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cara membuat joran pancing sendiri || DIY fishing rod

welcome to chanel salam joran melengkung batam in this video we want to assemble the fishing rod again with almost the same material as our previous assembly outside the weather is somewhat less friendly, because of the rainy season so, inevitably we have to continue because the schedule is afraid not overtaken well … in this video we try to detail all the diseases starting from the painting process until later finishing in the process of installing the ring guide for complete information see the following video The first step we go to the sanding process first actually the blank is good it’s already been painted black so because I want to change the color to yellow we begin to sand the surface again so that the paint is more sticky we use sandpaper size 320 so, be careful because of the rainy season, carbon is prone to lightning for the first layer we use plastic epoxi so that the paint is more sticky and resistant to impact this after we give the basic white color try not to base the paint too thick because the paint breaks so easily just thin, the important thing is flat we wait for ± 30 minutes to dry, as long as the base paint is dry after it’s dry, we paint it yellow now we proceed to the coloring process we use yellow / lemon yellow try not too thick too, afraid later the paint will break easily the important thing is the paint is flat after the yellow paint is dry we proceed to the next stage, the clear process this after mixed this is too much, maybe a lot later while waiting for the clear to dry, we prepare the ingredients we want to install rellseat fuji gimbal or tube cups for the bottom winding check we cut the foam, the size according to taste Now we start the foam cutting process and for its size there is no benchmark it depends on our taste the sandpaper that I used here is 100 for the first time the second number 220 and for finishing, I use size 320 This is the result after we turn and grind it now we proceed to the process of foam glue and rellseat ingredients that need to be prepared epoxi adesive for foam and rellseatnya measuring cup, so that the mixing is right, this ratio is 1: 1 mixing place, meter, cutter, markers, duster paper insulation pure alcohol liquid, we use kangaroo brand Now we immediately start mixing the glue we leave the glue first now we measure the distance don’t forget to give a clearer sign This is the glue we just mixed so, after stirring the color will turn white for rellseat try to use glue that doesn’t dry quickly so that later, when you set the backbone, it’s not difficult if this is the case we can test and rotate if the position of the rellseat is not right we have installed all of this but the glue isn’t dry yet Now we want to set the backbone each rod builder has its own way of defining its backbone if I am this way to determine it in order to get the actoin henceforth we go to the ring guide installation process for the distance between the guideline ring can be adjusted as long as the blank if this is the distance from top to number 2 ± 9.5 cm ring 2 to 3 ± 10,5cm ring 3 to 4 ± 13.5 ring 4 to 5 ± 16cm ring 5 to 6 ± 20cm ring 6 to 7 ± 23cm so for the distance of the ring guide distance on a custom rod there is no exact distance because every blank is different and the ring is also different the distance there is no standard ok, we go straight to the ring binding process this is beautiful you want to use 2 layers of yarn so that there are variations give a sign first so that later it is not wrong so balanced top it first with super glue so that the beauty is not rocking and strong All that’s left is to give the yarn variation to make a rod dryer, you can check the link above we continue to glue, for glue, usually in a fishing shop or online shop use a small brush and spread evenly so this is the final result after we go through stages may take around 3 days if for the process from zero to finishing the longest part is waiting for the paint and glue to dry ± 1 day that’s the first video from us I hope this video can be useful for everyone so, for friends who want to try step by step if if unclear you can ask in the comments column and for ordering information please contact the number at this hopefully can be useful THANK YOU

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