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Catch and Cook Great Barrier Reef 100km out deep sea fishing report EP.397

Catch and Cook Great Barrier Reef 100km out deep sea fishing report EP.397

Slow down. that’s it quick break up no stress
It’s in the money yep oh you dropped him he lost it There is Tuna over there. Oh straight up didn’t
even move it but as soon as that hit the water I was gone I was me I didn’t even
put in gear on anything It’s a Tuna, I saw it I just gone between fishing spots and
the tuna popped up gotta have a go I’m the tuna are around. I’m hoping for a bluefin tuna, it’s got a bit of weight any oh my god I can’t quite see it definitely not a Mac
I’m gonna go a long tail tuna, I think I’ll keep this one for sashimi. thank you I think you’ve just bled him –
you got no no flesh damaged and you just blame out oh that’s amazing yeah Kyle
did a great job he put the Gaff in the Tuna and bled it well. to see me later strain on ice thanks Kyle this is the lure I got
on this surface skipper 160 by lively lures and I rig it up differently
I’ve got just a single big hook on the back and that that tends to get a better
hook set and as you saw in that fish it was right in the corner of the mat all
right in the bottom of the mouth just clean up the blood before it dries clean
boat is a happy boat and I reckon single hooks work better for those guys because
if you hook em you get them good but if you got trebles they – they move their
mouths and they work themselves out quite a lot so this is it change sports
we’re just trying to chase the fusilier fish. schools around but there’s not much
going on in terms of this side of the Great Barrier Reef but we’re gonna move up here
somewhere probably under a pressure point so on and without a final of them
yeah yeah really fine there’s nothing there’s
nothing here looks pretty good nice account what we’re doing is we’re out of
the out of reef you can see it behind me there all that that sort of lighter
colored stuff is shallow coral reef and then down here I’ll probably not see that but
there’s like five meters drops down to sixty meters so we’re going to go across
the reef flat for reef fish coral trout red Emperor sweet lip you name it
and then on the points in the rocky edges we’re going to go for big GT’s ( giant trevally ) so
there’s a good chance we’ll get busted up b ut you’ll get some thank you you’ve
got to cut the swim I’m going to see The great Barrier reef is such an amazing fishery. color over here buddy a coral trout
looks like Coral Trout nice way to start the day for you it looks legal bring it
in. Yeah beautiful fish have a look at the color on that eye that is a
really pretty fish and looks like your dinner, some delicious Coral Trout. who’s on someone’s on Kyle Hennig is on! yeah what lure you got on Western Swing
yeah Oh yep cool John I just got a trout a Red throat emperor or sweet lips fish. he going he’s got a friend there
something followed him up he’s not bad oh very nice and your account open too
yeah that is a very pretty fish nice trout
yeah I’m trying to rig up here and you’re in your second fish already
there’s a bit of groaning going on you can see better from up there oh that’s
fine yeah I reckon the other one was bigger and I’m trying to rig up, what do
you got on there looks a bit Coral Trout but that’s right looks Coral Trout ish little trout
oh no it’s not like a Cod of some sort yeah that is bizarre yeah never
caught one of those Cod, have to look that one up that’s cool nice work love the
red fright bird mouth and the top here we get out of red and even the eye he’s
got a bit a little blue patch on there look at the look at the blue along the
little dots along there almost fell over there well uh what do you go yeah grab
it really tight so it doesn’t slip out okay I just want to set the drag to
make sure it’s good yeah I think I don’t think I want more
than that yeah that’s pretty good I’m gonna cast over you and then go around behind you almost hit you in the head fish with my name on it somewhere area he didn’t
wait long coming up pretty easy actually It’s a monster GT or Giant Trevally. That was the sickest hit. midsize I reckon oh yeah by taking out
of you there’s actually a lot bigger fish out here than this but for a warm
up this isn’t bad okay got him he’s not bad not bad at all I’d say someone’s
probably had him in the Great Barrier Reef already a couple of times
thank you that’s probably for me yeah I think that’s for me I mean that’s that’s
my my treble buddy in there but this is serious is someone else having their
there we go thirsty for the the truth First big GT for the trip, maybe, 8 to 10 kilos
sorry I’m back in the water I’m gonna win a letting go I’m not gonna push you
mean hard I’m just gonna put his head down and drop him yeah that way you push
them too hard they spin around and come back
oh yeah oh yeah I saying that’s huge fish we really lost him oh that was a big
fish don’t like that on it I you are on! and he had that in his mouth he didn’t
are striking and other stuff he scattered oh oh that’s a big fish
Oh trout he went straight down in the coral reef.
you got smoked well I’ve got five minutes without hooking up to a fish I
thought I’d introduce to the captain and the crew Kyle Hennig without car we wouldn’t be 100km out he’s down 22 foot contender 23 foot great really yeah
a trip today today a quad on the GTS obviously a nice big one but um
and John I don’t know stay away Oh black tip shark something is it a whaler shark oh well a baby yeah what right behind the neck and on
the tile Oh does it go on Guinea wrap Nice Balck Tip Reef Shark you go team oh yeah that’s a red bass
I’ll paddle tale fish. oh come on I think so oh but that’s a poisonous fish, let’s have a
look at that one that is really cool I think either they’re the poisonous ones
are they yeah now the pedal tail fish are yeah they’ve got that dual nostril. oh you
got paddle tale or now it’s different that’s Travis oh yeah yellow yellow
sweetly began what nah not eating eating life now I’m the ciguatera type stuff
yeah but that’s that’s really cool it’s definitely a paddle tale yeah yeah
though they are almost like a young yellow-belly or something and this
that’s really weird can is it on the same side injury it is on both sides yeah extras
