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Can You Turn Spaghetti into a Slim Jim?

Can You Turn Spaghetti into a Slim Jim?

– [Narrator] Slim Jims
are a super snack because they’re a portable, mess free
way to enjoy delicious meats. That got us thinking, what
other delicious foods can be made into a portable stick form? – Alright, so we’re gonna take
a bunch of different foods and make them into meat sticks? – Alright, let’s bring out round one. Fish sticks and tartar sauce. I’m really curious ’cause
I think this sounds insane. (squishing) (vacuum noise) (bell rings) – Okay. – I’m surprised, right
off the bat, I thought this was gonna look more fishy I guess? It feels suspiciously soft. – It is much softer. – It’s like somethings going on. This is definitely a prank meat stick. – It looks like a shriveled
up hot dog like at the end of the picnic that nobody wanted to get. Smells fishy. Alright here we go. – Oh, that gave me more anxiety. – It’s so weird. It’s freaking my brain out. – Oh, whoa, whoa! Just got hit, too much fish. Oh my god this is awful. – I don’t hate it. – What? – I don’t hate it. It’s a lot like somebody
chewed it up first and then served it to you. – Can you like it? (laughs) What is happening? – I said I didn’t hate it. – Just looking at it too,
it just looks like mush. (groans) That looks so gross. – It was interesting to try it but I mean, it worked though, it’s
way more portable than a fish stick would be. You could, take this in your car. – I guess, I don’t know. – Alright, we’re gonna take various foods and upgrade them to sausages so… buffalo wings, let’s do it. – Wait, upgrade? – Yeah. (squishing) (vacuum noise) (bell rings) Hey, it doesn’t look bad. It’s kind of squishy. I would call this a food bag. – It’s…(laughs) – I would not call this a meat stick. – This is an actual meat stick
’cause there’s meat in there but it’s like, bendy. It’s like kind of cold
like right in the middle. – Yeah I know this is weird. It’s a squishy bag of chicken. Ready to try it? Cheers. – That sound. – Yeah, okay. Flavor wise, I’m with it. Texture wise, it’s like chicken oatmeal. – Stop. – Textures weird. – It’s like a paste in there. – Now the snap, like the
crunch, I really felt like I was biting into a good sausage. So, I love buffalo chicken ranch. This is right up my alley. If like a more legit kitchen made this it would probably be better. – Yeah, I mean the flavor
is definitely good. – This is not an improvement
over buffalo chicken and ranch in my opinion. You’re missing the texture. – But, you can take this on the go. – That’s true. – Running out the door,
want some buffalo chicken. – It’s like chicken in a sleeping bag. – Chicken cuddling with his
ranch in a sleeping bag. – Getting kind of mushy. – And now, we have vegetable beef soup. – Will it meat stick? – Probably not? – Probably not right? – No. – I don’t think so. (vacuum noise) (bell rings) Oh these are long. (screams) – It’s like a dead worm. – This is weirding me out. – This is bizarre. – Smells like soup though, doesn’t it? – The beef casing is adding to the flavor and making it smell even better. – That’s a good point. I think the casing will
complement this one really well. You know they have like
yogurt pouches on the go? – (laughs) Yeah. – Like Go-Gurt, that’s what
this is, this is go soup. – (laughs) Go soup. – Go soup. – I think we’re on to something. – You know like, you’re
running late to work and it’s like, I’m gonna sit in traffic and it’s like, go soup. Or like you throw one in the kids backpack and he’s like, “Thanks mom.”
and then he goes to recess and it’s like, go soup on his skateboard. – You think this is gonna be good? – Um, no. (laughs) – I hated that. There’s so much wrong with that. – Soup should not be this
firm, it’s like a paste. – Textures usually don’t bother me. I could eat a raw egg and be fine. This, is making me wanna gag. – Yeah, see, that’s not soup. – I think the potatoes
absorbed all of the broth but that’s certainly not liquid. This is like future food
but like not in a good way. – Joey, I got a hot take for you. This totally meat sticks. They found a way to take
soup and meat stick it. – I do not like it at all. This is cold and soups supposed
to be warm most of the time. – So you’re saying it doesn’t meat stick or you think it does meat
stick despite the fact that it’s horrible? – I don’t think my opinion
about it plays into whether or not it meat sticks. It meat sticks, look at this. You couldn’t do that with soup. – Oh, look now it’s coming out. There it is. – It’s like the pop it pal. – Oh no, no, what is happening? (screams) Mine looked like it threw up. I’m not feeling good Joey. (barfing noise) I ate too many go soup. (barfing noise) – Alright, let’s take
something really delicious and make it into something really gross. Ready for tacos? Let’s do it. (vacuum noise) (bell rings) That’s taco in a meat stick? – That looks pretty decent. – This one is by far the greasiest. – So we have ground beef, taco
shells, cheese, and lettuce. – Check, check, and check. It’s the whole taco. I’m gonna be optimistic about this. This crunch, real mushy. – You know what it’s like? The inside of like a Jack in the Box taco. Where it’s so greasy and like
