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Catch and Cook Cheesy Fish Fingers Venice Beach Pier Fishing Report California Food 4 Less EP.394

Catch and Cook Cheesy Fish Fingers Venice Beach Pier Fishing Report California Food 4 Less EP.394

hey everyone it’s Andy here and he’s
fishing here I’m in California Venice Beach to be exact
near LA and that’s my hotel back there I’m doing this round-the-world trip
sponsored by the Queensland Government and there’s part of the the trip I need
to go to LA to the YouTube space which I’ve done was interesting shame that
were renovating and only got to do one one quick course but that leaves me time
to go fishing so I’m heading out to the the pier here yesterday because the
course is only really short like there’s four hours out of a you know full day I
walked around a fair bit I walked north I walked South I walked in land
I checked out canals I checked out the jetty and the place to be fishing is the
Venice Beach Pier it’s yeah we’re getting a lot of little Mackerel yesterday
I cut lava fish saw some signs that here you shouldn’t be eating some of these
fish so yeah but I think the mackerel are okay I talked to a guy we’re getting
that a bit later on anyway a.m. and check this yeah this is the famous
Muscle Beach on Venice Beach during the day doesn’t even look like the movies
nothing looks like the movies there’s actually quite a few homeless people
here and they have a little subculture and it’s quite interesting to watch they
interact with the other people you know the people who have jobs and stuff and
everyone seems to get by okay so Ivan felt threatened or anything which is
really cool mate it’s the jetty some just after 6:30 Suns sun’s about to come
up over here see what breakfast
nana from breakfast I don’t have a cook breakfast right I’ll do an interesting
day I’m going to try and catch a couple of fish to our lunch meet some locals
and just experience some the Venice pier they’re really nice morning quite cold
right I challenge myself to catch one on a
mini jig like a little little grub wormy thing yesterday when I saw them catching
fish that was all on bait everyone who had bait I was using anything else no
jigs or anything if they did have a jig they put bait on the jig so the instinct
I like to challenge myself I’ll give this an arrow so if it doesn’t
work well I’m borrow some bait hopefully if this is someone that is kind enough
to lend me a a cube of meat and then I should be on my way after that because
if I am catch a fish then I can use it for bait so I’m just casting that little jig out
left and right there you go pretty much to the bottom and then yeah just
twitching it up so find nothing see we noticed a few people over here and
getting fish so Mike can move between two of them OOP he’s on again excuse me
again no worries you don’t literally just got a fish now
see what machine do you mind if I just film that quickly just the fish yeah so
that’s what we’re after little little macro cool thank you for
that so I’ve just got a couple of bits of
bait and he just got another one and he said they’re down the bottom one of
these guys are using jigs and if you watch the position that the fish is on
the jig will tell you how deep in the waters out and yeah that’s on the bottom
jig so I’m gonna go all the way at the bottom of these there we go we have one thank you I’m gonna give this fish to
them you got over there okay someone’s nice to you you’re nice today you have to get some for me that was a
thank you now I need my lunch this is one of the busiest fishing piers in
America actually oh yeah I read that somewhere and it’s in a in a really cool
place started to think I shouldn’t have even that official I should have eaten
it I’ve got I’ve got a fair bit of time today so good all day well they nibbled on my bait off it’s
just literally just a little jig hook with a strip of mackerel on it until I’m
using try again and they were those Mackerel it’s odd
though it’s just nipping off the bits of meat so then they’re pretty switched on
here there we go that could be it’s a bit
small for lunch but yeah now we’ll keep this one for bite they get smaller on a bigger one so what I’m doing that no one else is
doing is I’m throwing a little bit I cubed every 20-30 seconds and that seems
to bring them around thank you and my friend is quite happy that I’m
giving him fish I don’t really want one this big well you know this big I want
one about this big or a couple for lunch they’re around same if it to Philip you
guys will have a bigger biggest with a couple bunny get some more light
on I’m saying that couple fishermen around
but these losses know much hopefully so as I was walking out here I noticed a
couple of science poisonous fish talk to a guy yesterday actually there’s some
PCB and DDT in the water here DDT is chemical for fertilizers pesticides and
PCB isn’t the drug that people take it’s apparently was used to make transformers
and then leaked into the ocean here and this area is really quite toxic so that
fish you see in the chart here or the the sign
definitely don’t eat those either the mackerel they’re okay to eat but you’ve
got to be careful the teeth the insides and the skin I did a bit of research as
well alright I decided I was going to come in here in any couple just um we
should look after environment better a big piece of bait yeah now I’m giving other people bait I’ve got enough for lunch now let’s have
a look huh I heard that seal somewhere over here oh there he is
no oh nice to see you Oh am I going to eat you vicious they
have a cool color though that green color thank you sir
I’m going to cut a piece for lunch I’m gonna head back to the hotel wherever is
over there somewhere that was cool met some interesting people but yeah check
out the recipe or how I’m going to cook this fish up
it’s yeah pretty interesting I have to show you something before we cook that
fish up for lunch this is where I’m staying right in the middle of Venice
Beach that’s the actual Venice Beach Boardwalk
long-wear Muscle Beach is right over there and then you’ve got the the jetty
– Wow often the distance over that way so pretty cool there’s always something
going on here but the physical thing is this is very quiet at night so even
though I’m right in the middle of Venice Beach sleeping great that’s cool anyway
let’s go downstairs and cook this fish up that’s not used it elevator when I
got here had just been fixed but you can see this thing
it’s from 1912 Mary where is it check it out it’s just really old
Oh huh that’s pretty cool anyway let’s get out of here because this is my last
day in America I’m heading back home and then hopefully to Asia I’ve only got
three ingredients like literally three ingredients I’ve got salt gouda
applewood smoked and mackerels so so we can do it that I’ve got an idea and I
think it’s going to work really well first thing I’ve done is fry up a bit of
cheese to get the oil out of it because I’ve got no oil and it’s also tasty that’s going to go well with the fish so
I’ve got a little bit of a bit of oil in the pan and that should stop a fish
sticking now I’m going to skin and fill up the fish I’ll just put them in the
fridge to make them go stiffer and that way they’re easier to fill a rock we never try this before so here I go
I’m just going to do this really quickly the main thing here with my limited
ingredients to get a color on them that’s cool is to keep everything nice
and dry very simple hit the back bone go up try not to go in the stomach cavity
because that’s where all the toxins up okay nice little fillet bit of blood
there but wash that off just take those two filth and put them in some salty
water that way it takes a little bit of moisture out of the meat and it also
takes the blood so you see that the waters already change color it takes the
blood out of the off the skin will rip the skin off the skin actually has most
of the toxins because that’s like a fatty layer and I’ve already cut both
sides of the pin bones there so once I do this no way any pin bones left in
this at all pieces of fish obviously that’s not all of it and how to do my
little trick but first we’ll just Pat them dry make them dry and actually
young smell well they smell like the ocean a little bit like oysters it’s son
yeah really nice here’s the trick I’m going to use I’m gonna get two thin
slices of cheese don’t have to be real thick right so and cut them in half
because we’ve got four strips at the moment I’m just gonna move a bit of that
oil around the pan just to get it all sticky you can see the scratches in here
so it’s not a really good nonstick what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna lay that
cheese in the frying pan side by side like so just let that cook and sizzle
and melt the cheese out of it like the oil that’s actually the oil
coming out the chamber you see that before they get too carried away we’ll
get the thickest pieces of fish and just drop that rod on top of that
cheese very good if I move it at all this stage get another fat face this is
literally the first off try this sigh it might work it might not they’re gonna
melt together this that’s cool I think this could be a whole new concept of
cooking I’ve never done this I’m gonna say they’ve done before little cheesy
fingers hate the panel just finished cooking get these out I definitely done oh look
at that get delicious sight look I’m gonna call these my Venice Beach cheesy
fish fingers look at hmm they are so delicious looking one
sitting down I’m just gonna eat it right here look at that look at that hmm the cool thing when I’ve got limited
ingredients like in a salt cheese and fish because I come up with different
ideas and this is delicious got that flavor of the ocean and a little bit of
salt right and won’t have to go out there again
tonight hmm you know lady I talked to said the little mackerel
these are piecing I am they buy even harder at night so you’re a local come
down and catch these super easy super delicious so I’m going to jump on a
plane mark and I then I coughed them a little bit at home before I go overseas
I might do but I’m definitely going to Asia
hopefully Malaysia Thailand Singapore Hong Kong not quite sure yet but
subscribe I’m actually hit the bell icon and yeah keep watching for some more
great adventures hopefully some more tasty peace – thanks for watching you you

