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100 comments on “CARP FISHING IN LONDON Urban Banx 9 – East London

  1. fantastic movie. I would call it freestyle carp fishing. more entertaining than baiting for weeks and than sitting there…great fun to watch. Best fishing footage.

  2. Alan Blair is the Dogs Bollocks, something different for a change, this guy can catch fish down a grid, nice 1 Alan and the boys,
    Keep it up馃帲馃憣馃徎

  3. Good quality show but I really wish I could understand what they are saying. Also I think they might be driving on the wrong side of the road.

  4. Quality video, love carp fishing, I've worked all around that end off london and never knew there where carp to be had! great videos

  5. After watching a few of your videos I quite like the Nash clothing would you say is true to it sizes or get a size bigger??? Thanks amazing videos as always 馃憣馃憤馃帲

  6. Hi. Yet another awesome video from the Nash camp and Alan & Ollie.
    Does anyone know the track title and artist at 18:30? 馃嵒

  7. I met Alan Blair yesterday what a special
    Moment really nice guy big up Alan hope to meet him again soon

  8. One of the best places to fish in East London was the big lake in Viccy Park.. Tower hamlets removed the fish and dredged the lake so tourists could go boating. We never did hear what happened to the fish some of were cracking dark commons it was a real shame as there was a small community of Anglers that just disappeared. Mind you the piss heads fishing and people popping up bivvys didn't help matters

  9. Yes lads I鈥檓 a birmingham urban carp catcher dub mad bass man and spider and love old school side winder nuff love 鉁岎煆烩湆馃徎鉁岎煆烩湆馃徎鉁岎煆

  10. Top Video lads , thought it was going to be all about Alan with Alfie just being the net man all weekend . Glad to see you both bagged a few boys ,well in keep it Rolling

  11. Hey Al if size really doesn't matter how come u hold the slightly bigger common up for pic and leave pretty little fully on the deck!!!!!

  12. I love urban fishing. Just not knowing whats in there and then spotting fish and targeting them! Great fun and highly rewarding (when you do catch!).

  13. I learned nothing about fishing here but i did learn that my favourite name for an mc is now RSJ! cracked me up for some reason…..

  14. It鈥檚 nice to see every video Alan is in he is so nice to us juniors and giving free tackle to juniors and respects everyone 馃檪

  15. It鈥檚 not a criminal offence so there鈥檚 no need to ask for permission from the police it鈥檚 only a rule you can鈥檛 get knicked for it lol

  16. Top vid lads nice filming n choons etc. , I'm 52 now, and Alfie reminds me of being a teenager. My PB at the ripe old age of 16 was a 15lb Common caught with a lob worm, on a float with a little LED and AA battery in it . That was from Clapham Common and that was a big fish in those days.

  17. Must of watched this urbanbanx a few times now great film. Did any one else notice the kid getting beaten by other kids at 25:55?

  18. Nice video lads ! it's amazing hot people stop and chat with you , with all the negative news coming from London this is bringing out the positive side. keep up the good work !

  19. Alan brings to the table a lot of other carp masters seem to have lost .. Passion!! The guy smiles at 10lbers as much as the monsters. Top guy by the looks of it and wish him nothing but the best in life. All the way from Merseyside as well so compliments about southerners is rare of us lol

  20. Can anyone name what rods they're using when fishing the canals? Lived in East London all my life and never seen any of the spots covered in this video apart from Shadwell Basin.. Surprising whats on your doorstep.

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