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Catch and Cook Fish With Your Bare Hands And Bushcraft Waterwheel  Part 2  (87 Days Ep. 30) Alewife

Catch and Cook Fish With Your Bare Hands And Bushcraft Waterwheel Part 2 (87 Days Ep. 30) Alewife

(upbeat music) (axe hitting wood) – Haha! Hi, I’m Zachary Fowler and you’re watching 87 days, a complete
re-enactment of all I did out on History Channel’s
Alone show season three but as if I did it here in
Maine with the resources we find here and today, we’re
gonna finish the water wheel. And unfortunately, a couple
days after I filmed the first part, the drought that we’ve
been having this spring has, ah meant there’s nothing
left in the river. (water flowing) So we’re gonna take and
finish the water wheel off up here and find ourselves a
new river which actually has some water flow, that’s the
beauty of how light it is, you know, that I can – I
filled it so light and I’m only going to add on just a
couple more fins and things so let’s finish this water
wheel and roast ourselves a chicken! Less talking more working. (upbeat music) (rustling) (upbeat music) (rustling) All right, so as I’m sure
you can see as she dried out, my shaft log here has gotten
a bit more of a wee wa on it than it had before. It’s pretty well balanced. And now this end is really hooked. I’m gonna try and, ah, heat bend it before I
finish attaching the rest of the paddles. I’m going to put eight
more paddles on here giving it a total of twelve. (upbeat music) (rustling) (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) (hammering) (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) All right. Yee haw. Now let’s go find some moving
water to put this baby in. (upbeat music) (rustling and clanging in background) (car door closes) All right so I got my coffee and I got the Bushcraft water wheel all
finished up, and we’re gonna head down to the river. I don’t know if you can hear that. But there’s the river,
a stream that has more water than the one up at
the land so I thought I’d check that out and see if this
is a viable spot somewhere further down closer to the
lake there’s a dam here, water flowing. Let’s see if we can’t find somewhere to put this water wheel
in and roast a chicken. (water flowing) Oh wow, this looks promising. (water flowing) Nice flow. Low bank. Think I found somewhere to do the Bushcraft water wheel. Just gotta find the right spot. What a beautiful spot! Aw man, I’m just up from seven tree pond, it’s just
down here, I dunno maybe even just an eight of a mile away,
the dam is probably another maybe a tenth of a mile
up the – what is that? (water flowing) Oh my goodness. Wow! (water flowing) I don’t know if you could see it. The river is full of fish! (water flowing) Wow! What did I find? I found a fish run I think. Something is going on here. (water rushing) (bright music) I’m just gonna jump in there and grab one! (water flowing) (clatter) (water flowing) Oh there we go! One fish. You just gotta wait for them to chuck themselves up on a spot and then you grab them out of there. Let’s catch a couple more of these and go smoke ’em! And then keep looking for a spot for the Bushcraft water wheel. (upbeat music) Awesome! It’s gonna be good! (upbeat music) (water flowing) Well that was easy, so
easy I think I’m gonna head downstream, keep looking for
a spot to put the water wheel and roast these guys and grab
another one out of the river while the fire’s warming up. (water flowing) (upbeat music) (birds chirping) What a beautiful river. (footsteps on rocks) (upbeat music) Nice, this is a good spot right here. (clattering and shuffling) (water flowing) (clattering and rustling) There we go, some stuff
for a fire and some garbage to clean up as I go. (rattling, shuffling) More garbage. (water flowing) (shuffling) (water flowing) (footsteps) (water flowing) (water flowing) (sticks breaking) (branches breaking) (fire crackling) (footstep on rocks) (water splash) (cutting) Oh. Look at that. There we go, fish eggs. Now there’s a delicious treat. Well no fish-egg soup today. I’ll let the ah raccoons or otters, actually there’s quite a few
otters I think in this lake out in the middle
there’s this weird island that’s just covered in dung and fish, pieces of fish from them pulling them out. Ooh, it’s breezy. It’s burning my fire down to
coals, it’s gonna be impossible to smoke them over the fire today. So I’ll burn it down to coals. Oh, this one’s a male. Out there in Patagonia
63 fish and two birds and so many of them had either fish eggs or, I believe it’s called roe. Sperm and I ate it willingly every time. It was so rich and so strong,
I’m gonna eat them again today we’ll roast it over the fire
on a rock, and eat those. (water flowing) (wood and rock rustling) (water flowing in background) (more rustling) (intense music) (water rushing) Hahaha yikes. He’s a little small,
I’m gonna put him back try again. Hahahaha. (footsteps on rocks) Ah, two more hahaha. (intense music) (water splashing) I’m just having fun
catch and release haha. (birds chirping) (rocks shuffling) (water rushing in background) Finish them off on the coals. Boom. This is gonna be delicious. Half smoked, half cooked. Half awesome. Yee haw. What a beautiful day. I got my fish eggs cooking on the rock. Oh, beautiful delicacy. (water flowing) Oh yeah. It’s good. It’s far more fishy than the trout. (water rushing in background) All right, yee haw. Look at that. Beautifully cooked. I’ll use my shovel as a plate. Mmm. Oh, whoops. Almost forgot something. Lord, thank-you for this food. Mmm bless this food to my body and thank you for
the outdoors and the time. Jesus name, Amen. Mmm. (water flowing) Put a little of this on it. I love this stuff. This stuff is good. (grunts) It’s great for that. I brought this with me for seasoning the chicken should I find a spot. I gotta find a spot. Maybe it’ll rain and I can go finish it off where I started. I’m wicked bummed, I really wanted to, not horribly bummed
because this turned out pretty awesome, but I really
wanted to ah really wanted to finish my water wheel. Water wheel is done, it’s built I want to put it in the river
and do my rotisserie chicken. (water flowing) This is delish. (water flowing) It is falling right
apart, they’re so done. So done. Oh man. Would you look at that. Would you look at that. Hahaha. Mmm, that is good. (water flowing) No pot, so no fish head soup. But that was delicious. (hands clapping) That was delicious. Gonna do my dishes. (hands clapping) Time for me to pack it up. And make this as if I was never here. (upbeat music) (foot stomp) (footsteps on rocks) (upbeat music) (rustling) There we go. You didn’t know what you were looking for you wouldn’t even know I was here. (rustling) (upbeat music) Well that was a beautiful
little tasty adventure. Yee haw. Will have to talk to the
land owners, see if doing the water wheel here is
something that’s possible. And ah, yeah. so wish me luck on that and if
not I’ll find another place. It’s all about the adventure anyways. (water rushing) Look at this. What a gorgeous place. Thanks for watching guys. I will see you next time. Fowler out. That’s not good. (water rushing) That’s why I got insurance. Bag of rice. (rustling) One drone. (rustling) set aside for two days and
hopefully it comes back to life. Hahah, we’ll see.

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