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Carrie Fisher’s Legacy – Star Wars Episode 9 & Digital Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher’s Legacy – Star Wars Episode 9 & Digital Princess Leia

Whenever one of Hollywood’s stars is tragically snuffed out I’m often asked to make a video about it.

100 comments on “Carrie Fisher’s Legacy – Star Wars Episode 9 & Digital Princess Leia

  1. this is kinda upsetting. didnt like it in rogue one wont appreciate it. she just passed away by the way, so how but some respect before we start talking about what to do with her character.

  2. May the force be with you Carrie fisher and now I will say how I think her legacy of Leia will have read carefully

    Make Leia have a nice ending I want her to have her son back with her and I do not want her to die

  3. I totally agree with you, to have Princess Leia killed off between episodes would be a major disservice to her character, they need to end her story in a meaningful way

  4. Drugs and alcohol take their toll on the body long before someone decides to hang them up. It wasn't in poor taste to bring them up.

    I was wary of CG resurrection, but she deserves to have her story finished where it started. I don't want to read about the end of Leia in a novel. It wouldn't be fair to her.

  5. I think people like to pretend that once you stop or reduce drug use that you no longer have to worry about damages already done to your organs. she didn't die from a drug overdose or from alcohol poisoning, but her drug use, alcohol use, and perhaps tobacco use would've left their mark on her. She may have died later in life if she had never used those dangerous substances.

  6. I think of Star Trek Beyond and how they treated Leonard Nimoy's passing in regards to Spock Prime. I would have done nothing, but what they did do was very respectful though.

  7. They shouldn't CGI her in Episode IX. I was OK for Peter Cushing and her younger self I think, because it was just for SECONDS. Whole minutes? That's not ok, uncanny valley would kick in way too much.

  8. As a physician who specializes in cardiology, I believe your message is very important. Alcohol is toxic to heart muscle and can cause congestive heart failure; cocaine causes the coronary arteries to become blocked and can cause a true heart attack, and even sudden death. The point is that once the alcohol and cocaine have done their damage and continue to do so if the person doesn't stop, these diseases are not reversible, are permanent, and can progress. It's a reminder to all, never to even begin to ever use cocaine and to only use alcohol in a limited moderation. Thank you for that message. In addition, the rest of your video was thought provoking and a good tribute. Thank you.

  9. Totally Agree with your Comments and Ideas!
    I'd love to see Carrie Fisher finish the series even if its in digital form! She deserves nothing less ! <3

  10. She's already finished work on Episode 9. Why not hire a good actor to play Leia in 10. I suggest Michelle Fairley, who played Catlyn Stark in Game of Thrones.

  11. They can't bring someone "literaly" back to life. They can bring someone "virtually" back. I don't think they should bring her back unless there is a very good story reason to do it. If they were planning a reconciliation between Kylo Renn and Leia in episode IX, then perhaps Carrie Fisher's death has derailed the plan and they will have to re-think it. Otherwise let it be. There is a difference between bringing back a long dead actor like Peter Cushing and one who has been taken this recently. Is there any footage (I wonder)of Carrie Fisher discussing her "rôle" in Rogue One? Did she work on it? Did she do the voice?

  12. If I get rich and famous, I'm not gonna do the same mistakes as my favorite celebs who died. I'm gonna say no to the whole drugs and alcohol shit.

  13. At the end of the day if they use the aging technique sparingly enough in the beginning of IX to send her off that would be fine with me. Need to have her set in the midst of a battle and given a sendoff rather than just mentioned in the crawl.

  14. I think Peter Cushing's situation was different, due to him being gone for so long… but Carrie? No. Just. Please. God. No.

  15. They should just do like Star Trek did with Leonard Nimoy, he died in the movie and Young Spock was informed aswell and thats it…

  16. also I think they should end the character the same way they did for Paul Walker in the fast and the furious movies meaning I don't want the character to die but instead be retired

  17. If you think about it, think about how sad Luke's life will be. His aunt and uncle died, Obi wan died, Vader died Han Solo died, now his sister died.

