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Carp Fishing Ultrapult Catapults

Carp Fishing Ultrapult Catapults

The key to any carp angling approach has got
to be accurate baiting. With the wrong tools you make life hard work, everything just becomes
difficult. Twisted elastics, bad consistency in application just makes your fishing hard.
That’s why we’ve introduced the new Ultrapult Catapults. They are available in two sizes.
The large frame which is 16cm across is available in two pouch sizes – a boilie and a particle
and the lovely little Mini Ultrapult 12cm across comes with the medium sized boilie
pouch. Apart from that the key features on both of them are broadly similar. Really strong
reinforced plastic frames with anti-twist attachment points for the very, very high
quality American sourced latex elastics. Good strong pouches with doubled over PVC material,
so that it gives them good longevity and even the attachment points on these really heavy
duty and really hold onto the elastic properly without degrading and popping them out. They
are at a great price point. If you need to know what that is pop onto your local retailers
website or pop into the shop and have a look and these are just by far the best catapults
Gardner’s ever made. They are as good as any catapult available and you really should go
and have a gander at them. Everything is spot on for you to get the most out of your fishing.
Getting the right tools like these are what you need to be able to fish properly.

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