lead you to have lower heart attack risk when you’re older that’s a little bit unclear and there’s some issues with the study I don’t think it’s gonna change how I practice right now but it’s certainly interesting looking at in the future I think it also highlights official supplements you can read one study to say that fish oil supplements are the best thing since sliced bread and then you’ll read competing studies that show the results aren’t quite as favorable when I talk about omega-3 fatty acids for heart health I’m talking about the real thing and getting it from the food you eat and that’s where I think dr. ball this is also interesting because this wasn’t a study where you looked at kids and giving them more foods that were high in omega-3 fatty acids they were truly giving these kids a supplement I’m I am curious your thoughts on that because again there’s always been a lot of controversy out there and as a pediatrician I’m sure this is it puts you in a difficult spot if a parent now comes in and says well dr. ball I wouldn’t have put my kid on on fish oil supplements right we’re very very reluctant to put kids on supplements for all ages but especially little babies they these things aren’t well regulated they’re not tested for safety or efficacy in babies or children for that matter so I’m very very reluctant to put a two-month-old on a fish oil supplement and I think it also highlights one other concept that I’ve really thought through in my career and certainly the last decade hosting the doctors is you know food is your medicine you have food is your poison and when you look at foods that are high in these helpful fatty acids and it’s not just fish when you look at nuts and foods like that what don’t they have in them sugar and we don’t have time to get into this right now but sugar addiction in kids is rampant and so when you replace the sugar with foods that are higher in these helpful substances like these omega-3 fatty acids you’re going to see positive changes and dr. ball at some point what we’ll delve into that unfortunately we’re out of time today takeaway for you with with parents is just talk to the pediatrician but but let’s let’s get some more studies done before we start giving kids these supplements is that fair to say right it’s really interesting I look forward to seeing what happens in the future with long-term studies with this but as of right now it’s not something that I would do for my own children or recommend to my patients thanks so much dr. Baltar’s thank you and pediatricians have a really tough job yeah because they’re balancing more than maybe any other patient population you’re balancing the do no harm that that we take that oath because you do not want to do you do not your your baby to be at the point how do we glean information how do we learn well you have to do studies and doing Studies on kids it’s such a you know just learning area I will say this if better studies are done and this proves itself to be true that that’s encouraging you know all of those Wow here you go buddy you

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  1. To all your fatties in the comments, you can use excuses to why you can’t lose weight, but we all know that glandular problem is a load of bull, more than 70% of obesity cases are just a case of fat people not getting their lazy asses on a treadmill.

  2. Everyday the same healthy lives am healthy already I eat fruits , vegetables but not broccoli and pickles , I eat fruits I eat eggs and I drink water and excersise am already healthy

  3. I would be extremely cautious giving anyone supplemental fish oil, most especially children or the elderly. Fish oil is a known blood thinner and this could be very dangerous for those with undetected underlying issues. My mother was instructed by her dr to supplement with fish oil and within two weeks of beginning, had developed large bruising on her hands and arms. The bruising resolved within a week of stopping.

  4. Yo creo que depende de la edad del niño!

    Lástima que no entienda bien todo el contenido del programa pero, al ver palabras babies y obesity me puedo hacer una idea del tema.

    Cuando se habla de obesidad infantil nos damos cuenta que es un problema serio ya que afecta a más del 30 por ciento de los niños, convirtiéndola en la enfermedad crónica más común de la infancia ya que,
    actualmente, más y más niños son diagnosticados con diabetes, hipertensión y otras enfermedades. Por eso, yo diría, que es un problema que afecta no solo al niño sino también a los padres por no enseñar a sus hijos a comer más saludable preparar alimentos saludables para sus hijos ya que factores como:

    Medio ambiente

    Falta de actividad física

    Herencia o familia

    Modelos de alimentación

    Estatus socio económico

    Son algunos de los factores que contribuyen al sobrepeso y que lamentablemente, empieza en el hogar.

    Buen día!

  5. Or just be a descent parent and research that insulin and high carbohydrates is root cause of all weight gain. Fat and cholesterol have nothing to do with it, as the sugar industry publicly apologized for lying and bribing researchers and doctors to falsify data in 1965, based off a hypothesis that fat causes heart disease. Even the hypothesis showed no correlation to it.

  6. Sounds like the doctors are being paid to promote fish oil supplements. Just stop eating heavily processed foods and eat whole foods. An absence of fish oil is not the problem. Just stop eating cookies!!!!!!!

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