  18. I'm a little conflicted, but I do think she deserves the epilogue she earned as that character. But, for right now, it's too soon and raw to be discussed.

  19. they need to let digital Leia finish the work. I would honestly like to see her daughter Bille be her mom's stand in for the CGI overlays for Ep. 9. or that she would give her blessing to another actress to do so.

    Grand Moff Tarkien was Very video game in Rouge One so I want them to do a practical mask and then enhance it with CGI. that would look better and be more respectful.

  20. I think it would be appropriate if, at the beginning of episode 9 in the Star Wars saga, starting with a funeral for Princess Leia and the conversations circulating around the funeral could explain how she died

  21. Well regarding Carrie Fisher's role as Princess Leah going for I'm happy to hear that she was able to finish all of her scenes for episode eight. Maybe they'll give her a Force ghost in episode nine . But whatever Kathleen Kennedy and Disney and Star Wars decide to do about Carrie Fisher character princess Leia going forward I know the honor their friend and her family.

  22. I think for Episode 9 they could deal with Carrie Fisher's passing, the same way 'Star Trek Beyond' dealt with Leonard Nimoy's passing ( which was done brilliantly ).

  23. no it needs to be much more subtle & tasteful no cgi that's disrespectful. have the rebel base or planet attacked & blown up via the first order this could lead to a scene of conflict for Kylo ren similar to the Han solo scene in tfa but with the messages revursed like rotj did with Luke

  24. Watching this now, with Debbie Reynolds passing as well, is almost too much for me to imagine. What their poor families are going through.

  25. No they should leave her alone it's kinda creepy if they bring it to life. Say that she passed between movies and a montage of her after credit

  26. She was still drinking Cola a lot. It is a product which should be consumed with extra care at her age, especially with the amount of sugar it has.

  27. That was the leadt Grace had ever talked about ANYTHING. Also guess it was within the 24 hrs before her kom died.

    I say it was prophetic. The force wills that she be used in episode 9.

  28. Past drug abuse COULD have contributed to her susceptibility to heart failure but 60 is not too young to die of natural causes. Unless a medical report cites a history of drug abuse as the leading factor, I don't think it's fair to use this situation as a warning against drug abuse. Other than that I'm glad to hear your thoughts on the future of Leia in the franchise. I too hope she gets the CGI treatment in Episode IX, but I hope her role is limited. Seeing what was possible with Rogue One was impressive, but a bit creepy at the same time.

  29. I think they should find a different actor to play the part. No one will ever replace our beloved Carrie Fisher, but we have to accept that she is gone and I’m sure that there are other good actors who could play the part. I was thinking that Pernilla August (the actress who played Shmi Skywalker) would make an excellent choice.

  30. Drugs and alcohol aren't the only factors that can contribute to a heart attack. Excessive weight gain and smoking are other factors.

  31. I think episode 9 should start out with a flashback from Ray of a rebel base being stormed by the first order and having Kylo Ren kill Leia as Ray and Finn have been left no choice but to fleet to save their own lives. So yes I think that Lucasfilm should animate her and kill her off but I also think they need to make her look a lot more realistic than she did in Rogue One.

  32. This is such a huge loss. Being a fan of the Star Wars franchise (from movies to role-playing games). I still can't believe she's gone. Yet, she's been immortalized in a way that she's not so far away as though she's still very close to our hearts. That never fades. How many amazing artist do we know of that leave such a lasting impact in our lives that they never truly leave us?

    As for CG version of Leia in Episode 9? I can see the look on everyone's faces that says, "Ummm…I don't know…" I think they should just decide to use reference with the expanded universe (the novels). Where Han and Leia had three children-All are sensitive to the force–Jacen and Jaina (identical twins) and the youngest boy, Anankin Solo. Well, they got Kylo Ren (Ben Organa Solo) so we'll see if they do work around this.

