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Casting a spinning reel (spouse training 101) – Florida Fish Hunter

Casting a spinning reel (spouse training 101) – Florida Fish Hunter

can i cast one? huh.. you want to cast one? yeah what you want to do is picture yeah like
that’s how you hold the rod okay now this finger you always line this stuff like that
take this finger and you’re going to grab the line you’re going to hold it
there all right then you open the bail okay so as you get to that position you
want to let it go you let your finger go when you’re swinging it and that will
cast so just aim where you want to go yeah kind of like launch it oh are
your left hand try to do it this way here keep your hand right there keep it there now here straighten out your line close this alright no you can let it go but just kind of keep it
taut so alright go ahead bring in it like what you first need to do is learn to
cast keep going something had it well something jumped right there where? right over there see it? alright now stop leave yourself about that much and do it again doing good – no no – either just do that make sure okay yeah the best thing to do is to keep
this between these two fingers right do it good like that okay and then this you
don’t have to bring it like all the way up there you can just is just to support
the line so you can like support it like right there the way to the lure yeah
okay and then when you swing right you swing like just right about there when
you let it go and just kind of like pointing in the direction that you want
to you want it to go right cuz if you just lead over there then it’s gonna go over there you see what I’m saying so just aim for a spot like that? always make sure its umm then you just hold your finger no you’re good you don’t need to hold on to anything just hold on to the rod stop
I just move this to where it lines up there grab it with your finger go ahead and pull it back and then… now remember straight… okay here I want you to watch me okay see
right okay so i know i got it there nothing’s
tangled up front right right now when you throw you want to point it where you
want to go and let it go right at the right time okay okay and then what I do
is I kind of like stick my finger out to stop this from keep going out and then I
close this let the line get a little taught and then I just now move this to where that line is right
there yeah so I guess not… okay reel it okay stop. yeah now… too fast right? now listen see how you’re bringing it too far forward reel it right about there until its even then
you open it right now go ahead now just be ready to let it go
when you want it to okay okay see and then what I do is when this is like
this alright as soon as you finish casting out just stick your finger right there and
stop that line you see what I’m saying? that’s why you want this in a
position like right around there and then you just go ahead and grab the line
yeah and then when after you throw then you just so… cause if not you get tangled
big tangles okay bring it in but you see how you got to throw it with force the lure is not very heavy so you have to… yeah… you got stuck here okay now at least stop it right around there stop it right there grab it now open it now get ready to throw with some force
and when you want ready let it go let it go okay now see when you gotta concentrate
here and not move this because then you got it all you know out of position okay now what me do it again but I want
you to watch me here don’t look at the rod look at what I do here come right
here so you can see me okay now just watch what I do here you see
how I got it opened over here ya see don’t touch it I look as soon as it hits
the water I stop it and then I close that right and then I bring it in i’ll do it again watch once you’ll get to do this without even thinking you know
okay so I stopped it there right you can hold the whole thing so it doesn’t keep
going on you because they don’t have reverse all right then I grab it okay
see how I hold it right on the edge back it’s not … yeah it popped up there… you see what I’m talking about? now watch my hand on the reel I see it… I know watch my hand on the reel… okay I’ll see when they move it kind of
blocks me yeah but still like stick my finger in stop it when you go to throw
it don’t stop up here like pointing to the Sun point it to where you want it to
go when you let it go yeah here get it ready again okay concentrate
what you doing okay you let it go on and you’re ready…
all that it depends when you let it go okay so we let it go later so you gotta bring it in… i knew that… let it go later than you think you need
to let it go and you close it alright you’re good to go now is that better? when you hold it there just go like this
with a rod so that way it will pick up the slack of the line see how it
straighten it out because it’s out there I’m trying to concentrate and pointing it that way yeah the the whole thing is learning how to
cast once you learn how to cast the rest is easy… wow… good? yeah right here… now you know why my arm will
hurt after so many hours

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