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Catch n Cook 🔥 Prawns 🍤 with Flathead Fishing Shrimp in USA EP.352

Catch n Cook 🔥 Prawns 🍤 with Flathead Fishing Shrimp in USA EP.352

whoo-hoo Andy’s fishing Hi everyone it’s Andy from Andysfishing here.
North Queensland it’s summer the prawns are out it’s um rained about a month ago
so I’m going to try and catch some prawns (shrimp) with cast net make sure you check
your local regulations you may not be able to allowed to cast net or dragnet
in certain areas or stay tuned I’ve put some crab pots and I’ve got the fishing
rod as well so and I’ve got the cooker so today it could be catch and cook it
might not be but I’m hoping for some prawns like that with Andrew just the
other day and there was heaps of prawns it was hard to catch berries but so many
prawns (shrimp) so that’s why we’ve hard to catch Barramundi because they’ll just be
performed everywhere but I’m hoping today we’re going to get some prawns for
lunch or dinner or yeah Barra or Mangrove Jack maybe crabs you name it Oh
ours go okay I got a little Barracuda in there some bait and trace this pot over
here I’m using a couple of different pots today this is the old school ones I
built myself and then I’ve got these is the new ones which I bought Oh next pot
and now just so you know in Queensland at the moment you’re allowed to have
four pots per person so I’m dropping all four and pot number four okay beautiful Big Flathead or there is a big flat head hello gonna let this one go right Oh a
nice one get you out let’s go oh yeah you’re a big flathead, stop flipping
around okay my last episode I caught a I think just done around 60 centimeter 165
and now I ate the last one I don’t like to eat a lot of these but the first fish
we call it so I did keep it this girl here all big flat head a big breeding
females I prefer to let them go and have you go girl a nice big flat thank you
guys thank you guys I’ll sing the water today I’m using the lure that works good
the other day the senses it’s a mission SP one one five so yeah that’s that a
performed Andrews $30 lures four two one yeah quite happy with that and casting
with a samaki zing ten to twenty pounds six foot spins and rampage three
thousand in all real thirty pound braid and twenty pound lead or I think at
twenty pound leader There’s blue salmon in here, come on already this was actually quite frustrating
because I couldn’t get one to eat I tried for quite a long time and then I
got stuck I wasn’t talking much at this stage because I was too worried about
getting stuck in there for 8 to 10 hours and looking around for crocodiles while I
was in knee-deep crocodile water I’m not a good place to be but at least I got
out and there’s a big stingray feedom up there start to show no big sting my
finger that’s pretty cool everything’s into the prawns look like a
little pond that’s pretty cool lots of prawns gone everywhere alright let’s go
get some prawns I’m coming into shallows because that’s
where the pawns like to hang out I feel safe in the shallows what is casting a
lot up into the bank there and it wasit cast a cast net but we should go we have some prawn there’s a couple left
– I think I had three or four in there I’m not huge but I don’t mind that you
jump overboard okay you go lock them up
we’ll just eat a hole basically let me take off the top of the head a couple more the only problem with fascinating in a
boat as you get lots of junk a few little dead fish always threader
the fish overboard because some of the fish you catch
juvenile down mundi well I’m not so many of those that salmon bream I’ve caught a
heap of today I was the other one grunt I hear the banded grunt quite a
lot of those come in there as well so let’s read a little ones back here you
can see I’ve got pretty dirty crawling I probably get over an hour maybe an hour
and a half but this is the reward it’s about I’m going to say that 300 to 400
grams of prawns and I’ve just kept all sizes here you’re allowed to keep
whatever size 10 litres is the maximum so whenever I am I go out in the boat
I have little pot and I have my little stove I’m just going to boil these up
I’m going to do is just get some saltwater a plain old saltwater not too
much just enough to cover them so I’ll heat the water up first get it boiling
and then throw the prawns (shrimp) in and they’ll take about a minute or two to cook maybe
maybe three and then I’ll show you how I eat them not have everybody else eats
them there we go that’s starting to boil I’ll show you how I pick up porns little
green prawns (shrimp) get two fingers you can through that and you grab the antennae
that way you don’t get spike too much and straight in the pot anywhere you go
and you get that some of the gold pink already beautiful get the rest of these
in and then we’ll get that water boiling it she’s going to be a nice feast first
I didn’t think I was going to get too many causes done I was getting one and
two from the cast net then I change classmates from the monofilament to a
nylon one and sorry not Nolan a cotton one cotton ones they bronze
tend to stick to a lot better and now here then I was getting five six seven
ten in one one cast and yeah about an hour and a half and how long it took me
to get these four so it might be a bit of a dirty seem to get prawns but when
they’re here they’re just so tasty and I actually felt the shells on those
they’re really thin so the way I eat them is going to be fine and just a bit
of apple cider to start things up ah cold drink when you’re fishing when it’s
hot so good but I can’t wait for these prawn (shrimp)s are you going to be delicious
Sam done no you go that’s the last of them beautiful
look at those another pink of some prawns because I’ve got really thin
shells but they’re going to be quite soft and tasty now my secret little
thing here is tomato sauce with mayonnaise and guess what that make that
is all it is in Thousand Island dressing grab a prime so the long and eat beef
prawn is pull the head off save that for later because I’m going to make like a
porn broth with it and then just squeeze the leg off
so cut the legs off there and then don’t it but no need to peel it mix it around
in my little Thousand Island dressing and just like the last bit of tail off
we keep that as well so these things have quite a em thin shell and it
doesn’t bother me at all eating that okay just a pinch a half Oh drop the
head some of the legs here we got it’s a
shell coming off when you grab the leg that’s on the most as an island dressing
this is just a lost little bit of tile that I donate mm-hmm okay good sign
Allah I wish you were here I bet you wish you were here too so I’m going to
draw these pawns (shrimp) and don’t forget you got to get the crackpot oh that was delicious I should do that
more often that’s cider beautiful bronze excellent
Subin kept some more fish oh yeah oh that’s a good one what have we got Oh must be Grunter very
nice very nice you’ve got a lot of pull to be hooked underneath the stomach
there so that is a exceptional fish very nicely look at that look at the size of
that look at colors a nice purple beautiful and the size of the lure he
ate so get that out of here that nice purple in him and most people would say
I’m crazy for letting this guy go because you see how long is he’s about
47 centimeters maybe 48 Grunter but I don’t need fishes man I
still got barramundi so off you go fella there you go Got it that is a flathead oh yeah yeah sort of stuck on the bottom
everything I know to Cod there we go that’s all I stuck on the bottom
ah mr. Cod must have stuck me under sign there we go there you go as well
yes all nice afternoon yeah so we call an extra card together buddy see ya okay
first put yo on it one of its off it come on let’s see absolutely nothing has
ever been touched that is terrible okay annex pluck I’m feel very heavy
one on the side mud crab legend guy that’s you guys not there yet thanks for watching hopefully enjoyed
that if you want to watch more videos straight away
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patreon so yeah thanks for watching and hopefully more to come very soon

