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Working at Nash isn’t really your every day job, it’s different every day. Some days are longer than others and sometimes we have to put in a lot of hours and it can be a lot of hard work and very tiring but some weeks are a lot better than others. The second Nash team social was due to be held at the Carp Center lake complex in Austria. Following an invite from the owner of Carp Center, Harry Rechberger. This trip stemmed from when Harry, the owner of Carp Center visited England and fished one of Kevin’s amazing lakes. At the time he caught the largest carp in the Copse and that photo still hangs pride of place in his shop today. It was that visit to England that inspired Harry go and create his own special lakes himself. Harry is thinking he should give Kev something back. It’s biggest present he has ever got in the last 20 years and he is always looking at those pictures. Due to the long journey to Austria it was decided that Oil and Carl would take the van out there with all the gear and the rest of us would fly. Kevin and I were going to go a day earlier. Kevin wasn’t actually fishing on this trip as he had a lot of work to do over there and he wanted to spend some time with Claudia and Harry and catch up with the Austrian team. Well here we are, Carl and I are on the tunnel. We’ve drawn the short straw, we’re driving. The sat nav is saying we arrive at 6:32 in the morning. Bring it on. The drive, it was long, like really, really long. I think the drive took us just over 17 hours in the end, which was a good run to be honest. We were driving through the night, taking turns behind the wheel. And it wasn’t long before it was just getting light and we arrived in Austria. We arrived at the fishery in Austria at about 9 o’clock in the morning. First things first, Oli got his bed out, lay down to catch up on some much needed sleep. I on the other hand spotted some bass in the margins, ran back to the van and grabbed my lure rod and set about trying to catch one. Just spotted a couple of bass. Yes! Finally, he’s decent as well. That is absolutely incredible. Is that Tom from Life at Nash? The taxi has arrived, can we have him in the back? You never been on a plane Les? No never flown before. What’s your targets for the week Les? 48 beers, 3 bottles of wine, bottle of vodka, I don’t know about Tuesday and Wednesday, I think I might sleep for the rest of the week. What’s my targets? Having fun mate. Good answer Les. Here we are at Stansted Airport, there’s 6 of us flying out today. We’re going to have a quick burger and a beer then we are going to get on our way and head for Austria. The Social 2, social 2, the social 2. Hello it’s me. Les, who you will know from the first social has never actually been on a plane before and it was his first experience of getting on an aeroplane and going on the social. I don’t know if he was actually scared but we were winding him up and we did put a camera in his face and gave him a bit of banter but he dealt with it alright and he got to Austria fine. A little bit nervous but I got through security alright for the first time. First experience on a plane, the girls look alright. Go on you’re alright. Hello. That evening a couple of local anglers turned up in my swim, whilst I was having a laugh with my new found friends Oli had actually gone down to the opposite end of the fishery. I was on R1, he’d done down to R3 and he was just getting set up for the night ahead. It’s good here, really good here. It’s wet here and cold. We arrived really late in Austria, I think it was about half 11 at night. Our Austrian sales rep, Arno came and picked us up and took us to the lake. We got the lake about midnight got our bed chairs out the back of the van got our heads down. We woke up the next morning to find out that Carl and Oli had actually had some bites. What you saying Oli? Im saying this is the social so let’s get you boys one! Or two, or three. We then did a lap of the lakes and decided on swims. Max, Les, Matt and Carl decided to fish R1. There’s quite a big head of carp in there and also a lot of bass and Zander and I know that would have been one of the main reasons why Carl and Matt wanted to fish there. Alan went for R2 because it was a bit of a challenge. That left me, Tom, Dan and Oli to fish on R3, which we were told by the owner that there was a lot of big carp in there and some big catfish. Unloading the van, it was a task in its self. We packed it the weekend before we went and when I say you couldn’t get anything else on that van I mean it! It was full to the max. It was brilliant to see that Mikey had managed to fit in the absolute essentials, very important bits of kit for his fishing. Here it is. What is that for? This is the lucky log and we brought it with us all the way from Les Teillatts after being in the office for two years. Im not entirely sure why Mikey had to bring his lucky plank of wood but apparently it had brought him luck at the Teillatts social so fair play to the guy and deep down I really hoped that we might all share a bit of luck for the week. It’s always a worry on a social