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CATCH & COOK + crashing my drone — Atlantic Salmon Fishing

CATCH & COOK + crashing my drone — Atlantic Salmon Fishing

– Good to see some action
– Yeah, finally! – Like holy shit! – Hello and welcome to this movie – This movie is in english because i brought my friend – He’s from… Germany?
– Yeah – USA?.. Nobody really knows – Well I’m German and my family lives in Germany but – I went to school in the US for 4 years so people see me as half american – He looks like a tool from the US
– Yeah! – It’s my second time up here this summer and – I got a full week this time and I hope I can get my first one – Last time you lost one
– Yeah, I lost one right in front of me – Yeah, because my gear was like.. – It was shitty – Was shit! – Nico is obviously a good fisherman who has been fishing a lot and all over the world – This is my other friend Johan – We are colleagues and he is not a fisherman a t all – How many times have you been fishing? – Like, we tried it out yesterday
– Yeah – And I didn’t get anything and I almost hit Nico in the face with a spinner, so.. – I’m pretty bad – Johan also has a YouTube channel
which I’m gonna link in the end of the video – You should check his work out – But now I think we should go fishing
– Yes! – See you out there – It’s so hot! – When there’s no wind
– Yeah – It’s in the weed – It came all the way from the other side and took it right in the surface – Just before I took it up – Yeees, good job! – Sweet! – Just gonna loosen this – Sweet, thanks bro – Beautiful fish – Nice! – Good to see some action
– Yeah finally! – Like holy shit!
– Arh – I think we’re putting this one out again though – Yeah?
– Yeah – But get a picture with that one. It’s beautiful!
– Yeah, really beautiful fish – Oooh, beautiful trout!
– Yeah – If she’s hooked really bad we might take her but.. – Oh yeah she’s.. Ah… Let’s.. – Let’s see if she bleeds
If she bleeds we’ll.. – She’s hooked so deep – Okay it’s out – I don’t think she bleeds at all – No?
– No, I don’t think so – Oh that’s inches – Here we go – 50cm on the dot – 50cm clean
– 51cm – 51?
– 51cm – Nice, beautiful fish – Nice! – Holy shit – But it came like.. Was super cool! – I wash I’d seen the take
– So cool! – I didn’t believe in the spinner so I just smacked it in – I could just see like.. [Rocket sounds].. And it just banged it right here in the surface – I was like TAKE IT and then, bam!
– Yeah I looked over and you said like, fish or whatever – Yeah
– And then I was it splashing right in front of you like YEEEES! – It took on a really short line – Was just like crazy.. Oh shit man!
– Ooh – But she was hooked like real deep – But she didn’t bleed a single drop, was super nice
– That’s perfect! – Yeah – The small hooks came in good
– Yeah – Wooh! – Yeah?
– Yeah, I think so – I need a new one – See if they are nice and straight, the hooks – I’m just really slowly approaching – Oh she smells it! – Which one?
– Erhm, you pick – Nico can you bring me my knife from the table? – I once lost a finger doing this actually – Nice!
– Yeah – Well your “Partypølser” looks good – Oh that’s not partypølser, these are real nice! PARTYPØLSER:
Danish sausages of SUPER shitty quality – Do it! Do it!
– Okay, what are we doing? – You were talking danish!
– Yeah yeah! – We are jumping in
– How? – Well, it’s not that deep so
– I know, I was in there – We need to land on the back or something I dunno
– No haha – Okay I start and if I die you’ll come and save me – Wait do I go right behind you? – I guess.. – Maybe you’ll wait until I come up again
– Oh yeah that’s.. – So you can check if I’m ok
– You’re not gonna go far down because – Okay – Break a leg! – STANKY LEG!! – Oh it’s totally not deep holy shit! – I just hit the ground so hard – I may have shattered my leg
– My bag landed right next to a big rock – But atleast there was sand on the bottom so – Can you find my cake Nico? – Hah, Nicoo! – Nikoooo? – Partypøølz? – Oh yeah bring me a Partypølz – A partypølz! – Hurry up it’s so cold Nico! – Okay in my mouth – It’s so gross though – Like wtf
– Was that the completely black one? – No
– Oh this is actually quite good – Yeah I know
– Ye it is – You want the rest?
– No! – I understand
– Hahah – Oh it’s beautiful! – Yep, got it! – Let’s fu*** go! – It’s a small one but you know
– Yeah f*** it! – Fish is fish
– It’s a nice one this time of the season – You can take this if you’d like – We should!
– I think that’s up to you guys – What do you say? – Should we measure it just to make sure?
– Yeah – What’s up Nico?!
– I’ve got my first salmon here 63cm
You can kill this – You can eat this – Should we or?
– I think we should – Okay
– OK? – We’ll do it?
– Yeah – I just don’t want the meat to get to waste you know?
– Okay, yeah – So we are gonna eat this, ok?
– Yeah we’re gonna eat it – We need it this evening at the bonfire
