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Cat eats tuna first time

Cat eats tuna first time

OMG look at this!! I gotta get a closer look Dadda This is insane! It’s huge. I’ll lick it first, oh yeah! Nom, nom, nom Oh wow it’s big and I have a little mouth! I’ll open big! Yeah, let’s just put on the floor so I can get better traccc-tion. Don’t get away from me! My paw is gonna help Thank you to my staff for removing my bowl so you can feast your eyes on my beautifulness! You are tough cookie but I’ll reign in with me paw. Oh yeah! I got your know, you are mine! I attacc I just gotta check there are no other cats to steal this magnificent fish I missed this little bit but I got it now I heard a noise did you hear that? Ima gonna attack it from the side I definetelty heard a noise. WHO”S AFTER MY FISH It was the help! … Back to eating nom, nom, nom… Seriously my staff needs to stop making such a raquet! Imma trying to eat! Dad really, you are harshing my buzz! I’m not in the mood anymore. Are you happy, now?! Ok, fine if you put it back in the bowl, I’ll give it another try… nom, nom Good job to my staff you sliced it for me. Remind me not to leave chocolate on your pillow tonite I’m still not a fan of this plate business! But this thing on the floor is delicioso! Dad are you making noise again? Can a cat eat in peace?! nom, nom, nom, oh you fell off. Let me get you back in my mouth! I scratchcc! Let me see what I want to do now….hmm nap, licking… ok back to eating!!! Ok Human, I’m temporarily happy. I’m a cat so I will change my mind very soon. Right now you get an A in service. No more floor tuna?! Human no! No petting. I told you I was temporarily happy. No more happy. Back to my lair for a well deserved cleaning and a nap. Night, night!

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  1. Что из этого попробует ваш кот? Очень люблю играть с моим котом предлагая ему всякую всячину…
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  2. Marat, I submitted some captions for Perseus's internal dialogue. I hope you find them funny and publish them so other people can laugh too. This is my little contribution to a very special cat and owner. xoxo

  3. Было приятно добавить к этому видео субтитры из Персей. Вы должны сделать это в будущих видео.

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