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Carrie Fisher, Abortion Survivor

Carrie Fisher, Abortion Survivor

Growing up as a child
I remember having dreams Of a baby fighting in the womb And I’m 5, 6, 7 at the time
I’m having these dreams Of the baby
fighting in the womb for its life And I can literally hear the baby
Scream, and cry And this goes on for several years It’s kind of troubling to me
I don’t know whats going on And, then later on in me life A family member told me that My mother tried to kill me
And my birth father didn’t want me She felt like abortion was her only option So she actually drove,
and had the procedure Come to find out later That didn’t work
She still pregnant with me When I found out about the abortion Of course, at first you’re like
What? how do you do something like that To a kid It don’t make sense to me
I don’t get it But then you’re like ok
I love you, you know And I forgive you And I know, I know you didn’t mean it I know you love me and
Ok lets go on with our life And I’ve had people tell me Abortion was made for people like you Because you’re the way you are We don’t want to support you with our tax
dollars. That’s why they created abortion And I’m like, now wait a minute So I don’t deserve to live because
I don’t look as good as you do And you’re going to measure the quality
Of my life on how I look I said, that don’t make sense to me I am so proud of her They said when she was born You know that she would
Be this, and I said no No she won’t And she’s so strong Aw she’s totally
The way that people have treated her Even in High School, you know
Putting her in a locker And leaving her And things like that But she never came back at them But anyway, she’s got a degree in marketing She’s very, very intelegent But sometimes at night I still think You know, to find out
What horrible thing I did I’ve been forgiven
And I’ve finally forgiven myself But I still struggle you know But in the end, by Gods grace And forgiveness, I found healing And she was able to find healing Through Gods grace and forgiveness And I was able to find healing
For my emotion, from rejection And I was able to heal and move on
And go on with my life And God turned it around for good

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