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Carp Fishing Gardner Tackle Guide To PVA

Carp Fishing Gardner Tackle Guide To PVA

PVA fishing is a massive edge, especially
in the winter months or if you’re like me and you just do short overnight sessions or
just the odd sort of couple of hours here and there, it’s a big edge. It’s a great way of putting
a little bit of bait right next to your hook bait that can sometimes just pick off that
wary fish. Gardner being the originators of PVA we just thought we’d do a little video,
just to show you through the family that we have and what we do. Definitely my favourite
and I’m really going to plug this one is the Double Barrel System. The reason I like this
is because you get a Standard and a Wide in one tube, so that’s giving you 14 metres of
PVA. You get a double ended plunger with that as well, so it fits both sizes of PVA that
you’ve got within. Again it saves space in your bag as well, so you haven’t got to carry
around two tubs of PVA. I love this one. This one’s a cracker. Also, you have the Standard
and the Wide that you can get separately. They are 7 metres tubes and again they come on their
own with a plunger also and the new addition to the family is the new Narrow. This is great
for the Specimen angler. A lot of Specimen guys like this one, who just like to fish
short and just pop some maggots in and bits and pieces like that. Also within the family
is the refills. We do 20 metre refills and we do 7 metre refills as well. Do yourself
a favour, pop into your local Gardner retailer and look at the prices as well. We know we
can’t be beaten. It’s definitely a product I would go and have a little look at. Gardner

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