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Car VS Ugly Stik Fishing Rod: Strength Test

Car VS Ugly Stik Fishing Rod: Strength Test

[glitchy intro] Today we are pulling a car with the Ugly Stik Big Water Go! This is a highly requested video. You guys have been asking us to pull a car for like a month now and , uh, this rod is the rod to do it! The Ugly Stik Big Water. We’ve tested the Ugly Stik Gx2 um, but it was much floppier. This is a beefier, heavier rod probably for like big catfish uh, — Tuna?– Big tuna, yeah some heavy, heavy fish maybe even shark fishing. It’s a pretty strong rod. Comment below what you guys use your Big Water for! Before we go and pull a car, we’re going to test this out a few different ways first. This is… Danny Boy. Right. We’re testing the durability of this rod, and we’re seeing if it can hold up against Danny boy first. Ready? Set? Go! *toy squeaking* *toy squeaking* Don’t let go! Don’t let go! Gahh! It’s slippery! *toy squeaking* *grunting* Look at the rod! *grunting* Oh my goodness… He’s low. He’s limbo! Okay, okay, okay, okay! *fast, shallow panting, toy squeaking* Guh! You win. Oh! *toy screaming* He’s very strong on this rod. It feels very strong on this rod, but, uh, ultimately, I still won. The rod was very much intact still. … very strong… Yeah. If you want to see more Danny Boy, like and subscribe. (Yes.) We would like that please. Yes, please Introducing the highly anticipated, the highly requested, So-compact-she-can-go-anywhere girl! I know her as Ms. Hot Wheels, but you guys know her as Suitcase Erin. Yo You know I just want to thank everyone for requesting suitcase erin so much, Even though I’m just a girl in a suitcase. I just want to say You have no idea how high I can fly. Guys can we get a subscribe for suitcase erin? Thank you. I think we need a better suitcase. We’ll give it a try, but we need a better suitcase. What are you trying to say about my suitcase. Your suitcase…. Is perfect– has been used a little too many times. Let’s just end that, okay? Uh, yeah. Ha ha ha. Uh, ya! Let’s just end that. Ha ha. Okay, ready? Here we go! Oh, it’s moving! Oh, it’s moving! I’m not scared that it’s gonna, like, hit me in the face or anything, I don’t know why I feel… You got– you got someone to protect you, too, so… Oh, moving–Ahh! –moving!–Ahh! That’s it. That’s it. Should we be done with that? Or should we try one more time? What happened? It snapped. (You had the momentum.) The braid snapped? Yeah. Test postponed! We need a better suitcase. There’s a wheel missing. We can’t put her in danger like this. I’m sorry. We’re gonna have to get rid of this. That’s just how I roll. [engine starting] Safety first. Alright so it’s obvious, this rod is a strong one, it is much stronger than the GX2 and I’m confident that it’ll be able to pull this car. Alright, I’ve shifted into neutral. Ready? Urahh! Oh, it’s pulling it! It’s pulling it! He’s pulling it. He’s pulling it! Oh my gosh! Oh! Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, you’re pulling it fast! Ahh, ha! It worked! Woohoo! Whoo! Thank you guys for watching, if you guys like it please like and subscribe We do these videos every week If you guys have an ugly stick that you love Please let us know in the comments below if you hate ugly sticks let us know in the comments below If you’ve ever pulled a car before we would love to know so thank you guys for watching we’ll see you next week

100 comments on “Car VS Ugly Stik Fishing Rod: Strength Test

  1. Ugly stik+shimano reel=👌plus i have like 5'4" i think ultra light with shimano sienna 500 with 4lb line its nice and fun to use caught 27 inch pike with it hope get bigger ones yet

  2. It’s a conventional rod piard with a spinning reel I could recommend like a penn sqaul for that

  3. I have a big water I have 17lb test on it what the heavyest line I can put on the reel without it digging in

  4. I own two ugly stik bigwater rods. A 7 foot rod, and a 10 foot surf rod. I love them and they work great.

  5. I just bought a baitcaster combo, and the pole isn't a ugly stik or a Shakespeare, but the reel is nice 😃

  6. If the car is about 1.5 tons of mass, which is very reasonable, it should take him more time to equalize and exceed its inertia.. Either the videos was cut at this very particular moment or the car was placed on slope or the whole thing was fake!

  7. Just bought a Big Water of the back of this video! But I live in the UK, and there is no supplier of Ugly Sticks here! Had to order it from the US, took over a month to get here!
    Think there is a gap in the market for a UK supplier!

  8. I have an ugly stik, i don't know what kind but it is little, called Trusty. I've caught catfish, bluegill, perch, trout, and a carp. Me and Trusty are a dynamic duo when it comes to fishing. I've had him for 13 or so years, and I still use him.

  9. Hello senko skipper, can you let us know the exact model of that rod, is it conventional or spining rod, rod lenght, and line rating. Awesome video

  10. বাংলাদেশের প্রাইস কত আর মডেল কত আমাকে একটু জানান

  11. Oh God. I am throwing my Penn Battalion. This is incredible. Ugly stik big water costs around $60-70 and my penn cost me $130 with tax.

  12. How the hell dosent it break I used and 8 lb weight to test it and it snapped how is theirs that strong

  13. I have an ugly Stik big water 9' and I use it with a baitrunner 4500 and 30# Suffix braid line for stripe bass blues blacks fluke arbies love this rod is awesome .

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