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Catch fish 4 x faster using GOO | Ali Hamidi & Matt Godfrey

Catch fish 4 x faster using GOO | Ali Hamidi & Matt Godfrey

Well, it’s a beautiful
early spring morning. We’re in deepest, darkest Essex
at Churchgate Fishery and I’m going to be joining
my good mate, Matt Godfrey, a top match angler. And now that the Korda and Guru boys
work so closely together at Korda HQ, we’re always talking about
different methods and approaches that will help us both learn
from each other. So it is a typical crossover day, I’m
going to be joining him on the seat box and hopefully we’re going to learn a bit and show you how to get the best
out of the new Goos. We must stop meeting like this, mate. Been a while, hasn’t it? Over a year. Right, a big day today, because, as you know, we’re always
chinwagging in the office, aren’t we? And I feel a little bit strange
being stood here talking to a master match angler, but you feel you’ve got a bit to learn
with the Goo and that. Definitely. You know what it’s like,
we’ve got you, Dovey, Spooner, I see you in the office all the time
putting little bits in little pots, giving them a little shake. There’s always a bit of an essence
kicking about. I want to know more. I think the biggest thing
that I’ve found… I mean, I had a lovely day’s fishing
with Pemb on the pole a few weeks ago and the Goo turned the session
on its head for both of us. He made a remark, he went, ‘I wonder how many fish
I’ve left in the lake.’ And genuinely,
I think one of the biggest problems is when you’re match fishing
in the summer, you boys are getting
so many takes so quickly, so you probably think
how could you physically get any more and you probably can’t. But this time of year
when it’s a little bit cooler, it’s a little bit slower,
there are definitely things you can add into your fishing
from our game, the same as we can take bits
from your game, that puts more fish on the bank
for everyone. So you’ve got a big armoury down here. – A lot of bait.
– So what are you thinking? What would be
your standard approach now. If you were here now,
Churchgate, bottom lake, you were going to chuck out,
what would you be starting with? Probably this time of year fishing for
an odd carp, some F1s, maybe a bream. It would be an Hybrid Feeder,
but if this were a match today, there might be 20 blokes round the lake
and I can guarantee that nearly all of them would have plain
micro pellets, 2mm fish meal pellets, and they’d have a yellow or white
or a pink wafter on the hook. And if you went round a commercial
fishery during a match, 90% of people would all be doing
the exact same thing. Yeah, well, what we’ve got here, I’ve
actually, brought the three new Goos and they are predominantly
all about localising the fish’s mouth to your hookbait and obviously
as close to the feeder as possible. I’ve got one last little beauty here,
this is the Tiger Nut. And what we’re going to talk about today is a little bit
about your tiered fishing. This is about if you’ve got it
in your loose feed, a Goo, and obviously your hookbait
really has to stand out on top because if everything’s the same,
it’s match the hatch, that hookbait doesn’t really stand out. So that’s why the new Goo is brilliant
to put all around the hookbait, even a little bit on the feeder. But this Tiger Nut
is magic in your loose feed. So I’ll keep it simple. I’ve only
brought one from the existing range and we’ve got the three new ones so
you can get a bit of confidence in them. I’m really intrigued. Why don’t you first chuck out
how you’re going to chuck out. It’s out there, then, treacle. – Went in nice, that one, didn’t it?
– Yeah. Shall we start the stop clock and see because on this feeder you haven’t
put any Goo on the actual feeder. It’s just your normal micro pellets
and you’ve got a Gooed-up hookbait. Yeah, that’s what most people would do. They wouldn’t even have
the Gooed-up hookbait on that. – Yeah, just a plain Jane.
– Yeah. – He’s on.
– So that was… – What are we on?
– 5.35. Right. What are you saying? Come on.
I’ll have you a coffee on this. – What are you saying it is?
– I reckon it looks like F1. – You’re saying F1.
– Well, I don’t know. You’ve gone for a favourite already,
haven’t you? I’m going to go for a small carp.
A little bambino mirror. – It’s not pulling hard enough.
– Right, what have we got? – I reckon I’m buying you a coffee.
– Are you? No barbels on that, mate. Formula 1, isn’t she?
– Formula 1. – Nice, pretty one, though.
– Let’s have a look at her, then. – Lovely little Formula. Pretty fish.
– Yeah, I’d need two hands for that. – Would you?
– Yeah. That’s what we get working up
in the coal mines up north, big hands. There you go. See you, mate. First off I asked Matt to use the Tiger
Nut Goo onto his Hybrid Feeder. A lovely, subtle, sweet
and highly attractive Goo. His Mainline Match hookbaits have
already been soaked in Isotonic Goo. However, to really speed up
the reaction from the fish, we add a small amount inside the feeder and a little bit on top
just prior to casting. That’s how I like it.
A little bit wet for this temperature. – Yeah, yeah.
– A little bit of moisture. – Lovely, that, isn’t it?
– Nice, isn’t it? – Same spot.
– Same spot. Start the clock. There you go. That didn’t take long.
One minute 31. I don’t know what to say! One minute 31 and it’s a carp, isn’t it? It’s a carp, isn’t it? I don’t believe it, man.
Don’t believe it. – So what was that? Four times as quick?
– Got to be. I’m not good at maths. Right, I’ll get my coat. See you later.
It’s been a good day. When I nailed the first one
after five minutes on my old, plain, faithful pellets, I thought, yeah,
they’re going to work as normal today. Then Al came along, smeared a bit
of the old Tiger Nut on there, I was sort of giggling to myself
when he was doing it. Chucked it out, a minute and a half
later, I’ve got one on. Done my head in. Go on, then, slosh it back.
Let’s go again. Happy with that one. Go for a plain Jane
with your boring micros. Let’s see how it goes. Could have been
a fluke, couldn’t it? Could have. I don’t know what to say.
He’s got a cheeky smile now. With Matt now recasting
without the Goo on his feeder, I was confident
things would slow up once again. Oh, yes, the clock. Here we go. – Oh, he’s on.
– He’s on now. Five minutes exactly. Not as big as that one on Goo either. It’s not as big as that one on the Goo. Our Italian friend. – Hey, Carassio.
– Carassio. Well done, mate. Cheers, matey. Had my third catch, plain Jane again. I thought maybe it was a bit of a
coincidence that we nailed one on Goo because it could have been. Chucked it back out plain,
five minutes to get a bite. That’s four times as long
as it took with Goo. With the Tiger Nut Goo
already displayed, it was time to take things up a notch. The Pinkberry really does pack a punch
with its unique smell and vibrant taste. This is especially important in cold
water where you need to make an impact to wake up docile fish,
but can I prove it to Matt? Stop clock. On the deck, she’s down, mate. What I could do
is stick that to your head. Like that. Stop clock on your head. …places like that,
everyone’s sat in a straight… – Oh, here we go.
– Never! 1.03. – Flipping heck!
– Yeah. It’s all right, this stuff, hey? – Lovely.
– Lovely. Hang on, that first catch with Goo
saved me three and a half minutes. That second catch with Goo
saved me a minute and a half. Imagine if you were catching
on every chuck, how many more you could catch over
a five-hour match saving that time. It’s really easy to create
the perfect Gooed-up hookbaits. The type to use for this
is the Supreme variety. These are ideal for penetrating right
through to the core of the hookbait. This is brilliant
for triggering reactions from monster carp across the planet and
also smaller coarse fish on commercials. Simply drizzle some on, just enough
to coat the baits in the tub, shake them up, leave them to soak
that in, then repeat the process. These will get better with time to the point that when you cut
a white bait open, you will see that the Goo
has penetrated right in to the centre, giving you longer leakage time. Then you know you have an absolute
sponge of magic attraction. Ooh… Having proven to Matt just how much
quicker you get bites using the Goo, it was now time to have a play
and see if we can use a method to pick up larger specimens
that could be in the swim. The new Guru maggot feeder
is the star of the show but I’ve added a little bit of foam
to help act as a liquid carrier. This will pump out soluble attraction
that the fish will locate and hone in on whilst the maggots wriggle out. The set-up is complete
with a rig called the Spinner, often used in big carp fishing. Oh, Al… Are we on? Bigger? Not sure. I don’t think it is. I think it’s an F1 or something. I don’t think it’s a carp. Don’t know. – Bigger?
– Biggest fish of the day, mate, so far. F1. Yeah, everything playing to plan,
isn’t it? I know he’s a little bit crazy because
I have to work in the office with him but I’d never use a hookbait that big
or a hook that big or put some foam in a feeder!
He’s crackers but the biggest fish of the session.
Fair play. It’s got me thinking you can use Goos
as a method in itself. Catch a few on one,
nick a fish on another one. There’s about 20 different kinds so my head’s going to be fried
this next 12 months trying them all. Interestingly the day seemed
to have been filled with F1s and I was pretty sure that was because the king carp had migrated
to shallower water out of the cold wind, so a little move was in order
to prove that final point and how quickly you can make
things happen with the Goo. You have, haven’t you? I thought my rod had gone! It’s a mirror carp, I can tell.
Oh, yeah! Well done, mate. Well done, kid. I enjoyed that,
a little bit of stalking. Location, location, location. So what we were using in our
normal swim is catching lots of fish. But there weren’t many of these about,
back of the wind, cold water, got in there, same method,
under that tree, about 15 seconds, Gooed-up to the max, king carp-io. – Tiger Nut special.
– You like it, don’t you? I love it. Isotonic hookbait, Tiger Nut
on the feeder, tiered system. – Instant, proper instant.
– It is instant, mate. Do you know what, it’s lovely to get out
with someone like Godfrey because even though he hasn’t
used the Goos that much, he is a really open-minded angler and he’s one of those people
that I think will learn to use it and become devastating
at using it as well. And as I’ve kept saying all day, that old adage, how many fish
have you left in the lake? Don’t worry
about the ones you’ve caught, how many have you left out there
that you could have caught?

