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Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Blender? • Tasty

Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Blender? • Tasty

I feel it came out of my helmet now the real partner problem this feels weird oh that would derail this entire thing [Music] welcome back to chef’s out of water I’m Alexis and I’m a chef who’s always up for a challenge I’ve taken to the Internet to see what appliance I should use to make a three-course meal at the end I’ll have a surprise guest come on and they’ll try to guess what I used a blender do I get anything else this is gonna take some extra creativity okay here’s my game plan I’m going to make a three-course raw meal because clearly I can’t cook me with this but I think I can make something pretty good and pretty exciting nonetheless for dessert today I’m making a dark chocolate mousse it’s gonna be a learning experience for both of us first I’m going to chop my chocolate problem the chocolates not gonna melt in the blender if I was doing this you know with a stove I would use a double boiler might even use the microwave but I can’t do that okay this is kind of crazy but if it’s a really hot summer day in Los Angeles I wonder if I’d put the chocolate outside in a bowl if it’ll melt [Music] this is so weird for the appetizer I’m going to make a raw walnut spread pate I’ve never made anything like this so I’m not really sure what to expect I’m not sure about the consistency the flavors heat brings out flavor which I don’t have the luxury of using so I need to add flavor with other ingredients first off I’ve been soaking walnuts for a little while the soaking them is just gonna make them more creamy or easy to blend I guess I’m gonna start with adding some walnuts some fresh herbs got some sage rosemary parsley some olive oil some nutritional yeast nutritional yeast is just dehydrated yeast it adds this really kind of like a nutty savory flavor a lot of diets use it as a replacement for cheese or like a cheesy flavor sometimes it’s called Nuge too little vinegar also thought some soy sauce could be interesting just to add some complexity [Music] smells kind of like a natural food shop I feel like it needs more liquid it needs something to make it more of more spreadable water [Music] I need some work the water you can see that it’s starting to get really creamy and I’ll rest at the bottom the top isn’t there yet but this feels like the texture I want it’s like something smooth typical something like pate typically pate is made out of liver and it has a really smooth buttery consistency I don’t think I can get a white to that degree but I’d like to get it more on a dipper Bowl [Music] I don’t think this is as good as it’s gonna get I’m curious to see how it is when it sets up after tasting this pate I feel like in that a7 right now I feel pretty confident it’s good a little weird but it’s good look at God this actually worked it’s not perfect Oh some chunks but I think it’s gonna work avocado for creaminess I’m gonna add some coconut cream from the top also some coconut oil little vanilla pinch of salt my son melted chocolate look at that that’s pretty melty I’m gonna add half a banana just to add a little more creaminess a splash of maple syrup it’s delicious I’m going to put the mousse in these little ramekins to chill for a few hours so they’ll get set up in your mousse like and then I can move on for my entree I’m going to make a raw lasagna going to use the zucchini as noodles and make a pesto make a sun-dried tomato spread and a cashew ricotta I’ve never done any of those things but I have had lots of real azan yes so you know we’ll see how it goes I’m gonna thinly slice the zucchini and then let them sit out and sprinkle them with salt to draw out some moisture it’ll also add some flavor to the zucchini which honestly they need because it’s wrong so I’m gonna put this off to the side and move on to making my gosh I’ve been soaking these cashews for a while again that’s just to make them really creamy Wow the cow just feel really oh my god they’re so soft I think it’s gonna be pretty creamy so for the nut pate I think I did about two tablespoons and also I think I can be pretty generous with this especially if I’m trying to emulate cheese I feel it kind of out of my element not because of the blender but just because I’m making food that I don’t normally make and using flavors and ingredients that I don’t normally use hmm I don’t eat a lot of nut based cheeses but this is what they look like you know it doesn’t totally look like ricotta but I think once it’s layered with the other components it’s gonna kind of like blend right in the next step is my pesto traditionally pesto is made in a mortar and pestle but blender totally fine I’m adding a bunch of basil garlic this is a pretty big clove so just gonna do half for now pine nuts and then some [Music] right great okay it’s really lucky for them that it is all raw and so far hasn’t had very great since we’re going dairy-free that means no parmesan I’m going to use nooch as a replacement for the parm they’ll give that umami nutty kind of savory flavor [Music] it’s delicious I’m gonna raise my confidence level to an eight the last component of my lasagna is the tomato sauce so I’m gonna have some raw tomato some sun-dried tomato garlic olive oil oh it works it looks really good [Music] I think the sauce is ready I can start assembling if I think I’m gonna do two next to each other I’ll start with a layer of the tomato zucchini on top and then I think cheese I think this looks really pretty I actually think I would serve this at a dinner the layers on the side are so blue Wow Wow this is really cool I feel like I feel like a proud mom this is my this is my baby Wow my dark chocolate mousse has set really well you can totally set just gonna add some dark chocolate shavings maybe some salt some strawberries on the side simple elegant rustic last step for plating is my walnut pate it’s an olive oil salt Wow okay this looks great I’m really excited to see if the taste tester can guess what appliance I used let’s find out hello my name is merle i was a tasty producer for quite a few years and now I’m a video producer forgetful I was a voracious meat-eater for most of my life and I’ve been vegetarian for four years now and vegan for one year now fun fact about me I can juggle so I’m about to try the three courses that Alexis made for me and I really hope that I can guess what the secret appliances I feel like I can moment of truth [Music] this is a gift so good to see you think of everyone who could be eating this meal where the person Wow cool of course one counts like pate but you wouldn’t do that obviously this is a dairy-free treatment so you want safety cool Wow punchi punchi very acid really frightens with time holy moly Wow like very wealthy this is raw lasagna which is my pride and joy I feel so excited it’s so beautiful also it’s meat free it’s dairy free Oh bless you I tried to mm-hmm it’s unbelievable the sauce dude is this so good what is the sauces of sun-dried tomatoes yeah and for dessert a dark chocolate mousse which is also dairy-free [Music] it’s like a good income they just vanished truly five-star yelp review get it post mins to me so we’re all final question what do you think I’ve made these three dishes with one of my knees I’m gonna say this because it’s better with me in the back of my mind all day is it a blender no you did it you didn’t do anything we did that one better than I could have ever imagined you know this morning I felt kind of ambivalent unenthusiastic and you know this day totally turned around I feel like I learned so much about what you can do the blender about raw food I feel like I feel really inspired I feel like my creativity is kind of flowing if you make anything really cool and really unusual in a blender tag me on instagram let me know internet if you thought you had me with the blender but turned out to be a win what do you think’s in store next time [Music] [Applause]

