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Carp fishing RIGS and INDICATION with Kevin Nash – Nash 2014 Carp Fishing DVD Movie

Carp fishing RIGS and INDICATION with Kevin Nash – Nash 2014 Carp Fishing DVD Movie

I think its been a great DVD We have given you some great and exciting stuff and of course its been one of our best years for gear But as this lovely late Autumn sun is setting on the year I thought I’d come and have a session on my own Church Pool To reflect and do a bit of proper fishing just for myself and whilst sitting here I was thinking about an article that I have had in mind to write for a while I guess the article is aimed at the large number of people that come on my Facebook page asking about rigs and what rig to use where The other thing I have been thinking about writing about is indication I just don’t understand what has happened to indication In the good old days we used bite alarms and indicators to let us know when we had a bite and from that we reacted to it Now they seem to be just ornaments on the line So lets talk about how I go about my fishing in terms of indication and what rigs to use on the day Kevin Nash – Rigs and Indication I see every time I go fishing as a new situation so lets talk about how I am approaching today on the Church On arrival the first thing I noted was how sharp the wind is now and so I decided to fish on the back of it Its the first really cold wind of the year and on The Church from my observations the fish prefer to get out of the wind So I’ve decided to fish this bank which is known as the Wibble In front of me I’ve got weed beds Some nice silt gullies and some clean hard areas which I have found I know already where I am fishing my four rods The right hand one here is in the margin I had a plumb around and found a tiny hard spot amongst silkweed In a way clay pits are the easiest lakes to read because the clay is always soft unless a carp has come and cleaned it So when you cast out and feel a bump on the lead you can be fairly certain that is an area that has recently been fed on So I found a little spot amongst silkweed and I am comfortable with that It is the only rod I am going to fish with a slack line There is a massive myth in my mind about slack line fishing The further out in the lake that you are fishing a slack line the harder it will be to get good indication We did some underwater testing and I can tell you the bite indication is appalling The only time I see to fish a slack line is in a margin situation So the fish are going to be swimming left or right to this margin rod I don’t want them to come up to that rod see the line and swim up and over it and miss the bait So that’s the only rod where I have laid the line flat and slack on the bottom Because it is in the margin at short range and that fish is only going to go one way Away from me So what rig am I going to use for my margin rod? As I mentioned it is silkweed and I found a little hard spot I’m not bothered about trying to get back on that hard spot I’m sure they are browsing the whole area so to my mind its perfect for a chod rig It will just sit somewhere near that hard spot on top of the silk weed On my choddy I am fishing a Critter and lets see what happens there In fact out of all the rigs I’ve got out today that is the one I want to see roar off I’m fishing the Bug Life mix I’m really excited about this concept of a ground bait that attracts naturals which in turn attract the carp I mentioned that we did some experiments but even to me it was a real eye-opener when we did the underwater stuff That is really proof of the pudding when you have got a guy at the bottom of the lake pretending to be a carp It actually revealed some things even I didn’t even expect Indication wise he was having to move 8-10 feet away in a straight line to straighten the slack line enough to get a bleep on the Siren That stunned me that he had to move that far Left and right indication was non existent fifteen feet and still no bite Things like just lifting up the hook, rig and lead like carp do and then shake it out You wouldn’t even know you had been done you could get done twenty times a day The one that really got me was a myth about fluorocarbon I know a lot of people use it I’ve considered it myself in the past because it is so heavy It’s not good on knot strength and that’s why I have never used it and I’m glad I haven’t now because again its a myth We saw that it sunk heavy to the bottom just off the rod tip and by the rig But in between there were big coils coming up off the bottom What was interesting is it was like a spring and until you pulled those coils out you didn’t get any indication at all So taking the next rod along from the right That one is fished with a maggot rig Autumn and winter is a great time for maggot fishing I believe especially after they have been hammered all year on boiles So that is on top of a hard ridge of clay So any carp coming along should easily see them wriggling away The next rod along is just on the edge of the silt with my old favourite Blowback rig Slightly buoyant to sit on the silt and I’ve baited with the throwing stick I visualise they are going to settle down and be partly submerged in the silt but still also visual So that is why I have selected those two rigs Now again back to the big one which is indication I think how I am fishing those is popularly called semi slack with a drop on the indicator The key thing is if I get a pick up from a carp I will get quick and positive indication Again going back to the diver with weighted indicators with a bit of a drop (so called semi slack) as soon as the lead was picked up off the bottom I got a bleep on my Siren He moved forward a few inches and I was getting a bleep Left or right I was getting a bleep So I’m going to know if a carp picks up that bait My fourth rod is in a position which arguably next to slack lining is the least understood or practiced properly and that is fishing against a far margin or island Something like that where in essence your indication is going to be what is refferred to as a drop back In this case I am fishing against reeds over there Now in that situation its about having the line as tight as you can so you can register that fish swimming towards you So you need a lot of tension on your line Either a really heavy bobbin a loaded swing-type indicator This is a situation situation where I feel flying back leads really come in and its a situation where I love using them I use the heaviest one I can but I put a backstop up the line because I don’t want it to fly so far up that because of the heavy bobbin I will actually lift it off the bottom In essence I’m trying to get the line as tight as I can but still have a bit down on the bottom by the rig Rig choice in this instance is a short rig and that is because it has really been cleared out along those reeds I’m fishing on a definite area of hard bottom and baited really tightly This rod is a classic example of where good indication is needed There is a possibility that the fish could crash into the reeds and be lost so I’ve got to be on them straightaway I’ve got to know immediately if something is hooked and so I’m fishing on that rod for one bleep So there you go thats how I’m approaching this swim today I hope that I have put it across simply It’s just a question of finding the spot and deciding how best to fish it What rig for it and then the important point is how you get your presentation and indication with the bobbin and bite alarm to be as effective as possible Now I’m going to sit back and hope for a big girl to come along What a carp I’m particularly happy with this one As you can see is a very pretty fish It was caught over the Bug Life on a water boatman Critter So its a Bug Life beauty Just as the sun got up this morning at around 10.30am she roared off You don’t get much more beautiful than that That is why the Church is such a desirable fishery Well I’ve had a great session topped off by this beauty 40lb 4oz a new forty for the Church and after last year’s tragedy where I lost a few its great to see them coming back and looking in such good condition as this girl What a way to end Thanks for watching guys and girls and have a great 2014 I hope you catch the fish of your dreams