  33. I don't want to see CGI Leia, at all. She was creepy at the end of Rogue One, and the uncanny valley feeling surrounding Cushing was unbearably distracting. If you do stuff with her in Episode 9, not only will it feel weird and wrong on so many levels, but it will remove audiences from the movie. What they SHOULD do is, considering the movie is not out for almost a year, rewrite and reshoot some stuff for Episode VIII so that she needn't return for IX. Whether that be removing her entirely or rethinking sequences so she's not front and centre. Force Awakens made good use of her, and her final moments can easily be viewed as the closing of Leia's story in an organic way. Either way it's going to be slightly awkward no matter what they do, and the least painful of those options is, if she is to continue on to 9, rethink her involvement in 8. Don't CG her, please!

  34. The director of rouge one said that the animation was very hard and they didn't think they would do it again. It just seemed right for that movie.

  35. As to what to do about the Leia character, I think they should write Leia out somehow, because they have to acknowledge Carrie Fisher passing away. Probably killing her off in a way she goes out like a hero (IE commanding a battle ship, attempting to stop Kylo Ren and dying to protect Rey or something like that) makes the most sense to me. They should use as much actual video they have, using body doubles, even from cut scenes from Ep 7 that they can, and use CGI sparingly. Hard to say if this should happen in Ep 8 or 9, considering we don't know what footage they have.

  36. I don't think that it's appropriate for you to blame her death on drugs and alchohol addiction. She died from a heart attack and it is unlikely that the two were related. Unless she'd died in her 20s while doing a lot of cocaine. If you want to talk about heart disease that would be more reasonable. It can happen to anybody at any time and is the leading cause of death among women. Trying to blame her death on drug and alcohol use and using her death as a reason to lecture about it just comes across as grossly insensitive.

  37. All I know is that Luke is going to let loose the dark side of the force when he feels the loss of his sister. Just like in Return of the Jedi.

  38. That's what I thought the day she died I even know some people who would be good body doubles in the process of creating the cgi

  39. Honestly I think having something happen to her off screen would make the most sense. As long as its something that makes sense for movie making.

  40. episode 8 should focus on rey training and fighting with luke. Leia didnt really have a major role in episode 7 so i think it should be ok

  41. Really appreciate your opinions on the matter. So glad that you placed time stops in the description, was eager to listen to the Digital Leia part. Cheers.

  42. I understand you tweet on her alchohol and drug addiction and the point you made. However you have an inclination to being offended by things alot less serious than this so it comes off at least to me kind of hypocritical

  43. I'm beyond sad about Carrie. But I hope they give Leia a worthy exit, one that doesn't ruin the existing plot or the original trilogy. I don't think they should do digital Leia unless it's just a very few scenes to send her off. And if they have to recast, there is only one option: Steve Nicks. She always looked, and still looks, a helluva lot like Carrie.

  44. SPOILER WARNING if you are not caught up on Star Wars up to Rogue One you shouldn't even be reading this. Get off the Internet right now and go watch whatever you need to so you're caught up with the rest of humanity. I shouldn't even have to say this. END SPOILER WARNING

    There are many variables we don't know. What we do know is that Carrie's work on Ep8 is in the can. Unless reshoots become required, Fisher's involvement in ep8 should not be affected much by her death months after she finished principal shooting. And we the general public do not know how much she was used in ep8, so speculation on ep9 is even more circumspect this far away. We do know the people making these films are going to have to answer these questions and they are at a better vantage point because they know how ep8 ended. We do not. However, we can speculate from our vantage point and look at the options.

    Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia could have been used a lot in ep8 or not much at all. The best guess would be she was used about as much in ep8 as she was in ep7. A strong supporting character. More than a cameo, but not an awful lot of screen time objectively. Her character was not the focus. General Organa entered into the story when it was necessary for the plot, and her connection to Kylo Ren was firmly established. When they killed off Han Solo, I was suspecting they will kill off Princess Leia in ep8 and kill off Luke Skywalker in ep9. However, these deaths would happen to escalate the sense of danger looming over our principal players of Rey, Poe and Finn. These last three episodes are about them more than about the principals from eps 4-6 so it makes sense to keep Luke and Leia in the background. Yoda and Kenobi were more central figures in eps 1-3 and they had death scenes in 4-6, so it makes sense that's how they'll handle Luke and Leia here. That's the best case scenario, really. If the original intent of ep8 was to kill off Princess Leia, and Carrie Fisher got to perform Leia's death scene herself, that's ironically our best case scenario. Case closed. In fact, the marketing people behind Star Wars ep8 can play with that for effect, making ppl wonder what will happen to Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia ep9 until we see ep8 and she was always gonna die anyway.