or a group trip like this that someone wouldn’t catch, but seeing as I’d caught 2 fish already, thank god it wasn’t going to be me this time. This is Max, the longest session he’s ever done was three nights and we are about to begin a week long session in Austria and he’s doing all of this time under a Recon Brolly, now there’s nothing wrong with the brolly at all apart from the fact that they’re perfect for a quick overnighter. I’ll be alright, I’m going to enjoy it to be honest because if I need to move them I can can’t I. Just about to go in the TARDIS, Double Top, double the money. No you get double for your money. Plenty of time, the worst thing you can do is throw loads of bait everywhere. Is that Mikey over there throwing loads of bait everywhere? It keeps pinging off its fins, let’s have a look at you. I’d literally dropped that bait 5 minutes ago. Go on Oli, get in there boy! That’s a nice one, little starburst scales on the back of it, that’ll do lovely times. Just about a 30lb I think. It’s raining quite heavy. I think we might be putting it in the retainer and throwing the cameras in the back of the van. Just as Oli lifted up his mirror to the camera, the rain began, rain which very quickly became snow and snow which very quickly became very heavy hail. Hi Alan. Hi Carl, it’s amazing, I got caught in the middle of the thunder storm in my little boat, I was petrified so I rowed to shore and now I am going to get a beer because that seems to be the solution to all problems. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, it is Christmas and carp fishing all at once. Just got out the van and Wilson is playing one in the snow in Austria this is mental. I love fishing were can make a snowman. Slush puppy. Go on son, first blood! Whilst setting up it was really hot, I think it was over 20 degrees but then I got the rods out, a load cloud come over and we had a snow storm. We have a big, fat mirror. 37lb 4oz Literally got all three rods sorted properly on the spots, got into the bivvy, had a little tidy up as it was absolutely carnage. I saw a bit of lightning then we had a mental snow storm and in the middle of it the long rod absolutely ripped off, 37lb and a half. Off the mark, first blood, my first Austrian carp, buzzing. Go on Wilson! I wouldn’t even open my door in that. You just can’t have much more crazy conditions than what we just experienced. We just had the most intense hail storm, they fight real hard these fish, it’s hard too tell whether they are big or not but I’d say this ones around the 30lb mark. So I’ve been here for just over 24 hours now. This is the R2 gravel pit on the Carp Center complex. I’m fishing probably the trickiest lake on the complex, but it’s got the biggest fish inside, there’s a stock of around 60 fish with more than a few over 20kg and a good amount of 30kg carp with a couple of around 40kg. Truly enormous carp, but yeah I’ve got a challenging session ahead of me, it’s not going to be easy, the weather has taken a real dip for the worst over the next few days but I’m staying positive, I’m fishing for massive carp. Please let me hook into one of these true monsters. There’s another really quick bite, dropped a bait and just two scoops of some Tiger Nut Slush and TG Active. The biggest so far for me, it took about 10 minutes. The first day was only really half a days fishing and at the end of the day I think between us over the three lakes we’d had a total of 6 fish averaging around 30lb. I found a silty spot in the middle of the lake form David’s advice just used a basic rig. I had a bite on the Tuesday morning and it scrapped super, super hard we questioned whether it was a catfish as the battle took about 40 minutes. It screamed off into the middle of the lake, I couldn’t stop it. It then kited round two swims down, managed to pick up a marker and wiped out all three of poor Max’s rods, he actually had to re spool a reel. Oh my god. I don’t know whether you can see that but that is next level man, that’s a 40lb carp it’s got to be. We eventually got it in the net, we were all buzzing as we could see it was a big. We were thinking maybe high 40s. But it took the scales round to 54lb 4oz which is a PB for me and the biggest of the trip so far so I’m really buzzing. There’s only one Les Webster. Good morning. We are just about to see a chunk, it is so big! Isn’t this your first carp for a about a year Matt? Yep. After we’d seen and photographed Matt’s incredible 50lb mirror Les was next port of call as he’d also been getting in on the action. Les, who lives in a house like this, let’s take a look at the evidence. Let’s have a little tour of your house Les. Come in, come in by all means. Here we have the living accommodation. Very nice, you’ve got your moon chair. Bedroom at the back. I won’t look round the corner because you don’t know what you might find but it’s looking very nice Les. Safe. Well done mate, I’m filming by the way it’s not a photo. So last night I realised they’d all gone home in the cement works behind so I crept over there and see there was a lake over there. So I had a little hack saw, sawed the padlock off, crept in there with the old Sawn-Off flicked a mixer out when it went all nice and calm and guess what, I had this old beauty here, out the cement works, this is Les Banx. Come on Alan get as picture with me! Well done mate, good angling. So hi everyone, here we are in Austria, yesterday I set up, today I’ve been down the shop and had a couple of 30s in the night, what a lovely place. Down on R3 I managed to bank myself a couple of awesome commons whilst Oli also managed an even bigger one. Its scrapped mate, one of two this morning. 