– Oh my god! – You want me to do it? – You ready? – Now it’s dead – Thank you! – That’s amazing
– One more hug! – Congratulations bro! – A kiss?
– Yeees! – It’s good? – It’s so good! – It’s really good! – But this is really strong Nico! – Like holy shit it’s so strong!
But it’s still good – Shut the F** up it’s like 50:50
– He did make it light! – Oh he did.. – Okay I’m a faggot – Now we are back at camp and Nico my man – Yeah
– My man, he caught a fish so now we’re having dinner – I always dreamt about catching a fish
A little first time spawner – That we could take up and cook and
really make a big deal out of it – I came to help out and get us some dinner
– Yeah – So we are gonna chop it up in a couple of steaks – And fry it like that with some salt and pepper and oil – Maybe some garlic, we don’t know yet – That’s the one part – And then I always wanted to make a pasta dish with some fresh salmon – So we have some fresh pasta and some.. – And what do you call them, the mushrooms?
– Champignons – And we’re gonna mix it up with some whip cream – With some green shit because that’s really good – I like this eventhough I dont know what it’s called – Spinach – Oh is that spinach?
– Yeah I think so – And we have lots of booze – Because I always dreamt of drinking myself pretty drunk afterwards – And.. – On this channel it’s a custom that everytime we catch a salmon we get some bubbles – And this time, because my friend is here and Johan is here who’s holding the camera – I think we should step up the game so we bought some like – Big ass bubbles! – So that’s the menu and we’re gonna have a good time and – Have a party at the river tonight
– Yeah – Everybody is welcome – Okay I’ll try for a bit
– You can only fall like 8meters or so – Oh mein gutness!
– Is it off? – Johan switch it off – I can’t switch it off – You can only switch it off when you get to it
– No I mean like the engine – Yeah but you can only turn off the engine when you touch it – I was like, oh it’s nice that you didn’t crash it that high up – But this is so far up man!
– But it’s like.. – The red part is way off the green part – I feel like it may be broken.. – Oh it’s so far up already man – Holy shit! – Omg this branch is so small – Holy f***! – F*** me that’s high up! – Watch out the branches are not that strong up there
– Okay – Don’t put two feet on one
– Okay – I got it! – Yeah I’ve got it! – AH IT’S F*** SPINNING! – That’s what I said
– Wtf! – Just make it stop spinning
– Okay it stopped spinning now – I got it!
– Okay, turn it off and fold in the arms – Okay
– Yeah like that – Okay I’ll fold in the arms
– Yeah – I’m so f*** scared right now! – You’re so f*** high up! – I think this is like 8meters or something – If I fall I die – No you wont die hopefully
– Okay if I fall you catch me Nico – You ready?
– No – Okay – Dont know… Okay.. – I’m throwing it okay?
– Yeah – Oh it’s good it’s good! – There she is!
– Oh my god.. – Oh my god! – Is it in one piece?
– Yeah – All in one piece – I love you bro
– I love you too brother – It’s all alive
– Oh my god – I have shit everywhere now – Holy f*** shit! – Nice bro! – Dude high five – High five bro – He got the drone
– That was so intense like – I havent been climbing a tree since I was like 8 or something – That was actually quite fun – F*** hell.. My baby – Oh yeah! – Oi!
– Ooooh! – Now we just ate – And it was really good
– Amazing – Johan he really liked it as well – He hates fish a lot so – He had some but now we have shitty sausages on the grill – So that’s for dessert – It’s a good sausage
– Yeah okay it’s a good sausage actually – And like everytime here we pop the champagne when someone gets a salmon And because Nico is here getting his first Atlantic Salmon We brought the big one The Magnum! – So we’re gonna pop that now and we have plenty of rum, whiskey.. – The womans drink, what’s it called?
– Uhmm.. – Liquor 43 – Yeah you should try that
– With milk! – So it’s like really a womans drink
– Yeah – Nico brought that but we really like it
So it’s good – You have a glass? – Someone has a glass ready – Oh shit! – I just imagined you hitting my camera – First I crash my drone – And now shoot off my camera – Some for Nico as well – Okay – Cheers
– Cheers for a good weekend! – For a good weekend
– Yeah – Tastes like newyears
– Wow it’s so good – It’s actually good
– Yeah – There’s so much milk in my cup still.. – Look at all the bubbles
Like holy shit – Well thanks to Nico and thanks to Johan for joining me and – Thanks to Johan for lending me all his cool ass footage – That he made this trip – We just talked about going o nmore trips like this so – Remember to subscribe to the channel to see those movies – And remember to check out Johans stuff – I’m also gonna link to that – It’s really cool and he’s really skilled with a camera – He’s like the best! – So yeah, thats it for now – See you guys! – Cheers!

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