    If Leia survives ep8 she will need to make at least an appearance in ep9 without Fisher's involvement. If Leia remained in ep8 where she was in ep7 as General Organa, giving orders from the rebel base and not venturing beyond her position, then little to no screen time is necessary. They could have emissaries simply relay information from the rebel base to our principal characters. In fact they may not have to "kill off" Leia at all in ep9. While cameo cgi appearances on screen will offend some people no matter how many millions are poured into digital effects, in small doses that's their best option – a virtual body double. In small doses, that's acceptable.

    However, had I been writing this, I would have made Princess Leia secretly Snoke in ep8, expecting her to be a key figure as the equivalent of The Emperor for ep9. To explain how would take several more paragraphs. Suffice to say, there are possible ways in which Carrie Fisher was utilized much more in ep8 and has become integral to any approach to ep9. If that happened, then you can't just write her out of ep9. You can't just cgi Leia if she becomes an integral part of the plot. More than say, ninety seconds of screen time in ep9 and we're facing the one thing no one wants to admit but I feel would be absolutely necessary. What they probably should have done with Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One. Recast the role of Princess Leia with a real live carbon based life form. I don't even want the face cgi trickery cuz you can't get the nuances of fine acting with that. It's a meaty role. Carrie Fisher made it hers, but it's wrong to say any role belongs to only one actor. You find someone equally talented who looks as much like Fisher as possible. Leia needs to be portrayed by a real person. I think even Carrie Fisher herself would accept that. The show must go on. The play's the thing. Yadda yadda yadda.

    So these are our options. Regardless how much Carrie Fisher was utilized in ep8, the show runners of ep9 will need to use Leia as little as possible. Failing that, they can go cgi if she requires 90 seconds or less of screen time. More than 90 seconds and the producers really need to just recast the role. I'm sure there are hundreds of women in Hollywood right now who would jump at the opportunity… heh. Is Meryl Streep available? If anyone could pull this off, it'd be her.

  45. Don't you think it'd be more respectful of her autonomy as an actress to have her last on-screen presence be in episode 8 (non-digitally)?

    I suspect this is what they'll do…

  46. So you're saying casting a cocaine-addicted geriatric who hasn't acted in years as one of your main characters is a bad thing now?

  47. She should only be revived in one Star Wars movie to finish the storyline. No more than that. If they do more it will seem very tacky and will not go over well.

  48. I think we should remember the good people in honor what they have done in this world and what good things they have left for us and generations after us.
    Everyone can make mistakes in life.
    We all are humans!!
    Most we really point out every time that someone had a drugs/drinking/sex problem in his/her life?
    When they die its all in the past.
    I am sure that we want to remember our own Family member(s) in their good days too!
    Or am i wrong?

  49. Too bad the writers didn't give Leia a daughter to follow in her footsteps, but just gave her an evil force using son.

  50. Best guess: Leia dies between Episodes VIII and IX then is brought back as a CGI apparition like Obi Wan Kenobi in Episodes V and VI

  51. I am sad Carrie fisher died.  however she can be replaced another actress in future star Wars Films as also Han Solo can be brought back to life saved by a safety tractor beam that was in the site's pit where he fell & sent immediately to a hospital ship orbiting the Planet super weapon. Han can be played by another actor. Superman has been played by many actors so can Han, ,Leia, or even Luke Skywalker

  52. MY EX GIRLFRIEND 😫😥 Rest in peace Princess Leia😑🙏 you had so much potential that you accomplish! Really Sad

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