43lb and a quarter. Oh no, still not 20kg! You know your want it. Well you can have it. Cultured hook bait, they are surviving the attention of the cray fish long enough to get bites and this is number 5 or 6. Oli’s 40lb common was incredible, that’s exactly the sort of fish that we’d travelled out to Austria to try and catch although we did have to remind Oli that it was a carp and not a guitar! Next up was Dan and to be honest this fish probably wouldn’t have made the final cut of the video if it wasn’t for the fact that he blanked for the following 5 days. Sorry Dan. It’s just a little mirror, off the mark. My first Austrian 50. Hi, I’ve just been told by Kevin there might be a bit of a flea market up the road, I’m always up for a bargain, lets go and have a look. Well hi I got here but I think I’m a bit late. When I got here, they’d all gone home but you’ve got to give it a go and have a little look see what it’s all about. I’m going to go up the shops now, ta da for now. That’ll be a bite Wilson. Looks like you’re in. Before we went we were aware there were a lot of catfish in the water so I knew these were probably going to be a nuisance at some point and we were going to catch them but I tried my hardest to stay away from them but not applying big beds of bait and pellets but yeah I caught a few. A couple of times I thought they were real big carp on the end but I’d never actually caught a catfish before this trip so it was a new experience for me to actually play a catfish and feed the real power of them and it was good fun but when you’re fishing for carp they don’t count. Nice one Wilson, that was entertaining. That evening a group of us got together over at Les’s bivvy which was absolutely giant by the way, I think it managed to house 7 of us with room to spare. We chilled out had a nice bite to eat and drink that evening but not before I managed to get one last bite to round up that day. We’ve got a bite. I didn’t think we were going to get another bite after the weather turned horrible, it just didn’t look to good on this lake but we have a big common in the net. The weather is horrendous so we thought let’s not bother putting rods out, lets all come round to Les’s monster of a bivvy and we’ll cook a gourmet meal. And we’re in for steak, Austrian beef, we hope, it could be anything, tonight is a night of relaxing having some good food, a couple of drinks and So the morning of day three we woke up and it was freezing the temperatures were well below zero. We expected to go away and have nice sunny weather but it didn’t really matter because the carp were still up for a munch and we were getting plenty of bites. Well done Oli. Cheers boys, nice wake up call. Due to the cold weather R1 wasn’t really fishing and I think that’s mainly down to the fact that it’s really deep compared to R3 but yeah we were hauling them on R3. What have you got there Les? Oh, but I’m on holiday. It’s a little bit of brandy. The only thing is, it’s Waitrose bran so it’s alright. When did you open that Les? About three minutes ago. The move has paid off, it wasn’t really happening where I was fishing, so Oli and Mikey kindly let me slot in-between them where most of the activity was happening, cast a few singles out there and managed to bag a couple. Hello lads. Hello Alan. It’s been a remarkably challenging start to the trip, in fact that was my first bite and I lost it. But I’m staying positive, I got the bite very quickly. Doing anything out there in the boat over the last 24 hours has been near on impossible unless you’re right on the back of the wind so Marco came down from Carp Center and he’s given me a hand for the last hour and that was the second rod I put out and it went almost immediately. It’s purely down to finding the fish. In any form of angling if you find then then in many instances you get a bite very quickly. We did just that, we used an underwater camera drifted across a very barren lake until we found some coloured water next to a large area of stones and yeah lowered the rig down and yeah as I say a 3 minute bite. I’m going to go out there now, not put a lot of bait out, just a little bit of tiger nut, a little bit of flake and some candy nut crush flake and see if we can’t get another fish, get my first R2 Austrian carp. Mid day came around and it was time to head to the local shop as we needed to grab some supplies and I seemed to remember Dan wanted to grab a few beers as well. Definitely got everything we need. I don’t even drink. Is that all for you? This is for a friend. Oh, hello didn’t see you there, it’s just gone 1pm so that’s the end of the day for us in the