100 comments on “Catch n Cook 🔥 Prawns 🍤 with Flathead Fishing Shrimp in USA EP.352

  1. Love your video's. But, what's up with your cast net? It's not closing. Unless it's supposed to be like that.

  2. Hi andy. You are my favorite fishing youtuber ever! You got me in to jigging and using soft plastics! thanks andy! commet if you tink that aswell! By the way are you ever thinking about coming to birmingham because i want to meet yo to come fishing with me and all of the beatifull subs! ☺☺☺

  3. Do u have a editor because the editing like water vis the temp it takes time and ur out in the wilderness like all the time so…

  4. i like ketchup and mayo. i wonder if that taste the same as the tomato sauce……. probably isn't much different. thats the only sauce other than butter that i like with my shrimp

  5. Andy you should put a small tarp down in the front of your boat when Prawning. When done dump it all over the side and rinse tarp….vwalla.

  6. Also I don't think I could eat shrimp with shells on. Would feel too much like eating a roach…Are these prawns too small to need devaining?

  7. Sorry, one more comment. You should check out the shrimping video on Deermeatfordinner. They put lights down in the water at night and just scoop them up with a net by the bucket full. Much easier and cleaner. I wonder if that would work where you are at

  8. Nice day out mate .a good trick I use is a small tarp on the casting deck while I'm throw netting and wrap it up and wash it over the side and you have a nice clean deck to roll the swag out later.keep up the good work mate

  9. My dad said it’s elegal to drink beer or alcohol when boating is it or is it not he said it’s the same as driving a car can’t drink and drive but I see so many vids of people drinking in the boat if u got caught by the sea cops ur done

  10. Hey mate nice vids, been watching for over a year. if you’re ever down in northern NSW near Ballina there’s some good spots for big mangrove jack and jewfish. Biggest mangrove jack was 12.5kg on the inside of north wall on mullet caught by a local fishing legend Dallas, I’m sure you’d love it.

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