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  2. I like Korda products, you get what you paid for with them. I find that the Isotonic works wonders for wild carp in my neck of the woods. Keep up the good work Korda and ignore the haters! 👍

  3. You got the second take faster because you got fish feeding in that spot with the previous cast, not because the bait had goo on it…

  4. Was sceptical about goos at first bought some to try it out last weekend had 2 rods out 1 with goo one without the one with goo had 8 runs landed 6 fish the one without had 2 runs landed zero fish will be putting goo on every time now seems to work thumbs up from me

  5. If you want to catch more fish spend more time choosing your swim and get on the fish. Danny fairbrass needs another holiday home, this stuffs a load of over priced shite.

  6. The goo does work most of the time HOWEVER I will say that other glugs works just as effectively. I like to use the activator that comes with the mainline baits like cell and essential cell popups and wafters and those soaked in their activators are just as effective as these goo's. Do the same thing soak for a few days, dry out, soak again, etc do this for a couple/few weeks and you have a highly glugged high attractant bait soaked to the core that will most of the time get hit faster and more often than a non glugged bait. (Tip: for those that have buoyancy issues after soaking, just make sure to let dry out before using) Difference is paying just $8 for a 300ml bottle of Activator compared to $18 for a 115ml bottle of goo. The advantage and potentially disadvantage of goo is the many different flavors. Could be bad if one stops working then having to try different ones to figure out what one is working at a particular water. Just testing and having to have a large variety is especially the reason using goo's can be VERY expensive.

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