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Catch Me If You Can (5/10) Movie CLIP – Go Fish (2002) HD

Catch Me If You Can (5/10) Movie CLIP – Go Fish (2002) HD

How much would you pay? I’m sor… I’m sorry, how mu… How much
would I pay for what? (romantic instrumental music
playing) The entire night. How much would you pay me
for the entire night? Cheryl, I…
I really don’t know. ♪ …I can hardly wait
to hold you… ♪ Don’t be scared. ♪ …How long I have waited… ♪ Make me an offer. ♪ …Now that I have found you ♪ ♪ don’t ever go… ♪ $300? Go fish. (sheepish chuckle) Uh, $500? Go fish. (chuckles) $600. (both chuckling) Go fish. (saxophone playing sexy riff) $1,000. Okay. $1,000. Okay. I’ll be right back. Wait a second.
Where are you going? I’m going downstairs To cash a check. You think this hotel is going
to cash a $1,000 check At 3:00am? It’s a new york
savings and loan check. It’s like gold. They’ll cash it. Don’t you think
they might get A little suspicious? Let me see that. It’s a cashier’s check. Endorse it over to me. No. I couldn’t do that. See, this check
is for $1,400. We agreed upon $1,000. Why don’t I give
you back $400 And you give me
that check? Even better. ♪ the look of love ♪ ♪ is in your eyes… ♪

100 comments on “Catch Me If You Can (5/10) Movie CLIP – Go Fish (2002) HD

  1. Totally missed it the first time around that he did have a 1,000$ check but played her on purpose beforehand. Always thought it was a lucky perk.

  2. You people aren't looking at this the right way. She got young Leo for the night for $400. See how he was teasing her? Lots of people would have paid that back then. She couldn't care less if she was "scammed".

  3. 1:22 He was going to give her 1400$ but she was a greedy ho and end up paying him 400$ to f**k her all night. When you sell your body you become cheep whatever was your price.

  4. The filthy, sleazy, whorish, prostitute , immoral, harlot, got just what her evil, sinful, gold digging fornicating self richly deserved, a proper screwing! In more ways than one!

  5. If Frank actually did this ( and not Spielberg's dream work ) then , perhaps, this is the only crime of Frank , though I condemn, clap my hands for so nicely done…. split second thinking !!! 🙂

  6. The Tale of Leonardo Capuccino

    She met him at an airport back in Timbuktu
    Invited her to dinner so she brought her crew
    They worked for Pan American and flew non-stop
    If only she had known him she’d have called a cop

    The suit he wore was stolen from the cleaners next door
    He looked a million dollars in what pilots wore
    Holding in his hand an attache from target
    Hers was in the other, she said “Hi, I’m Margaret”

    They all sat in a line at the airport bar
    A sign above the portal spelled out ‘Zanzibar’
    He reached into his pocket, and he just said, “Dam!”
    Pulled it right back out and showed an open hand

    “That’s alright” she told him and, “I got this, honey”
    Seven pretty stewardesses with lots of money
    The lady’s made a fuss of it and called him fine
    “Welcome to America’s most experienced airline!”

    They took him out to eat and paid for drinks and dinner
    Got him a hotel room and made him a sinner
    Took him to the movies in a rented car
    He said he left his wallet at the airport bar

    After such a night as few on Earth had seen
    She watched him wave goodbye from a limousine
    He kissed each and every hostess, would she ever learn
    The time has passed so slowly for his promised return

    joey racano

  7. She got what she deserved when he gave her that fake check. This movie is based in the 60s. $100 bucks in the 60s was worth about $800 bucks now. His initial offer of $300 wouldve basically been $2400 today. No way guys were spending $300 bucks for a girl back then.

  8. You can have Julia Roberts for $300 a night or $3000 for the whole week. This girl was too expensive. That fake cheque was a good deal, though

  9. SMOOTH….!!!!
    The thing which strikes me…
    that he had a cheque of 1000..
    inspite of which he tried using the 1400 cheque….😆

  10. It's interesting to see how once a price is settled upon, and Frank is back to his con-artist self, he's confident once more.

  11. Wow, Jennifer Garner is so freakin’ beautiful and gorgeous! Ben Affleck was a total idiot to cheat on her. If she was my wife, I would be working harder than in a regular job to stay totally committed to loving her.

  12. A criminal gets a federal government job for his efforts, following in the footsteps of every government leader in the world.

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