100 comments on “Catch and Cook Cheesy Fish Fingers Venice Beach Pier Fishing Report California Food 4 Less EP.394

  1. I used to live on Venice beach and it's cool how you talk about the homeless community in such a positive light. Much appreciated!

  2. Nice vid man but it makes the fish taste better and gets rid of the blood by cutting the tail when you catch it or cutting the gills but do it right after it dies so it will loose blood and be really tasty to eat! Congrats on 100k bro!! Keep these great videos up!

  3. Sounds like your having a blast. Just came from Old Lady Angler channel . She mentioned she may get to go fishing with you.

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  9. I'm so glad that the Queensland gov sponsored you. Your videos are a wonderful advertisement for Queensland tourism, and it looks like you're also a great ambassador on the piers around the world as well!

  10. My my, I can't believe they took out the bathrooms on the pier. They were half way up on the right. Jumped off the rooftop with my 3 buddies and a golden retriever one drunken night. Good times!

  11. My father brought me to the dock where my grandpa was working and we fished for like 3 hours err just for fun coz that was the very first time I fished and I was so excited that I bought my very first rod and reel combo and I only fished like 5 pm coz that was also the time that I always catch big mangrove jacks,blackspot snapper, and GTs

  12. I do not recommend to eat any fish from the area which is polluted with DDT and especially oily fish( ie. mackerel) or predatory fish. Generally higher up the food chain the higher concentration of DDT accumulating in fat tissue but also more oily fish more DDT will you consume. Might be not as bad for migratory fish but I wouldn't risk.

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  18. ayyyyye ! welcome to my area! haha man you should've gone to literally any other beach Venice is low-key trash ! as in the water pollution , and a lot of homeless, next time definitely hit Huntington Beach , a lot of kelp bass , smelt , and even seen some leopards sharks pulled up , and if you want some movie like scenery definitely try to hit laguna beach , corona Del Mar , and diamond cove , waaaay more species out there

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