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Carrie Fishing for Answers with Carrie Fisher

>>We are back with the wonderful Carrie Fisher, and we’re gonna try a new
segment called Carrie Fishing for Answers.>>[LAUGH]
>>And so it works out that you’re here, cuz that’s the name of the segment and
you just happen to be here today.>>That’s a fresh one.>>All right, so
we’ll take some questions. Danielle Mitchell,
where’s Danielle Mitchell? Hi.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hi.>>What is your question for Carrie?>>So, my question is I’ve been single for
almost five years and I just wanted some advice on how to
get my family to stop pitying me.>>[LAUGH]
>>Stop pitying you?>>Yeah.>>Start dating.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>They might pity you in another way then,
though.>>Yeah, and you’re not dating, are you?>>Not that I know of.>>Okay.
>>[LAUGH]>>Casey, where’s Casey Price?>>Hi.
>>Hi, Casey.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What’s your question?>>I’ve recently turned 30. I know, it’s a big year. I was wondering what advice would
you give to your 30-year-old self?>>Don’t do anything
you’re thinking of doing.>>[LAUGH]
>>Just don’t do it.>>[LAUGH]
>>And don’t talk about it either.>>[LAUGH]
>>Don’t tell people everything.>>[LAUGH]
>>Don’t write a book about it.>>[LAUGH]
>>Don’t do that, yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>It will upset people and.>>[APPLAUSE].>>Liane Ericson where are you? Hi Liane
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Okay so my question is, is it possible to find
love again after 60?>>I just turned 60 so
I’m gonna have to get back to you.>>[LAUGH]
[APPLAUSE]>>But it seems not unlikely, but kind of ironic. No that’s the wrong word. It just seems like one of those things,
those stories they put online. They fell in love after 60 and you know,
she is wearing a wedding dress, it looks awful in it.>>[LAUGH]
>>So I wouldn’t recommend, you can fall in love but don’t get married because
the wedding dress looks really bad.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s a good idea. Find love and don’t get married.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you.>>I would say, you can find love at any
age, any time and don’t ever give up. And there’s all kind of people
out there that are looking for the same thing you are, I’m sure. The Princess Diarist is out in stores
now and we will be right back. Carrie Fisher.>>[APPLAUSE]

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