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Carving a Wooden Brook Trout

Carving a Wooden Brook Trout

“I’ve had this piece of Box Elder wood curing
out in the woodshed for a couple of years.” “It’s just begging to be turned into a life-sized
Brook Trout.” “The carving is pretty well roughed out, now.” “I’ve got some work to do in the office today.” “I need to get these logs peeled for future
walking stick material. ” “It will take a couple of years before they
will be ready to carve.” “I like having wild critters around. So I try to keep some bird seed in the feeder
for them.” “It’s hard to explain how much satisfaction
I get from carving fish.” “I really enjoy every phase of the process.” Especially the challenge of carving the fins and all, from a single piece of wood.”

100 comments on “Carving a Wooden Brook Trout

  1. Awesome simply awesome do you carve trophies caught a 29 inch cutthroat and would love for you to do me one of him sir. Once again you got the touch.

  2. Catch these up in Canada on the God's River. Most beautiful fish I ever caught. 4-6 lbs. Awesome reproduction. From Texas…

  3. Salute ur passion on this art work sir, u r amazing, watch every carving videos that u post…..superb, wish i have a father or grandpa like u to teach me on this carving……all the best

  4. This guys got a serious talent, I was shocked when I saw his rattle snake walking stick, all of his work is bloody amazing

  5. What breed is pearl? My dog looks like a carbon copy of her, could've sworn you stole him. Lol. he was a rescue so we have no idea what breed he is… Also – really really enjoy your content… I watch it when I'm sculpting in my office – very inspiring..

  6. This channel has won over my heart in 1 video and i am so okay with that. I hope you have everything you could ever want/need Mr Stinnet. If you dont, tell me and i will happily oblige. Best Wishes.

  7. I totally envy your lifestyle sir…I was born and raised in NY and that nice quiet modest country lifestyle is so peaceful…add your talent to that…you are blessed sir…I'm hooked on your videos..Great job!

  8. Waw just discovered you, been mesmerised watching your videos, your work is sublime, I've never been hypnotised but it can't be far off from watching you work

  9. Beautiful, I would carry that everywhere, and take pictures with it every time I got skunked lol looks real enough

  10. I'd love to create an Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, Roe Buck, and a Red Stag for my Dad. Those animals define my childhood and encapsulate the time I spent with my father growing up, learning to fish and hunt. Saving for my own home at the moment. Then I will have my own shed to work in 😁
    Your very talented my friend your work is inspiring.

  11. Великолепная работа! Восхищен Вашим творчеством. Смотрел все Ваши видео с большим удовольствием. Желаю Вашему каналу процветания, а Вам здоровья и новых творческих побед!

  12. 개인적인 관점으로 봤을때 님은 유튜버중에 최고의 예술가이며 장인입니다 .대단하세요!!!!!

  13. You are someone like me. Appreciative of the outdoors and the things that live in it. Keep doing these videos, they are awsome!!!!!!! Subscribed to you!

  14. You have a gift from God if I wasn't on soc.sec. I'd try to buy any of your work I could get my hands on. You are incredible

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