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Catch & Cook Fishing Aboard The Sea Wolf

Catch & Cook Fishing Aboard The Sea Wolf

(water splashes) – This week on Sport Fishing, we’re back abroad the Sea Wolf. We left a few hours ago out
of Emeryville, California, at the back of the
San Francisco Bay, and right now we’re at
the Farallon Islands. What we’re gonna do right now is starting off catching
sanddabs we hope that we hope to use for
bait to catch lingcod. So on this week’s episode, we’ll be out here in
the Farallon Islands, catching raw fish, and
if we’re really lucky, a few lingcod too. So stay tuned for this
week’s exciting episode of Sport Fishing. I’m Dan Hernandez
and I live to fish. – [Unknown Fisher] All right! (purple shirt woman screams) – [Dan] I’ve been fishing along the Pacific Coast
my entire life. – [Unknown Fisher] Ho ho! – [Dan] Let me bring
you in on the action, and share with you some great
fishing tips along the way. – There you go–
– Boom. They’re widows. (Joe whistles) – Nice blue out here in
the Farallon Islands. Actually Penny Shoals. – [Unknown Fisher]
Oh, a little guy. He has some babies. (seagulls honking) – Sport Fishing Dan
Hernandez, on the Sea Wolf. (fisherman exclaims) – [Unknown Fisher] Hey, you got to start somewhere, right? – [Unknown Fisher]
Ah, the brown spots. (Joe whistles) – [Unknown Fisher] Here you go. – [Blond Fisherman] I got
a ling over here, guys. (water splashes) – [Unknown Fisher] Whose is it? Oh, it’s over here. (helicopter whirs overhead) – [Silver-haired Fisher]
Yeah, bro! Oh yeah! Nice one! – Nice. Hey.
– Yeah. Hell, yeah. My first link, with Dan. – [Unknown Person]
Hey, nice one! – Here you go.
– Thank-you very much. Stay tuned, we’ll be right back! – See what I got going here. One of the thrills
of going fishing is trying different
types of fishing. And if you only fish
five miles from home, you don’t get to
experience a lot of stuff. Like here, we’re right
outside the Farallon Islands. Just getting here, we
had to drive by Alcatraz, we had to go underneath
the Golden Gate Bridge. It was just a lot of fun, and that’s one of the things
I love about comin’ up here. You never know what to expect. And that’s what I really
love about fishing. It’s not so much the
catching of the fish, which is fun, but it’s
all the experiences, the people you meet. And being on TV for so long now, I get to do a lot of that. (helicopter whirs overhead) – [Unknown Fisher] Look at that! (black hat fisher laughs) – Farallon Island fishing right
there, aboard the Sea Wolf. – [Bearded Fisher]
Ah, he looks like– (helicopter whirs overhead) (water splashes) (white bandana fisher whistles) – [Red Hat Fisher] Is
that a dapper, or a– ? – Sanddab. Fishing on the Sea Wolf. This is what happens. You catch fish,
big fish. All day. – [Unknown Fisher]
You gonna sweep this? (water splashes) – Aw, don’t reel up so high. That’s how we do it, we
throw him in the bug joint. Throw him in the bug. – Here, I got a fish here. It surprised me because I
have a sanddab for bait, and I got this guy.
Little rockfish. We could eat him. All right, let’s take a
little break here aboard the Sea Wolf, and
go to the tackle box and give you a good looking
at the carry you need for this type of fishing. This week in the tackle box, I want to talk to you little
bit about we’re doing today aboard the Sea Wolf. Fish out of Emeryville
Sport Fishing at the Farallon Islands, looking for big lingcod,
and huge rockfish. And it’s great
fishing over here, and in the old days, we used
to use large reels, 6/0s, 4/0s with 60, and
40 pound test line. Well today with the smaller
reels and the heavy rods, and the spectra line, you don’t have to go
with those large reels. Something small like this, something you might use
for calico bass fishing, works out fine. Put 50 pound spectra,
30 pound mono on top, don’t need to use fluorocarbon, ’cause we’re gonna be fishing
deeper water, like 100 feet. Nice, heavy, duty rod. You want something
with medium action, work out fine for
this type of fishing. Again, you’re only
going to be fishing about 100 at the most
200 feet of water. As far as bait rigs, you
can go with the two hook rig with the 16 ounce
sinker on the bottom. As a double-dropper loop
rig, that’ll work fine, but if the fish takes
the bait off your line, you’re not gonna catch any fish. That’s why I like
to put bucktails on. So instead of using
a straight hook, I’ll use two one
ounce B-52 bucktails. Put ’em far enough apart
so we catch big rockfish. One fish isn’t
covering both baits, and you do really good on that. Now as far as lingcod, there’s a couple ways
to fish for lingcod. My favorite way, like you’ve
seen in today’s episode, is to use the six
ounce B-52 bucktail, with a large AA single tail, and I’ll put a strip
of bait on here too, maybe piece of squid,
or piece of makeral. And all that does is when
the lingcod bites it, he tastes that, holds on
for a second two longer, make it easier for you to
set the hook into the fish. Wanna bounce these
off the bottom, or hit the bottom and grind
them up about five, six turns, stop, and let it flutter down. That action will really
drive the fish crazy, and it’ll work really good. Another way you can go to, is to use a one ounce
