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Catch And Cook Alewife Fish, Episode ZERO, State of Maine Wilderness Living Challenge

Catch And Cook Alewife Fish, Episode ZERO, State of Maine Wilderness Living Challenge

100 comments on “Catch And Cook Alewife Fish, Episode ZERO, State of Maine Wilderness Living Challenge

  1. Good stuff – I guess Woodbeard is gonna have to learn not to call turkeys with a Canadian accent 🙂

  2. To heck with shopping at the anti 2A Dicks. Should have gone to cabellas, bass pro, or scheels. Good looking dinner. (Yeti is anti 2a too)

  3. I’m looking forward to it. May need to watch both perspectives this time.

    But I can’t support that store. Not today, not ever. Anti sportsman, anti Firearms, anti outdoors. With the announcement that they will be removing all firearms, shells, and most hunting equipment from their inventories that will seal the deal.

  4. Never, never, never Dick's Sporting Goods and anti-gun Inc. Cabela's, Bass-Pro, even Walmart, but Never Dick's.

  5. Tnx god its another wilderness challenge, although its not a 30 day challenge like the texas episodes, but its better than nothing, i hope there are more like this in the future. Good luck, god bless and happy hunting! 😁😁😎😎

  6. Try brining them for 24 hours at least. I believe it helps to soften smaller bones before cooking. Works on smelt

  7. Did you remember to dig an air tunnel to the fire pit in your 87 Days hut??

     You were talking about doing that on the Solo Overnight episode (number 25).

  8. You should go to plockton in Scotland there’s loads of wildlife only saying this because I just came back from there today 🙂 anyway there’s crabs fish and other things

  9. God bless you. I love the content you're putting out. I just want to commend you for shining God's light!

  10. Just liked and subscribed love your videos dude i live in england but i have family in the states and me and my great grandpa who fought in ww2 watch your videos and he goes fishing and deer hunting with me in oregon keep up the good work dude great vid

  11. I baked a couple alewives that I caught a few years ago. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks they're terrible. I ground up the other 10 or so that I netted and put them in the garden. At least they didn't go to waste.
    Maybe try pickling them.

  12. Lmatfooooooo that is too funny sitting in the truck calling turkeys I'm over here dying laughing I'm going to get me a few of those and other callers and get on my truck loudspeaker and see if any Hunters on the road can recognize the calling have a little fun on the road

  13. That's so awesome! You guys were in my hometown of Augusta Maine! We could of met you! Good luck on your challenge boys!

  14. Please don’t go to Dicks anymore. They do not respect gun rights or hunters. They’re for soccer moms and yoga yuppies. If you have any other choice go there.

  15. You flew a drone in with a 50cal. gas assisted crossbow i seen it joe and i know your 5 feet away from me booo thats my Gorka 3bar.

  16. thumbs up for your prayer! If you are fishing, this is obligate. I remember Alewife to have a lot of bones. Greets from germany

  17. AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!ABSOLUTELY LOVE these wilderness living challenges and with you two as the star of the series just makes it soo much better! Thank you guys for sharing the experience with us. GOD BLESS both of you and much success on this series🙏🙏🙏

  18. Huh, odd I started watching the video and got to where you were going to Dick's, I figured you were going in to get a golf club to harvest mushrooms, or a nice pair of spandex to mechanically filter water..

  19. ok I have to give you a hard time really you say you live in maine but you would not go in the water with the dip net

  20. I subscribe both of them and i dont know which channel when the thumbnail shows since they are look alike…

  21. Excellent video brotha! I love watching you two together especially when you banter back and forth!!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. From Mainer to Mainer zach i cannot stress enough that beardsman needs to try moxie @Folwler's Makery and Mischief

  23. The only way I've seen alewives eaten is after they were smoked as a snack. People buy them smoked
    and then put them in a small paper bag and put them in the oven for an hour. The bones get all cooked up
    so you can eat a good bit of the fish, but they still are a pain in the a__. Good smokey taste however. I live in Nobleboro
    and all the widows in town have a 2 bushel allocation of alewives, by law, every year. Most give their allocation
    to lobster fisherman they know for bait. You'd be better off looking for a good sucker run somewhere. They are
    tasty in the Spring when the water is cold.

  24. I have the History channel app and can watch any episode. So, I watched Alone , season 3, Episode 10, day 78, I think, it was the last episode. 3 remaining, Carleigh age 29, she was one tough girl! Had a really nice shelter. Lost a lot of weight, thinking of family. Megan, age 41, British Columbia, Canada, she was very smart, really knew her plants. Had a tooth ache, also thinking of family. Fowler age 36, Appleton Maine. Making faces into the camera, cutting bambo sticks.
    Megan tapped out, don't recall the exact day, maybe day 78 or 80.
    Day 86 I think down to two, Carleigh and Fowler, medical check up. Both had lost substantial weight. The medical team pulled Carleigh. She was very emotional, obviously. I always thought Alone should pay out more than the winner. Maybe to the last 3, or at least the last two. 2'nd place should get something, maybe $50,000.
    Day 87
    Fowler worked on a yarn thing for Jami. He talks about missing his girls so much. Said he always wanted a family. Jami walks up behind Fowler. Naturally he's overcome with emotions and breaks down, hugging Jami. They ride out in the boat, then a helicopter, enjoying how beautiful Patagonia is, such beautiful country. Then it shows Fowler returning home. Finally gets to see his two beautiful little girls. Talks about how evrything will be much better now for his family, buying a home, and never leaving his family again.
    I can watch any episode of Alone with the History channel app. Great job Fowler!

  25. We get Alewife up here in NB Canada but we call em Gaspereau .I find the best way to eat them is to jar them with onions it breaks down the bones or brine/smoke them.

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