mushy, the meat combination. – You got that. It kind of looks like it too. You know how it’s like not really… – You don’t know what it is. – You don’t want to look at it. – Don’t look at it. – Don’t look at it, just eat it. It’s not terrible. I am really surprised. Taco tubes, buy ’em now. Alright, for the next round
we’re gonna try to make a meat stick out of waffles and syrup. It’s not gonna work. (vacuum noise) (bell rings) – What the heck? – Okay. The waffles and syrup
were a little bit hard to mash through the meat grinder. So, we got some little smokies. – It’s very like, solid and hard. – Yes, very different texture. – I think it’s the syrup just like, just hold it all together in there. – Getting a little bit of that maple? – No. – No? – I kind of smell like a buttery like. – Yeah there’s a lot of butter in there. – Oh, is it gonna be like meat waffles? – I don’t know. There we go. Their crunch though. Are you getting any flavor? There’s no flavor. – No flavor, but the texture. – What in the heck? – It kind of just tastes
like you took the waffle mix, like the dry waffle mix
and you’re just like. – Just eating it. – Just put a spoonful in your mouth. – There’s no syrup, I
don’t taste any of it. Okay, out of the casing,
it literally looks like a little breakfast sausage. – It tastes like cornbread to me. – You’re right. It’s got a little bit of
sweet, and it’s just got that texture of cornbread. Now if you dipped this in
syrup, it would be really good. – When I imagine it as
cornbread, I can get through it a lot better. – Oh yeah. – I don’t hate it. – I don’t hate it. – You know, busy morning,
on the go, you’re like, oh I want some waffles. Let me grab my waffle stick. – Grab your waffle stick. Will it meat stick? Kind of? – Yeah, kind of. – Next stop, steak and potatoes. – Will it meat stick? (vacuum noise) (bell rings) – Okay. – Okay so this looks like a meat stick. Yeah, it’s definitely feels
kind of like a meat stick. – The potatoes give it that little wiggle. – Smell it though, Joey. It smells like a steak house. I’m excited about this
one, I’m optimistic. – Me too. Alright, I’m gonna do something weird. – Oh, that’s smart. – Blah. Oh I wanted it to be smoky but it’s not. – It’s pretty mushy. It smelled better than it tastes. – I mean, I’m not like,
snooty about my steak, but this is awful. – Yeah I think I would send this back. – It’s unseasoned. – I don’t think it’s bad though. It’s pretty neutral to me. – I think it could go
way downhill from here. It’s too bland. Like a meat stick trumps this, hands down. – Yeah, I’m gonna say
it barely meat sticks. – Alright, spaghetti. Will it meat stick? – There’s no way. (vacuum noise) (bell rings) That looks like a meat stick. Oh, it’s cold. – It’s so cold. – Oh, it’s cold spaghetti. – It’s like kind of wet. – It’s spaghetti in a sausage casing. It looks legit though right? This looks like a sausage. – Oh, the wrinkles is the
noodles like vacuum sealed to the edge of the casing. Ewe, I don’t like that. It looks like tons of worms. – How can you go wrong with spaghetti? You make it into a meat stick,
that’s how you go wrong. – We’re about to go wrong with spaghetti. – Let’s go wrong with spaghetti together. – It’s so soft. Like it tastes fine but I
can’t get past the mushy. – There’s some clear noodles in there. I don’t know guys. This textures too weird. – It’s too cold. – It’s cold. – It’s cold and wet and mushy and just no. It’s a no. – I don’t like it. – Well Joey, some things
meat stick and some things definitely do not meat stick. – Just because you can do
something doesn’t mean you should. – We’re gonna leave the meat
sticking to the professionals. Oh yeah, that’s so much better. – [Narrator] Maybe you
shouldn’t make your sausage that wild, but you can snap
into a more exotic snack with wild game meat sticks. A dozen slim sausages made
from a menagerie of meats. Sample the best that nature
has to offer like venison, bison, wild boar, alligator, duck, and jackalope? Buy wild game meat sticks and
shop for hundreds more gifts at – I actually like fish sticks. I make them for my daughter sometimes and I end up eating a
lot more than I should. – I loved fish sticks when I was 12. I don’t know if I’ve had them since. – Burn, alright. (laughs) – I kind of grew up, I guess, I matured. – I used to like them until I got mature. – Til I became a man. – [Narrator]

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  3. here is a weird thing about me I like to dip bananas in maple syrup its good idk why maybe you guys in the comment section should try it very very good

  4. "it's a lot like somebody chewed it up first, and then served it to you."
    Me: ThEn WhY dO yOu NoT hAtE iT
    Danny: "And you like it!?"
    Me: ThAt'S wHaT i SaId
    "No, I said I don't hate it!"
    Me: Eyes suspiciously
    Suuuurrreee you don't 😏🤣

  5. 7:16 "Now if you dipped this in syrup, it would be really good." Uh duh, of course. That's like saying: "This would be more valuable with a pile of money on it."

  6. 7:16 "Now if you dipped this in syrup, it would be really good." Uh duh, of course. That's like saying: "This would be more valuable with a pile of money on it."

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