B-52 bucketail, in a dropper-loop rig. Put this above, 16 ounce
sinker on the bottom, and just tangle this
along the bottom. The big rockfish and the lingcod
will come up and bite it, and it works out really good. This one ounce B-52 HT comes
with the large eight dot hook, and it’s perfect for
that type of fishing. And the last way I would suggest
fishing for large lingcod and the bigger rockfish is
to use a magic metal jig. A 10 ounce magic metal
jig works out really good. I like the chrome, the
glow-in-the-dark works out best. And then we have the glow
in the dark in the blue, and then the red. Get that down to the bottom, crank it up four or
five cranks, stop it, let it flutter down, and those big rockfish
and lingcod will chase it. You do really good on it. So this is the basic gear you
need for this type of fishing. Let’s get back on the water and show you more
exciting action, right here on Sport Fishing. – Oh, fill on in. (water splashes) – Not the biggest one ever but it’s a nice one. – Liquid gold. – [Unknown Fisher] Nice! Oh-oh!
– Nice. – [Unknown Fisher] Yeah! – [Overalls Fisher]
Very good, you can see the sanddab right
there. (laughs) – All right. I’ve never caught a ling before, this is my second
one of the day. (overalls fisher laughs) Love fishing on the Sea
Wolf, and Dan has been great. Awesome. (water splashes) – [Red Hat Fisher] Yo! (fishing rod reels) – [Unknown Fisher]
Like a double. – Nice double on that.
– Nice double! – [Unknown Fisher] Thank-you. (water splashes) (Joe whistles) – Yay! Stay tuned because we’ll be
right back with more action on the Sea Wolf. – That’s one way we do it. (laughs) Here on the Sea Wolf. – Yeah.
– That’s one way to do it. (fishing rod reels) – In the head. Nice little blue. (fishing rod reels) – Woo-hoo (laughs).
– Right on, you’re on a roll. – Switched over to live sanddab, which we were catching
for bait earlier. Chopped it down, and I got bit. I don’t know if it’s
a ling or a rockfish, it was a really small
sanddab I had on there. So we’re fishing out here, over by the Farallon Islands. John has us on one of
the reefs out here. Kinda pops up from
150 feet on up. See what I got here. That’s 65 pound
spectra, 50 pound mono, and a five odd six odd hook. See what we got. Hopefully it’s the right kind. No sign yet. There’s deep color. Oh that’s the right kind. Oh no it’s not,
it’s a reddish fish. Don’t pull that line! – Nice crock of
rockfish on a sanddab. – That’d be a delicious fish. (black hat fisher laughs)
Let’s take a break from the action here on the Sea Wolf and go the galley, show
you how to cook up one of these delicious
fish we’re catching. This week in the
galley I’m going to make you up some fish tacos. This is rockfish that
we caught locally here, and I wanna show you how to
make a couple of fish tacos, nice simple recipe, start
off with my hot pan here. A little bit of olive oil. Get that nice and warm. Some butter. Let that melt up. I like to use olive oil
and the butter together. (pan sizzles) Once that melts
down a little bit, I’ll throw in my fish on there. This is a real simple dish,
you can do it on your boat, do it at home. It’s simple to do. Get that all nice and warm. Go ahead and put
my fish in here. So I just have a
little bit of olive oil and butter in there. I’m not trying to deep fry
it, I just want to pan fry it, and if you notice, I
don’t use any flour, any coating on it, just trying to make it
a little bit healthier. Then I always like
to cook my fish with a little bit of
citrus, wine juice. Makes it smell and
taste even better. I’ll let that cook
for a few minutes, and then I’ll flip it over. All right, now it’s
time to flip this over. It’s been in a couple minutes. Oh yeah, this looks good. See how it’s changing
colors and everything? Okay, the fish looks
like it’s nice and dense. Go ahead and turn off the flame. Now all you gotta do
is plate my fish tacos, so I have two corn tortillas. Grab piece of fish. Now, to put on top, it’s
all up to you what you like. I like a little bit
of cabbage on mine. Some fresh cilantro. Some peppers. You can go with
jalapenos, or serranos. These are serranos, like a
little bit of bite of that. Some tomatoes. Put them on both. And some onions. So this is what the
tacos look like. Now at this point, the
sauce you put on it, you have a choice. I really like the white
traditional Mexican sauce. Just put that on there. But if you want
something different, you just go with pico
de gallo, some chili, and just put that
on there instead. Either way you wanna go,
beautiful fish tacos, made out of rockfish. You can make this out
of halibut, lingcod,
doesn’t matter. But these are local
rockfish that we’ve caught. And these are gonna
be super delicious. That’s so good. Well let’s get back on the water and show you more
exciting action right here on Sport Fishing. (fishing rod reels) (water splashes) – Hey! Nice blue! Little rockfish
out of the carlo. (seagulls honking) – [Unknown Fisher] Oh nice! – [Red Hat Fisher] A what? – [Green Overalls
Fisher] A quillback. – [Red Hat Fisher] A quillback. – [Green Overalls Fisher]
That’s a big fish. – [Red Hat Fisher]
That’s some weight. – [Unknown Fisher]
That’s kinda big. – [Purple Coat
Fisher] Big. Whoa. (water splashes) Damn, look at that.