media team. Long hours in this media team. We usually try to start at 11am and get done by about 1pm so once that done we have a cup of tea, sit in the boat and lie in the sun. Hold it out more. More, oh mate it’s massive. Oh fantastic, having a really good time, the weather has brightened up a bit now, The lads are going to get there rods set, have a bit of lunch and chill out as that’s what it’s all about, social. Safe. Got there before you Les. And here we have the wild Max Hendry. Move number three. He’s moving for the third time in three days. And he’s trying to impress the local ladies with his dress sense. I love a man in waders. So three days in to the session and I’ve still not managed to catch one myself. I had worked so incredibly hard, the weather had been all over the place and all I had to show for it was one lost carp, at times like this you can feel really low and almost depressed about the situation but you’ve got to pick yourself back up, keep working I knew full well there was some really special carp here to be caught. And we’re going again! Faster, faster faster! I can’t feel anything. Having lost my previous fish and now out in the boat getting dragged around the lake I really didn’t want to loose this fish. I could tell it was a big fish. There were big boils coming up I just didn’t want to loose this one. Come on! Thank you, people say this a lot in England, I couldn’t have done it without you well I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you. Look any that, that’s cray food. Well that was full of excitement, crazy, crazy battle, I was just out in the boat, it ripped off, huge fight, Marco has had to disappear but a huge thank you to Marco for helping me in the boat with all the wind. Buzzing. Hi Carl. Those rudd are huge! You just left that running for the sun set? For the Fobee ‘Sun goes down’ track. When the sun goes down. So as we were in Austria it was only right that the Austrian team come down for a night and we had a social, pizza and a load of beers. Shall we watch some DVDs? I mean all I’ve been doing is watching DVDs, theres may little munch down there. I think you have a lot of munch in your bivvy. Yeah man! Yeah man, I’m your biggest fan. A couple of the lads stayed the night and the next morning me and Flo had a brace of 20kg carp and yeah it was pretty special. It’s a 50 but someone call this. My PB is 50lb 2oz. It’s 50lb 8oz. Go on Wilson. Hello Les did you catch any fish? No, it was a bit slow and cold. What you up to? Just coming to see you mate. It’s day 5 now early in the morning and I get a phone call from Max, he’s got a couple in the net including a really special orange koi. Morning Max. How’s it going. I’m alright you? It’s all turned round now mate. Happy you moved at last! Pukka. I’ve never been so shocked to see something bight orange pop up. Oh my god, it’s over exposed my shot. Well, three moves and finally got on some fish and made it happen and caught this absolute blinder. My first proper Austrian carp is this lovely koi. Effort equals reward as they say. Do you want to to say I’m not really one for ornamentals ususally but this one is such a banger I thaught I’d have a photo. A fish is a fish. That was a quick bite. How’s your luck. Because my main aim for attending this social was to put together this film, I didn’t actually spend a huge amount of time in my swim, sat in my bivvy, watching the water, or actual angling for my self really. Time in the swim was limited mostly to late evenings and nights. So because of that I chose not to go out in the boat at all what I mostly focused on was fishing with chod rigs and stiff hinge rigs, bright, visual 15mm Citruz pop ups and I simply cast them at showing fish. I would get back late in the evening, maybe listen out for a couple of hours and if if heard them or saw where the fish were, even if they were slightly out of my water into Les’s swim, I’d just cast a single hook bait down there and it did pay off, I did end up catching few. I wouldn’t say I tore the lake apart, I certainly didn’t catch good numbers of fish compared to the other lads, just casting to showing fish definitely payed off on more than one occasion. More important than that though, if you know me well, I absolutely love multi species fishing and the lake which we were on, R1 happened to have some bass and as I found out a bit later on in the trip, some zander and I managed to get a bit of action from them. My first zander There we go A big part of my session and the reason why I was managing to locate fish and locate areas was the use of the underwater camera. Marco very kindly leant me his camera, it allows you to drift round the lake, lowering a cable down to the bottom with a small camera on. On the boat itself is a small TV that’s relaying the footage back. It’s a game changer, it really opened my eyes. I could drift over silty areas that look completely barren and then find depressions in the silt where the carp had been feeding. Along with that I was finding coloured water and if I was truly lucky, carp. I decided to rest the swim, pull of the lake for a little while and go and visit David, Harry