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Carne Asada Tacos Recipe / English Subtitles

Carne Asada Tacos Recipe / English Subtitles

(mellow Latin music)
(steaks sizzle) – All right, let’s make our
marinade for our carne asada. Got half a cup of beer,
juice from one lime, one and a 1/2 tablespoons
of Worcestershire sauce, two cloves of garlic that I’ve sliced up, and some freshly ground black pepper, about a 1/4 teaspoon. All right, got my skirt steak here. This is about a pound and
a 1/4, and all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut it up
into some manageable pieces ’cause I’m cookin’ this
on my hibachi grill, so I don’t have a lot
of room to work with, so I’m just gonna cut this in four pieces. All right, so after we get
our skirt steak cut up, we’re gonna put it in this bag. Wanna make sure you
get plenty of room here for addin’ your marinade. Anyway, we’re just gonna
throw our marinade in there, and we’re gonna massage this. We’re gonna put it in the
refrigerator for two, three hours. And about every half hour,
we’ll go by, turn it over, and then we’ll put it back in the fridge. And I’m just gonna push
out most of the air before I completely seal this up. And about one hour
before we throw the meat on the grill, we’re gonna take
it out of the refrigerator, let this start to warm up. Now don’t forget, we need
to take the salsa out too and let it warm up. All right, our hibachi grill’s
ready, and we’re gonna put this meat on here fat side
down, so that we can cook most of that off. All right, now that we’ve got
a good sear on this fat layer, we’re gonna move these
things off to one side. Now in case you guys are curious, this is a custom yakitori grill. It’s made by Manuel of El Rabbits BBQ. I will put a link to his Facebook page in the Show More Information,
and you guys can follow the link and get in touch with him if you’re interested in having one. He can make it any length that you want. This grill cooks nice. It gets hot, but it’s not super hot. It’s got a nice steady temperature, just perfect for doin’ stuff like this. Anyway, I’m puttin’ on here
what they call Mexican onions. They’re actually immature onions,
and I’m gonna put a couple serrano peppers on here as well. We’re just gonna kind of blister this up. And after our onions and
peppers get all blistered up, we’re just gonna take ’em off the grill. That’s pretty self-explanatory. Look it there. All right, to make some room
for cookin’ our tortillas, we’re gonna move this meat
to one end of the grill. (steaks sizzles) All right and on this end, we’re gonna put a couple tortillas, and we’re gonna just put some
spots on both sides of ’em. And then whenever they get
some spots on both sides, we’re gonna take ’em off,
and we’re gonna tent ’em in some aluminum foil. That’ll help ’em steam,
keep ’em nice and flexible, and we’re just gonna keep cookin’ these until we have all we need. And when our meat’s cooked
to the desired doneness, we’re gonna take it off
the grill and let it rest for a few minutes. All right, it’s time to cut up our meat. Now notice the grain’s
runnin’ this direction. We’re gonna do our first
cut that same direction. All right, now final cut is
gonna be against the grain, and that’ll help keep
the meat nice and tender for our tacos. All right, so first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put some guacamole on our tacos. And then, we’re gonna put some our grilled skirt steak on here. All right, now we’re gonna add some of our taquería-style salsa. Little bit spicy, but it’s not too bad. All right, we’re gonna
put a little diced onion on these things. All right, I’m puttin’
some cilantro on here. I know some people hate it,
but I happen to love it. I guess it’s one of
those love/hate things. And to really make these
things pop, I’m gonna squeeze a little fresh lime juice on here. And to our plate, we’re
gonna put one of our onions and one of our serrano chilis
just for a little fire. All right and to taste these
tacos, I have my beautiful daughter Annabelle here.
– [Annabelle] Thank you. – [James] And I had to say
that because Daddy Cooks did a really nice job of introducin’ his daughter in a video, (Annabelle laughs)
and somebody saw it and reminded me I’ve never
said anything nice about her on camera.
– [Annabelle] Exactly. – [James] Well, okay.
– [Annabelle] Yeah. – [James] See what I gotta put up with. – Dad! (laughs) – Anyway, she’s gonna
taste our tacos for us and let us know what she thinks. – This beautiful daughter (James laughs) will accept this taco. (James laughs) (Annabelle laughs)
– That’s all I’m gonna get.

59 comments on “Carne Asada Tacos Recipe / English Subtitles

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