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Carp Fishing Hook Sharpening Tips

Carp Fishing Hook Sharpening Tips

When you go to the shop and spend your hard
money on something like this, the awesome Gardner Tackle Hook Stone. You want to be
able to get every single pennies worth out of the product. Yeah, so it will probably
last you a decade, but in that decade you want to be using it to really bring up the
hook points that you’re tinkering with using the tool to absolute perfection. Sometimes
the hook point might not be turned outwards, sometimes they are turned inwards and one
of the real great benefits of this product is because of the flat face and them being
perfectly straight, you can get in on the inside face of the point and bring that back
up absolutely perfectly. So if you’re on quick short session down the pond. Want to get the
rods in on showing carp. Find one of the hook points less than perfect. A couple of strokes
with this really does the job. Whilst we’re talking about getting the most out of the
product, another thing that people may want to experiment with, because we really want
you to get the best out of the product, is the final stroke when it comes to sharpening
your hook point. Sometimes, even with a perfectly flat surface like this as you’re running the
file away from the point going from the hook towards the point you can still turn the hook
point over, even if you’re really careful. Especially if you’re a bit of a cluts like
me. in this case you can get it in there and draw it back towards the point being careful
to keep the plain of the hook sharpening stone the same as the finished angle of the point.
This really does bring them up exquisitely sharp and precisely how you want them every
time. You can get the rods out there, be fishing, super quick, super efficiently with a hook
that’s well, pretty much as sharp as they come out the packet. If not better, because
there’s always that lovely little detail of having added your own kind of character. It’s
like rolling your own hook baits. Once you’ve done a bit of sharpening and you’ve got the
hang of it and you’re confident you never look back. Best money you will ever spend.
Gardner Hook Stone!

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