are get a lot of weight in it they’re good fighters they oh no that is a
monster don’t get red bad, monster, what a horse. you know big eyes on him hey yeah that’s
beautiful yeah there you guys fish yeah how much paint left on it is it
brand-new this morning it’s all that remains yeah just a little bit on the
head right in the canal of death oh very much for this it’s got yellow tile
excuse you my house how they go your Fusilier, no way.
it’s another Emperor sweet lips fish it’s not a bad size yeah I might keep
this one in case I don’t get any others actually I’ll put him alive well we can
let him go later yeah so yeah I think that’s a hasn’t got a pink ear I’m gonna
go to yellow tailed Emperor or sweetlip, well looky mount and do a proper ID later on when
you’re a 100 kilometers offshore on the Great Barrier Reef you’ve got to
watch the weather and it started coming in pretty heavy we had well guys we’re back in the harbour
about a two-hour trip so yeah a lot of travel today definitely a long day I’ve
been driving for a little while I’ve still got another hours and a bit to
drive and I found this nice little rig there and I set up my little camp
kitchen always travel with a little camp kitchen and I’ve also got my little
camper on the car so if I ever feel too tired I can just stop but I’m gonna go
cook up some of that fish the yellowtail sweet lips fish, if I’m gonna cook up we’ll do gourmet fish and chips my little drifter bag got my stove I’m a
cutting board and I did drop into the shop quickly I’ve got some capers
gherkin lemon this stuff I had cut the potatoes and we’ll do the potatoes first
the thinner we chopped these the faster they’ll cook and I’ve taken all the eyes
off we don’t want the eyes on the potatoes and we just make nice long
little chips as you can see the rains come in and I’ve just put my awning up. yes the storm that was at the sea that
was chasing us has caught up but I’m still going to cook we’re gonna get rid of the water a little bit of rain doesn’t stop me so
the burner I wanted to use it’s got a bit of salt water in it so I want to
sort that out get some good quality olive oil in there nice amount you have
enough oil it cooks the chips faster make sure they’re nice and dry and that
sounds like it’s cooking careful when you put those in now the secret to doing
chips in a pan like this is to keep them moving and they
shouldn’t take too long cuz I’ve got a good heat there we’re
gonna take a gherkin and slice it a small and thin as we can I think they’re
about two millimeter slices there and then we just want to chop it I slice it
slice it and dice it lots of little tiny pieces of gherkin this is our tartar
sauce tartar sauce we’re really enjoying cooking with these before it was just
like trying to try and stack everything onto a cutting board but for the sake of
a few dollars like a little stainless steel bowl like that and we’re
just gonna get those and just chop the bejesus out of these guys and actually
happened a lot faster than I thought so they’re a little bit brown on that side
there’s no reason you can’t have gourmet food out in the bush on the road be
careful on a boat I will do more cooking on the boat but just be careful with
keel so then we get some lemon, lemon and we’ll just grate that into the tartar
sauce nice little slivers in there and that
will give it a really really fresh fresh tang the last ingredient is some really
good quality mayonnaise says to do a cup in the rest the recipes but my tartar
sauce recipe is only only small so we’ll do about a 1/4 of a cup if that yes
is really quick to prepare although I mean that’s going to taste really
delicious these I’d say are almost done and they’re going to be crispy and then
all I’ve got to do is just cook the fish we we fill it the yellowtail sweet lip
at Kyle Hennig’s house and I’ve just taken the fill it with me so just give this a
little mix oh yeah yeah they smell smell gooey I can’t believe how quickly they
cooked with this stomach I haven’t turned the heat off this I’m gonna get
this Sweet lips fish out and before we cook the fish I’m just gonna dry it always gonna
dry it there we go and put that in the oil facing away from us oh yeah move it
a little bit that’s gonna be a nice fish or delicious fish you know the world
turn the heat up just a little bit don’t mind a nice fresh avocado I’ve got I’ve
got them growing in my place look at that but here they’re they’re not quite
ready yet so we’ll just slice the avocado with the skin on look at that
nice just does a great job of that this is really cooking hard looks something
that down okay that was not very long at all that fish actually smells like it while that fish finishes cooking we’ll
play it up see the chips are right there we’ll just take the seal off the avocado
if it’s ripe it should just just pull off like that it’s gonna be delicious I
can’t help myself I gotta have a bite of that oh that’s a ripe avocado but you
know what it needs I always see in my avocado with a bit of Sea salt and pepper a
little bit of pepper thank you we’ll put some of that on the fish pepper on the
fish and a little bit of salt as well let’s just have a look at some the other
side I’m not one of those people that thinks it’s really bad to turn things
just once or much if I look how delicious and caramelize that is if
there’s some reason normally when I cook one side like the first side is usually
nice and caramelized but this time I think this side is still very nice
looking okay he’s definitely ready starts pulling pulling a spotlight at it
it’s definitely done look at that one delicious meal but wait we forgot the
tartar sauce to go on that look at that well I thought it was going to be
someone have to hope that there isn’t oh that is one healthy meal healthy and
delicious look at that this is so nice you know get a bit of fish bit of tart
air and a lot of people comment about my groaning and moaning and eating fish
when you’re in in beautiful settings I mean the roads is just over there but to
me this is a beautiful you’ve got bush there’s no people around
and delicious amazing food like that fish was swimming around like maybe four
hours ago mmm delicious fish and chips just cook in a pan like that bit of sea salt bit of tartar sauce mmm
life is good like this bye bye

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