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Carrie Underwood’s Marriage Is Pretty Weird

Carrie Underwood’s Marriage Is Pretty Weird

Country music sweetheart Carrie Underwood
and former NHL star Mike Fisher tied the knot in 2010. But while their nuptials seemed to mark the
beginning of a storybook romance, their marriage has proved to be anything but conventional. We had an inkling this couple’s marriage would
be odd the second details emerged. “At first it was weird, like, I can’t believe
I’m married, and sometimes I still have those moments where I can’t believe I’m married.” People reported the bride and groom said their
“I do’s” at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Georgia. And when Underwood’s nerves got the best of
her, she got some peculiar advice, remembering, “My sister told me if I feel like tearing
up, say the ‘Pledge of Allegiance.’ I must have said it 20 times that night!” Of course while Underwood was having her freakout
moment before the ceremony, Fisher was out playing golf with his groomsmen. And as the officiant pronounced them husband
and wife, there was one guest who objected: Underwood’s pooch Ace, who started barking
at the bride and groom. Fisher remembered, “We were laughing, everyone was laughing,
and Ace was barking.” After almost five years of marriage, the couple
welcomed their son, Isaiah, in 2015. After their bundle of joy arrived, Underwood
gave an interview to E! News, and when asked if she and Fisher were still “honeymooning”
years after their walk down the aisle, she didn’t pull any punches. She said, “No! We have a kid. That went out the door with the poopy diapers. I think that’s when the honeymoon phase, if
it hasn’t ended already, that’s when it officially ends, when you have a child.” “But it’s just this whole other giant thing
to deal with.” But for those who were raising their eyebrows,
Underwood assured her fans there was absolutely no trouble in paradise, adding, “We’re still very much in love, a very deep
love but it’s just different. It morphs a bit.” “But your marriage does change a lot when
you have a baby. There’s this whole other dynamic.” They say that opposites attract, and that
old adage proves true for this pair. Underwood revealed via The Christian Post
that their biggest difference is that she’s an animal lover and Fisher is an avid hunter. Underwood explained that it was initially
challenging for the pair to find common ground. She felt, quote, “passionately about animals,”
while Fisher felt, quote, “more connected to God while out in the woods.” To make things even trickier, Underwood is
also vegan. “I’m mostly vegan, but sometimes cheese-” “Yes!” “-is a problem, and it’s a problem.” So the country singer and her outdoorsy hubby
decided to compromise. They agreed to avoid meat from, quote, “large-scale
farms” and to only serve meat that Fisher had killed. The couple has even learned to poke fun at
their differences, judging by this 2017 Halloween Instagram post! Underwood headed out on the road in 2019 to
embark on a 60-date tour. Luckily for her, she was able to bring her
entire immediate family with her, including her husband and their kids, Isaiah and baby
Jacob. “I’m dealing with, you know, a four year old
and a three month old and kind of trying to juggle life, so a lot of other people have
really stepped up.” The “Love Wins” singer told The Guardian that
most nights, she has had to deal with a fussy baby, since her son Jacob was born in January
2019. “Going out on the road with a three-month-old,
I’m tired.” We can imagine tending to a small child onboard
a tour bus can be challenging, but Underwood found the perfect solution to nighttime feedings. She said, “I actually kicked my husband out of the bed
and he sleeps on the couch up front. It’s just a lot easier to wake up in a moving
bus and grab the baby and feed him.” “The last thing I do before I go to bed, guess
it’d be kiss my husband if he’s there.” This sleeping arrangement must be tough to
deal with, some nights, but bravo to these two for making it work! As an ice hockey player, Fisher’s schedule
required him to go on the road on his quest to snag a Stanley Cup. “I’d get the question, ‘Hey, what do you wanna
be when you grow up?’ And it was an NHL hockey player. That’s all I wanted to do.” But with Underwood also slammed with a touring
schedule of her own, this meant the couple spent a lot of time apart. Although she told The Guardian that she loves
being alone, a source told InTouch that the singer was in dire need of more quality time,
dishing, “They’ve only been on a couple of vacations
together in the seven years they’ve been married.” Fisher retired from the NHL in 2017, only
to turn around and rejoin his old team, the Nashville Predators, in 2018 in an attempt
to help them reach the playoffs. “It’s been hard with our schedules, and, you
know, just not being able to see Carrie and Isaiah that much, especially when they’re
on tour.” The insider also snitched, “[Mike’s] decision put a huge strain on their
marriage. If Carrie and Mike continue to grow apart,
it will surely end in divorce for them. And that would be heartbreaking.” But another source told Us Weekly it was actually
Underwood who encouraged Fisher to pick up his hockey stick after he reportedly missed
being out on the ice. The source revealed, “He asked for her blessing and totally got
it. She’s behind him with whatever he chooses
to do.” “Gooooooal!” Fisher’s return to the ice didn’t last long,
though, and he retired for a second time after 18 seasons in May 2018. Hopefully this retirement is a sign Underwood
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  1. In the title u said “carrie underwood’s marriage is pretty weird” but i see a perfect & healthy marriage. This is how marriage works, it may last or may not in the future but this kind of obstacle creates a strong relationship.

  2. Their marriage is the epitome of compromise.

    But hey! This channel's better than watching @The Talko, I guess!

  3. What a beautiful couple! I would suggest an update to this title “Carrie Underwood’s Marriage is pretty great”

  4. My girlfriend's granddaughter looks "exactly" like Carrie but with bigger boobs. She washes her car in her bikini.

  5. Literally nothing you brought up was “weird.” Everything was perfectly normal, boring marriage stuff. Having opposite interests, normal. Jitters on your wedding day, normal. Thing changing after a baby?? I mean, come on.

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