100 comments on “Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Blender? • Tasty

  1. Come on, we can't all hate on the producer, she just was making sure a VEGAN didn't have to do anything against their morals, it would be more unfair if she just let Alexis put the parmesan in :)))

  2. I rarely dislike videos, but I’m gonna dislike this one because of the producer. Would fix that shit if I were you. :/

  3. Although this is definitely vegan, it can't truly be raw vegan because certain ingredients like the chocolate and the maple syrup are both cooked products and therefore cant be labelled as raw

  4. this episode is super cool!!! its also very useful to people who are struggling financially and don’t have many appliances to cook with

  5. Good thing the taste tester didn't have, say… a nut allergy, or you know, something the chef should've been made aware of before they got halfway through the cooking process. Geez…

  6. I feel like she must have known before about the „no-dairy“-thing as she made the mousse avocado-based and the other stuff nut-based. Still the editing and the way she was told by the producer was a bit off…

  7. Thatz funny…do not (⏸ pause/scratch the record sound effect) put dairy on there lol. Alexis: Eh, huh, what do mean…u r messing up my creative processeses/juices…who is thiz taste tester…y I oughtta

  8. Wow. Im rewatching the whole series, and I never noticed how rude the producer was here 😑 And Alexis is a sweetheart, so unneccessary and unprofessional

  9. yall are dumb as fuck thinking she didnt know BEFORE she started cooking that she couldnt use dairy. a bitch made vegan ricotta to emulate ricotta for her lasange instead of just ricotta before being told not to put parm in her pesto. lol

  10. Can this chef make a 3 course meal with "tube light" I am saying this because tube light is very hot when it turns on for so long so I think this is better than blender because you get heat and you can cook with it and obviously if you can do with blender you should definitely try tube light or bulb..

  11. The cheese was sitting the FOR A WHILE, the producer could have said something in between shots or at the very fucking beginning. She deserves the hate she’s getting, she came off as a bitch and could have prevented that if she told Alexis from the start.

  12. The producer acted like a ARROGENT BITCH…she couldve gave her the MEMO BEFORE recording and have been more sweet, feminine and polite about not adding dairy…she acted like a grouchy bitter divorced woman

  13. They really should have mentioned the dairy thing. You're supposed to inform a chef of any food allergies before they begin preparing the meal. I'm a cook and I have a dairy allergy, both can be annoying as fuck. The chocolate mouse could have went badly as well if it wasn't dark chocolate. Producer fucked up on that one.

  14. Wow, ya'll so rude… Maybe they chose Merle as the tester halfway through the shoot? Because they saw the vegan friendly menu or direction that Alexis took.
    And the producer sounded rushed… I don't know how that is rude, stop being so uptight

  15. I think Alexis knew about the no dairy thing, she just forgot. Otherwise, she wouldn't work so hard to make everything non dairy.

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