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Cara Mendapatkan King Fish Di Life After – LifeAfter Index

Cara Mendapatkan King Fish Di Life After – LifeAfter Index

Well!!! Finally! eyyy yo whatsup mennnnn !!! See me again, Bandito in this video I’ll give some tips to those of you who don’t know yet that is … how to get king fish! so … how is it? check this out! alright! alright! alright! the first thing you need to know is, skill so make sure you improve this skill okay first you select gather then you choose here king fish hunter the chance of catching king fish increases so this skill increases our chances of getting king fish so make sure you have improved this skill until max OK then the next thing you need to know is a puddle like this for example puddle, not memories if memories are bitter! Well! this is a memory, ehh omg this is the puddle here is “A mixed fish” Lv.1 fishing rod required Well! the thing you need to know is … we can only get king fish in a puddle like this guys then? what if there is no puddle? that is easy. We… simply increase your fishing level to Lv.4 then you can make it fish … bait opss, fish trap I mean this is a fish trap okay for example like this yeah a mixed we search for sure first here yellow croaker, I’ve got it mackerel group, okay we try in mackerel group because I haven’t got the index yet king fish mackerel group What type of fish is this? This mackerel? why isn’t there some kind of omnivore okay, let’s just fish it I’m actually lazy fishing lazy, so lazy! fishing, cooking, I’m lazy well, if we don’t get this notification like this get … king fish we just go out just skip skip it okay until you get king fish! Indeed, indeed, it takes a lot of patience, yeah and one more thing you can’t fish automatically to get king fish you have to fish manually okay ?! can’t get it anymore, come out again can’t get it, we’re out again yep! just like that just until it’s dead! alias until you get the king fish okay ?! ho ho ho! I can’t and I want to come in a storm lastly later we will take shelter first after this can’t get it anymore one more time!!! c’mon please! please! 3X c’mon look we got a bite ~ goddamnit eyy yo whatsup mennn, because in Santopany there was another storm, so I moved to fall forest yeah it’s fine, yeah ehh wait, wait, wait … what do I want to see Carnivore seems to be true carnivore blablablablabla, carnivore Goddamnit! nahhh !!! finally! finally guys! finally! after waiting for the king fish it can also turn out boooooyyyy !!! aha! c’mon … alright okay guys! and for the bait you just adjust you use vegetables for vegetables for carnivore you use meat if the omnivore you are free do you want to choose meat or vegetable bait okay ?! okay that’s all for my video this time I hope you like it if you like the click the like button, I really appreciate it and if you feel this channel is useful click the subscribe button because subscribing is free okay ?! ok see you in the next tips & tricks … PEACE !!! hey hey hey! don’t forget to sell the fish

28 comments on “Cara Mendapatkan King Fish Di Life After – LifeAfter Index

  1. do u know how to catch king tuna and other high level king fish? they dont have fishing points 🙁 (my fishing is lvl 9)

  2. bang, klo mancing di camp pond bisa dapat king fish gak? btw gue jg males banget mancing tapi kalo masak rajin gue 😂😂

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