– Whoa. – All right, yay. – [Green Overalls Fisher]
Picacho on the seven booper. – Another ling on the
Sea Wolf with Dan. – [Green Overalls
Fisher] This is a salmon grouper, a picacho. – Oh, it’s a what? – Picacho or a salmon grouper. – So I can put it
into mine, huh? – [Green Overalls Fisher]
Yeah, you can keep this one. – [Silver Haired Fisher] Yes! – This time I used a
little bit bigger sanddab. And I got nailed. We just got a nice lingcod,
one of the other anglers. So when you bring these fish in, you don’t want to
go really fast. You just want to bring
them up to the surface. I’m just using a
level wind reel, 65 pound spectra, 50 pound mono, so bring it up, nice and easy. It’s really important when
you get lingcod to surface that you don’t get
it out of the water. You wanna leave it in the water. So let’s see,
hopefully it’s a ling, might be another big rockfish. This sanddab was kinda
big for a rockfish so hopefully it’s the right kind. Got Joe on my left here. Second ticket, and deck hand. See what we got. Oh, deep color. Oh yeah, it’s the right kind. There we go. This is the lingcod
we just caught. Used a live sanddab
right on the bottom, seven odd hook, and the
fish ate it no problem. All right, let’s take a
little break from the action and when we return,
I’ll be giving you this week’s tip of the week. Thanks a lot, Joe.
– All right! – For this week’s
tip of the week, I wanna talk to you
guys a little bit about what we did today, and today we had
outstanding fishing. Everybody got
limits of rockfish, most of the people even
got limits of lingcod. And the number one way for
the lingcod was live sanddabs, Captain John took us on a spot where we
caught some sanddabs, used them as live bait. Worked really really good. Few guys got ’em on artificials, but the live sanddabs
made a big difference. But what I really want
to talk to you about is, try different types of fishing. I know a lot of you fish
five, 10 miles from home. Never get away, doesn’t matter
if you’re on the east coast, or out here on the west coast. You normally fish the
same waters all the time. But try something different. Coming out here to
northern California, fishing out of Emeryville, fishing aboard the Sea
Wolf, Captain John, and all the other
boats out here, it’s just a lot of fun. You know, very few places in
the world where you can go fish around landmarks, right
here at the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz behind us in the bay. It’s just gorgeous. Every time we come out here,
it’s just really great time. Thank-you John, we had a great
time fishing with you, man. – Any time. – Anything you wanna
tell the viewers about what they should know
about comin’ up here? – Just dress warm. We got variable weather. One day it could be 80 degrees, the next day it’ll
be 48 degrees. The fishing we do, we can make it those
islands, those fishy islands. We fish the sanddabs primarily because if we get
limits of rockfish, we don’t wanna kill a bunch
of rockfish fishing lingcod. And the rockfish won’t
eat the sanddabs, so that’s our best
way of preventing taking too many rockfish. – Right, because it
always dropped down there was anchovies
with pieces of squid, we’d be catching a
lot more rockfish. – Correct. – And that was nice. There was a time of the day
there where we just targeted the lingcod, put away
all the anchovies, just fish the larger
baits of sanddabs, and that’s how we
caught ’em all. So try something different. That’s what I want to emphasize. Try something different. If you ever been to the Bay
Area, come out of Emeryville, fish with John,
try to other boats, you’re gonna have lots of fun. On behalf of John and
myself, I’m Dan Hernandez, hoping you enjoyed this week’s
episode of Sport Fishing, and I hope you join
us again next week, as we go looking for more of
the best in Sport Fishing. (energetic music)

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