and Claudia’s son to find out a little bit more about the lakes and the special fish that reside in them. So just popped in the shop David to get some leisure batteries charged and grab a few supplies, you’re not short of some stuff I know we’ve been in here everyday after some bait. But while I’m here mate a bit of insight about the lakes and was it always a dream for Harry to own a lake. Yes it was always his dream he started with the old lake in Austria Of course I fished this lake, amazing lake. His main target was to get a lake on a whole new level with nothing inside that he can control. He’s done a really good job there I have to say in 12 years it’s beautiful and the you look into the water and it full of weed, bugs, and insects. How do the lakes operate David, we’ve booked them exclusively for this trip for the social but normally how do you operate them, is it a syndicate or a day ticket? They are all day ticket. Busy? Yeah, really busy. I can imagine if it was in England you wouldn’t be able fish to there because everyone would want to go there. Busiest one is the R2 because it has the biggest carp inside. Just to be sure on this, what is the biggest possible fish in R2 David? At the moment it’s hard to say but we believe we have the Austrian record because this carp gets caught every 1 and a half years to every 2 years and he goes up every time he comes out around 4 to 5kg bigger. Last time he was caught was 1 and a half years ago and it was nearly 39kg so for sure he should be a 40kg+ this is huge. You’ve got me even more excited now, I wan’t to get back and put my rods out. David, thank you it has been an amazing trip, it’s not quite over yet, maybe we’ll catch one of the big ones. See you later, thank you. Finding the fish was one thing but just as much care and considiration had to be given to the rig and bait choice in order to trip up some of these wary R2 carp. I spent the first few days experimenting with everyhting from stiff hinge rings, choddies, blow out tube rigs and even zigs. before I eventually settles on the following set up. I just had to take note of Mike’s success and whilst in his swim I clocked the slip d rig on his bivvy table I decided to incorportate the slip d rig with a realy long hair and 2 small tigers positioned along the hair with a large gap between them. I hoped that when the fish approached the rig they woukld feel safe seeing 2 separate tigers laying on the bottom. And the long hair eliminated the possibility of any nuisance species picking up the rig I stuck with my original, confident Armour Link in 35lb, super sharp Fang X hook. With the hair fixed in place on the blowback element of the rig with a micro hook ring swivel. The lead set up was kept as unobtrusive as possible due to the gin clear water. I fished it with a 0.40 flurocarbon mainline with a 6oz drop off inline secured in place with a double ring swivel and tail rubber. My bait mix was made of plenty of hempseed to ensure there was plenty of particles of food in the swim. Along with a good helping of whole and flaked Candy Nut Crush boilies, sweetcorn and Tigernut Slush The intention being to confuse the carp and stop them avoiding and focusing on the hookbait Just going to go and reposition both rods. Just reeled the other rod in, what a surprise, they’ve eaten my tiger nuts. So you can see down there on the floor, that’s the little monitor, which runs off a little battery. Camera drops down like this so you’re viewing out of the bottom and I’m aiming to keep it about 75cm off the lake bed and I’m just moving about in the boat trying to identify perfect feeding zones. It was towards the end of day 5 when things really changed for me, the weather changed dramatically, the sun came out, the wind disappeared, I could get out on the water and fish properly. Things were about to start kicking off. 47lb 12oz. Well that’s the second one I’ve landed now off an area probably twice the area of an Air Cradle. It’s not a small lake, there’s a lot of water out there, a lot of places to present a rig but boy do you have to go tight. 4 bites, same spot, second fish landed, proper buzzing. I’m sure if I get my act together and get that rod back out again, It’ll do me another bite today. Strange bite time, middle of the day, nothing through the night. Mad happy! This place is absolutely ridiculous. It’s nearly beaten me up, three or four days of blanking. Three or four days of working it out trying to put the pieces together and basically I’ve done just that. I’ve got another chunk in the net. Mega battle, got no battery on the boat, winds dragging me everywhere, fish doesn’t want to give up. I’ve done it, the lights fading and I’ve only got one rod left on the spot. I’d really like to get the other two back out again so please can I have a lift back to base camp. At over 62lb this thing broke my personal best, it was an absolute beast. The fight was incredible and I was blown away by this carp. This is why I had come to Austria, to catch a fish of epic proportions. Wow, what an afternoon. This afternoon, since about 2 o’clock has been nothing short of remarkable. It’s getting dark, I’ve got one rod out but yeah I’m buzzing. What a place, what a social. 