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Carp Fishing New And Improved Critical Mass Tungsten Putty

Carp Fishing New And Improved Critical Mass Tungsten Putty

My role here at Gardner Tackle isn’t necessarily
always just coming up with new stuff, sometimes it’s just getting stuff better. This, the
new style Critical Mass Tungsten Putty is an exact case in point. The old stuff wasn’t
pap, it was perfectly adequate, but this, this is the best Critical Mass Tungsten Putty
style product that you can possibly buy now. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that
the tungsten content and the texture, which is the most important point is absolutely
perfect. In all three colours, the green, the brown and the grey, it’s now got the perfect
adhesion. It moulds lovely, it sticks to hook links and main lines perfectly, so that when
you’re pinning everything down you know that its going to be adhered and not move. There’s
not a lot of difference apart from that. There’s not a lot of difference. Same great value.
Same amount per product. But the stuff inside, the contents, well it’s incomparable. The
texture’s perfect. The colours perfect. If you mix and match the colours together, which
I love doing you end up with really natural nothing colours I describe them as. Because
if you look at stuff in the edge, it’s dull, it’s a nothing colour especially when it’s
down deep. By mixing say the green, brown and grey together you end up with a really
inconspicuous blend that really does blend in every where. It’s available in the shops
now. New Improved Critical Mass. New packaging, easy to identify. Just go and have a look
and have a play. Spot on!

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