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Cast of Netflix’s ‘The Politician’ Play Fishing for Answers! | THR

– Well hello there. (laughs) We’re the cast of The Politician and we’re gonna play Fishing for Answers. (upbeat music) – [Ben] The way I handled a
crush in high school was… my guess was probably
that you were probably mostly on the other side of that? – No I don’t think so. I
didn’t really come into my own until later in high school.
I was kind of a late bloomer. I mean we would always
sort of like hang out near the boy’s schools and
try to find the cute boys but, it really just became more of like a big inner school party kind of a vibe. – Well there was basically like four dudes who liked dudes and we
all just kinda took turns dating each other because
you’re there for four years and it gets boring and so
at one point or another we all had feelings for each other. (upbeat music) My high school prom experience was… I went with my best friend in
the world, Beanie Feldstein, and we went with a bunch of
friends and our prom photo was both of us doing like
the Evita arms together. My best friend, Max, was prom king. Got really drunk, and that’s it. – I love it! – So do I. – [Zoey] The clique I’m glad I wasn’t in, in high school is blank. – I went to all girls, we
didn’t have cliques really. – You didn’t?
– No. – I went to all girls
and we specifically did. – [Gwyneth] Really? – Because it was all girls. – [Ben] So what was your clique? – [Lucy] I guess ours
was like an amalgamation of people, the laugh jokers. – I went to an art’s high
school where it felt like – You were all one clique. – No it was all so
stereotypical. It was like Fame. It was so spot on. The visual
arts kids were all druggies. The theater kids were all
like crying in the bathroom. And the dancers were like, “oh I’ll have three
piece of seaweed today, and half a diet coke”.
Maybe that was the clique I shouldn’t of hung out
with for like a little. – What was your clique in high school? – Theater kids, and I was
very glad to be in it, and I’m still, those are
all my best friends still. Beanie, and Molly, and all of them. We all did all the musicals together. – The film I can quotes endlessly is… – Anchorman! – Yes. – [Zoey] “Milk was a bad choice”. – [Lucy] Anchorman, Bridesmaids,
Love Actually, classy. – [Zoey] Zoolander. – [Ben] “You should keep this open ’cause Civil Rights. This is the nineties.” – This is really where the generation gap is coming out.
– What’s yours? – Mine are like the movies
that her parents made. Like, you know, like that era. Sixteen Candles, Weird
Science, Breakfast Club. – Okay when I was a teenager,
I got in trouble for… God, sorry mom. – What didn’t I get in trouble for? (Ben laughs) – [Gwyneth] The best part
of this is like you guys are so close as to living
at home that you care what your Moms might
think if you see this. I’m like four hundred years old, so my teenage years
– [Ben] My parents know everything.
– Are so long ago. – [Ben] One time I was driving to school and I just got my license that week, and I hit the mirror off of a parked car. And I was like “oh crap”, so I pulled over to go into the house of
the person to apologize, and it was my driving
teacher who had taught me how to drive
– No come on. – And he goes “oh I see
you got your license”. – This was, I really paid the price for it – I took a water bottle
– I like where this is going – And I took a little
bit of alcohol from every type of alcohol in the
cabinet, because I was like if I just take a little
they’re not gonna know. But, we’re talking like Godiva liquor from like 2001.
– Oh my god – And I put a little bit of each – All in the same bottle. – Uh-huh. – [Gwyneth] And you drank it? – And it really explains
a lot about my personality and the brain damage I permanently have. (laughs) – [Lucy] It all started that. – I just want to thank you all for being here in this therapy session. – Thanks THR. (laughing)

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