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CARP FISHING – EUROBANX 3 with Alan Blair and Oli Davies – Nash Tackle

CARP FISHING – EUROBANX 3 with Alan Blair and Oli Davies – Nash Tackle

100 comments on “CARP FISHING – EUROBANX 3 with Alan Blair and Oli Davies – Nash Tackle

  1. I'm totally hooked on carp fishing , by far the best buzz you will ever get from any kind of fishing .and URBANBANX. your the man

  2. Excellent videos as always from Nash, Alan Blair is top draw as always, true Angler, enjoying his fishing regardless of size !

  3. vidéo de fou,son de dingue,mes tous aussi top les uns que les autres,bref le top,je veux la casquette EB please

  4. Why do I love Urban/Euro Banx? Well Alan is just "The Man" and the rest of the crew are awesome. Yes they advertise Nash gear but it's subtle and not pushed in your face like "here you must buy this rod/bivvy". Also Alan pull's the general public into the videos and you can just tell he loves it. Nash is without a doubt my favorite carp channel. Big up Kev, Al & the rest of the Nash team can't wait for Urban 10 & Euro 4.

  5. Really enjoyed this! I'm not able to get out on the bank myself at the moment so this video gave me a much needed fishing fix. Your enjoyment of angling made it for me, along with Oli's incredible photography especially the time lapse sequences. Cheers guys! Rich

  6. you have to give it to Alan Blair Ollie Davies and the Nash boys they make the best videos great music scenery and ofcourse carp this was a great watch really enjoyed it something about the Nash videos sounds stupid but make me feel quite emotional lol just all about the fishing and not promoting there gear by far the best carp fishing company out there.. Big up lads

  7. where were you in amsterdam boys? I've moved over here an recognise most of what you filmed, just not the lake that "starts with a B and ends in an M.. probably"

  8. by far best vid made by any tackle company and just an absolute banger. best tackle company as well

  9. not been carp fishing in 4 years but this will definitely make me start up again. think I might buy a couple of those 9ft scopes as well

  10. track id on the banga @ 32:53 please, need this track in my life lol its the only track not on the list below the video grrr

  11. Once again alan you and oillie smash it out the park !!loving the euro urban banx !.keep it up hopefully to meet you guys one day

  12. hey guys! you should try to get the access to "Schloßteich" in 2361 Laxenburg, Austria
    48.067795, 16.376436 Its a touristic sight, the location is absolutely stunning with a medieval castle in the island. I didn't saw any fisher there, but you have to try! Alan would love it. The lake is full of carp and amur and they are huge, believe me, i saw them 😉

  13. Had the same issue with maggots myself. My car became known amongst my friends as the car of flys. Those lil blighters get in everywhere.

  14. rewatching in prep for the release of EUB4 tomorrow!!!! also i cant get over that urban carp graff piece, Nash and Montana spraypaint should do a collab somehow, Alan and Oli get on it!

  15. Eurobanks and Burger King. Good start go the first night of the week 👍. Nash definitely keep them coming please !! Like these videos

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