44 comments on “Carp fishing RIGS and INDICATION with Kevin Nash – Nash 2014 Carp Fishing DVD Movie

  1. As you would expect fantastic quality of video. The production of these is just staggering. Well done all.  

    Great view and well worth trying thanks Kevin

  2. He is using an inturned eye because the line is coming through from the inside not the backside………..think about it.

  3. How come These rigs were all semi-fixed, I pretty much always fish running rigs for the innate safety and the fact that all indication comes as a run ie no "drop backs". Would be nice to see the indication on a running rig!


  4. What I love about Kevin – says it as it is – If you read this Kevin – remember Townsend Hook Larkfield ( Leybourne Lake ) as you wrote about ( and pics in the book ) in Carp Fever with Roy Johnson etc – I had the privilege to be there………..Truly pioneering days ( mid 70s )   – Trevor McGregor           

  5. I have the 10ft Nash Dwarf rods, in 3lb tc. Great rods.
    Never have liked 13ft rods for course fishing.
    10ft excellent compromise.
    Also got Nash Sub-Lo carp chair, comfy.

  6. Great Video! At 6:20, when Mr. Nash is describing getting bleeps at the slightest movement, what type of mainline is used? Sinking braid?

  7. Should use Delkims mr nash. Uses vibration not need for line movement. Then you can fish very slack lines. And on fox & korda their underwater filming their flouro sinks all the way. 💪🏻

  8. The indication doesn't say much about your Sirens Kev, try the same same test with your old bullet braid and Delkims …instant indication at 70+ yards with ultra slack lines👍

  9. I honestly believe there is not another man on this planet that knows more about more about fishing and Kevin Nash maybe just as much as but not more than…lol

    u sir are the man thank u for your time

  10. 20lb line, 3 way swivel, 1/0 hook and 6 oz weight will catch hundreds of carp..certainly no need to overthink tackle or baits

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