2 out of 10. Hi so it’s Sunday morning. I got me old brew kit going on, tea, radio, let’s have a look at the lake. Like I say it’s a completely different today. By this point in the trip we’d has loads of bites and we decided to rate ourselves out of 10 on our releases which was good fun. We rated each other on elegance, splash and creativity. 4 out of 10! What do I get for that release? 9.5 out of 10 good score. The points are slowly dropping. 2 out of 10. I’m going to give that an 8.5 that was good It was splashy but controlled. Having worked ridiculously hard I sat back and was some what content with how my session had eventually panned out, it hadn’t been easy but it was very rewarding and that was made even better when on the sixth morning I was rewarded by a beautiful 40lb common. Towards the end of the week we’d probably had well over 50 bites between us and we started to see fish that we had already seen on the bank that week. I think in total we had 4 repeat captures and it actually turned out I think we had well over half the lakes stock in a week so yeah, absolutely incredible session and certainly one to remember. It’s gone a bit mad again. Last time I spoke to you I’d had a bite Al had just had a bite, we were waiting for Tommy to get a bite, I had another bite. And then I’ve just had another bite And I’ve got a real big common in the net could be a PB. Oh no, first one I’ve lost man. I’ll give him one of my rigs So this is out new spod station, there’s 2 types, one which takes a single bucket and one which take a double bucket But it also doubles up the perfect on the bank bathroom. Fresh as a daisy. Second bite of the morning. I was really confident last night that is was going to happen and it didn’t but I saw a couple both this morning so I reeling in a couple of rods and cast singles out to where they were boshing and I’ve had 2 bites in the space of an hour. For the third time this trip I’ve beaten my PB again. 54lb 8oz this one went so just over a pound on the last common. What a session. What a lovely carp. Seeing the whole team out the office, buzzing, fishing, loads of banter, amazing countryside, beautiful carp and incredible fishery really made for an epic week. However R2 had one more surprise for me, a surprise that would see me being dragged all over the lake. Yeah you’re away. It was a truly epic fight, deep water and it dragged me here, there and everywhere. Couple that with the fact that the boys were out in another boat with me just made it so, so exciting. Really strange, it knows all the rocks are here and it won’t swim away from them. Massive common, enormous. When that big common eventually hit the surface and I tried to net it, the wind was blowing one way and as much as I was leaning and stretching all I could see was this immense fish on the surface with my double tiger nut rig hanging out of its mouth, I was just praying please, please, please go over the net cord. That feeling when it did, that’s why I go fishing, such a buzz. How big is that one Al? It’s ridiculous. Carl what about when it hit the surface, I didn’t have the Scope net extended so I’ve put my leg in the Scope net, twisted the handle and all the time this common it just there ready for netting. I don’t think any picture is going to do it justice. Insta content, I’ve got no photos for my own Instagram so Al has done me a favour here. Catching that common of epic proportions was a truly remarkable moment for me however seeing Harrys face when I caught it was probably even more special. I genuinely mean that, Harry visited England 12 or 15 years ago to fish Kevin’s lake and he had 100% returned the favour by allowing us to visit his gravel pits and catch some of his mega carp. Just under 31kg, it’s a chunk. Well there it is, 31kg, 68lb, incredible boat battle, incredible venue to be fishing for fish like this. For me that trip ended on that incredible common of 68lb as mine and Kev’s plane was booked to leave early the following morning and I really needed to begin packing everything away. However the next day brought yet more epic moments, PBs and proper laughs for the lads. Get in there! To summarise this trip to Austria, it wasn’t just a great time because we all caught loads of carp and spent time doing what we love doing which is fishing, but it was also a really worthwhile trip because of the time we spent together, team building, getting to know each other better, becoming better friends and I think we’ll probably work together better in the future because of this trip, at least that’s what I’m going to tell Kev when we ask him if we can book up another trip for next year. Huge thank you to Claudia, Harry, David, Marco, Hans, all the boys form the Carp Center for allowing us to come and fish this incredible complex of gravel pits. At that moment in time all that mattered was getting that immense carp released and getting that rod straight back out on that spot because as every true angler knows theres always time for one last cast. The Social 2, the big one. Or the big 2.


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