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Carp Fishing Pro-Pela XL Throwing Stick

Carp Fishing Pro-Pela XL Throwing Stick

If you can get away with using beautiful big
gob stopper boilies like these 24’s or even bigger you get some real advantages in terms
of your angling situation. You avoid nuisance species. They go out there a dream and they
sit there leaking off attractors for so much longer because of all that beautiful food
concentrated in one area. But you need the right tools for the job to get them out there
to start with. Hence we’ve introduced these. The new Pro-Pela, the XL version has got a
29mm internal diameter. That may seem a little bit over the top, but what that means is it
gives plenty of space so that you don’t get air resistance as the boilie spins up and
goes out through the tube. They are lightweight at only 85 grams and they come with protective
bungs top and bottom and a nice lightweight neoprene case. They make baiting up with big
baits beautiful, easy and stress free. Whether you’re fishing at medium range or hurling
rock hard 24mm out as far as your poor little arms can take, this is definitely the product
you need to be looking at. It’s new to the Pro-Pela range. It’s available in the shops
now. Very reasonably priced and a great product. We’re so pleased to add this to the range.
They are going to prove really popular.

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