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Castor Oil: for Cataracts

Castor Oil: for Cataracts

How to use castor oil to get rid of cataracts. 1. The eyes are some of the most important organs
in the human body, giving us sight to enjoy all of the images and colours that the world
has to offer. Cataracts can be very uncomfortable for people,
as the eyes become cloudy, and their vision becomes impaired. This affects many people over the age of 65,
but can also happen at any age. 2. Cataracts can be brought on by old age, vitamin
deficiencies, diabetes, other eye conditions or prolonged use of corticosteroid drugs. 3. The good news is that castor oil is a very
old natural remedy which can treat the eyes are get rid of cataracts over time. 4. Castor oil is incredibly rich in antioxidants,
especially vitamin E and vitamin C. People all around the world have used this to heal
cataracts and other eye conditions. 5. To follow this treatment you must use Pure
Cold Pressed USP Grade Castor Oil, which is hexane free. It is very important that you only ever use
pharmaceutical grade oil as this doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. You will also need an eye dropper bottle. 6. Place 2 drops of the oil into each eye before
bed. This works as an ointment, and makes the vision
blurry for a short period of time, which is why it is best to do this at night. One treatment per day is all that is needed. 7. The rich antioxidants help to fight free radical
damage in the eyes, allowing them to heal naturally. This process takes between 1-6 months depending
on how damaged the eyes are. 8. This treatment also gets rid of dry eyes,
and helps to boost tear production over time, leaving you with healthy bright eyes. 9. Many doctors now believe that free radicals
are the main cause of cataracts and glaucoma, which is why you should have plenty of antioxidants
in your diet to destroy these harmful molecules. 10. We also recommend drinking fresh coconut water
daily during this treatment. The minerals within this liquid help the proteins
within the lens of the eyes to relax. 11. Castor oil has a great range of other health
benefits. To learn more about this or other natural
remedies for the eyes, please see our other videos. Thank you very much for listening, a like
is always appreciated and remember to subscribe for more healthy videos. I wish you great health, wealth and happiness.

25 comments on “Castor Oil: for Cataracts

  1. How can supply the ''Castor oil eye drop'' ? Please publish the name and address or telephone  number. Thank you.

  2. Checked with my eye doctor who told me there is no way castor oil can do anything for a cataract since the cataract is inside the eye. :et me know if you know otherwise.
    cf. my youtube: The Art of Men Acting

  3. is it still any good for people's eyes that have had already done their cataract surgery years ago? .I need your respond ..pls…..

  4. Hi I live in Brazil and I need more information, how to buy and where to buy in US the Castor Oil for cataracts treatment

  5. I found out in December 2016 I have a cataract in my left eye with the right eye showing signs of developing one. This past April I began this treatment and have done it religiously every night. I have seen ZERO improvement. My vision has only gotten worse. Disappointed to say the least. Just FYI.

  6. hey I found 2 different brands on amazon, both are hexane free, cold pressed organic castor oil. What I like about these 2 brands is they both have tops with dropper, so its easy to put a small drop in my eye. One is $9 and is 1 ounce: the other is $14 and is 4 ounces: Let me know if anyone has used any of these two brands. they both have good reviews, but as you know not all reviews on amazon are real. any feedback is appreciated. thanks

  7. I have cataracts in both eyes. I am trying weekly acupuncture and daily acupressure to increase "qi" circulation. Will try antioxidants and eye nutrients including wild sockeye salmon (or astaxanthin supplement), kale, spinach, carrot, various berries, fruits, and veggies. My chronic asthma was healed by acupuncture within 10 visits. When I was a kid, my neighbor's rare and incurable illness was healed by a variety of fruits and veggies. I believe mother nature has cures for most illnesses. Not comfortable with any eye drop yet as any damage could be irreversible. If my pets develops cataract I might try (in the order of) CAN-C, Cineraria, pharmaceutical grade castor oil, and eyebright. Always try one eye first.

  8. I’ve tried it twice thus far and each time my eyes turns into a complete nightmare the following day. I do suffer from dry eyes and cataracts in my left eye. I’ve tried just about everything to overcome the blurriness the following day, but nothing seems to help. My eyes would feel incredibly dirty and even though I try and clean it with sterile water and artificial tear drops, it doesn’t help. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

  9. I wish I knew about Castor oil in early 1990s when I suffered cataract in my left eye and I had op in 1996 but op ruined my eye and now I'm using castor oil on my right eye as I've got early stage cataract so I believe it will get rid of this horrible cataract. Bilberry a lot of it will help too. People should never suffer bad eye conditions.

  10. I know a girl whose father had operated just an eye. Than he started using cineraria maritime drops and there was no need to operate the other one. Isn't that fantastic?

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