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Catch n Cook 🔥 Tarpon Over Night Jungle fishing Adventure EP.351

Catch n Cook 🔥 Tarpon Over Night Jungle fishing Adventure EP.351

Hello every one it’s Andy from Andys fishing
here. I am deep in the jungle again. It has been a long time since I’ve been in
the jungle I really miss it, it has been 8 or 9 months. I have my backpack with the tent, hammock,
sleeping bag and ground mat. I will stay over night and go out tomorrow. There are a lot of Mangrove Jacks here now,
very clear water. There is a big Gudgeon coming. Eat it, owww, he has eaten it. That is a cool fish, look at that nice fish. I just lost it. Bummer. Ohh, woo hoo! That is a strong fish. Barramundi or Mangrove jack, I don’t know. It’s a big fish. Lots of weight in it too. Looks like a Mangrove Snapper. Nice red fish, beautiful. Now he is in the weed. Nice fish. Look at that. He is a 45cm Mangrove Jack. This is the lure I caught it on. Eccoda Jerk Bait in gold. The rod is a Samaki Zing. The reel is Ecooda Black hawk 2 2000 model. I am walking from water hole to water hole. Looking out for snakes and crocodiles. It is very shallow, but crocodiles live here. Something ate my lure. A Bream maybe. Got him, yes it’s a huge bream. Right up in the freshwater., very cool. Silver Bream. Big Bream for here. The like the Ecooda lure. Something tried to eat him, maybe a crocodile. Just hole the fish upright, that’s the best
way to release them. I’m using a Saku Snoop Dog lure now. A great top water lure or surface shrimp. The fish will bite on the top water more now. I like enjoying the scenery when I fish in
the jungle. Wooo Hoooo, that has to be a big Barramundi! That is only the 4th cast with the Saku snoop
dog lure. Lets go get that kid fish. Keep tension on the line as i do so. There is a mangrove Jack just sitting there. He is still on, and trying to escape. It’s not as deep as I thought, which is really
good: That is a big Mangrove Snapper: I will put the rod into the tree to catch
the fish. The line is wrapped around the tree, very
hard to catch this fish. The fish is under the log, a big fish too. I have the line with the fish on it. But he is around the tree. I can catch this fish, just pass the rod under
the tree. The fish is free, now to catch it. That is a good sized Mangrove Jack. Oh, no he is back in his home. That fish is just under 50cm long. The hook is just in my a tiny bit of skin. The Saku snoop dog worked on it’s first trip. That is where I started, and I caught the
fish here. I didn’t keep the fish, because I like to catch them twice. I don’t show everyone where I am, because
they are special. I will set up my camp hammock now. Lets catch something for dinner. I want to use the Ecooda live shrimp, it is
a great lure. A nice Barramundi here. He had it! I had to catch him, he wanted to be caught. This is one of the best lures. A Tarpon, that could be my dinner or lunch. I have never eaten Tarpon before. I will cook the fish up on
the fire soon. This looks like a great spot for lunch, a
little fire here. A nice bed of coals and I will throw the Tarpon
on the fire. Push some coals over it and it will bake nicely. I will eat all manner of fish in future videos. The Tarpon looks cooked to me. He looks cooked to me. Lets eat some of this fish. There are a lot of bones in this fish. Smells like fish, tastes like fish. I will eat that and then fish a while longer. A nice fish on there, and I have a problem. A very good sized Mangrove Jack. I
am now using the 85mm jerk bait. Lets go find my camp. Camp must be around here some place! Hard to find at night. My head torch is fading a lot. There is my camp. Good night everyone, in my cosy hammock, sleeping
bag. It’s time to get up, I can hear the birds singing. Morning fire. I just burnt my hair on the fire as I was
getting it going. A nice cup of tea for breakfast, then a long hike out. The plan for today is to, walk out and fish along the way. I
want to catch more fish on the way out too. My new camera the gopro hero5. That looks like a Barra, a little Barramundi. Lost him, there he goes. Another Mangrove snapper, yes. Ooo, a nice Tarpon I think.

100 comments on “Catch n Cook 🔥 Tarpon Over Night Jungle fishing Adventure EP.351

  1. Jesus christ take the guts out of the fish before you cook it man thats nasty. The fish will taste much better trust me

    Super cool video tho mate

  2. Great vid Andy I am looking to go on smaller trips than yours maby day trips up that way but as I am from the Gold Coast I know nothing about the crocks and where they are how do you tell especially when you were up to your waste and will they attach you or are they chill.

  3. It’s cool to see a tarpon c&c since it’s illegal to keep tarpon in the states. I live in Southern California far from any tarpon but I love to watch and learn about fish all over the world. Meat looks quite weird but I guess you said it tastes good!

  4. I always looking to your video's before I go sleeping. Super relaxing. Great video Andy, thanks and good night😉

  5. I was a bit surprised you chose the Tarpon over a Mangrove jack to eat. Mangrove jacks, which are Mangrove Snappers for those of us in the Caribbean and Atlantic in North America, taste great!

  6. Awesome video mate! 1st video I've seen of yours and I've definitely subscribed after that! Best part is, that was ep. 351!!!! I'm guna be here a while 😂👍

  7. how in the world do you get those underwater shots of them taking the bait???? your videos are amazing, I subed yesterday and I've been watching non-stop. I like in Honduras, the scenery here is very similar to that of Australia, minus a lot of the deadly critters haha great inspiration your videos. keep them coming!

  8. All those nice fish and you choose to eat a Tarpon? A burnt to hell Tarpon at that! Nice vid, thanks a bunch. Tarpon season is just winding down here in SW Florida, but nobody eats them and they are @ 3 to 4 ft long. Actually illegal to keep them. But those Mangrove Snappers are just fantastic to eat.

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Every time you catch your happiness is epic! You really love what you're doing. That's exactly how to live life❤️👍

  11. Hallo Andy 🙂 Ich liebe deine Videos sehr!!!!! Ich komme von den Philippienen, aber bin hier in Deutschland aufgewachsen:) Weißt Du, woran man erkennen kann, ob es in einem Zufluss mit vielen Mangroven erkennen kann, ob es dort Mangrove Snapper gibt? Muss das Wasser klar sein, oder wie in den Zuflüssen (Brackwasser) sehr Trübe? Mach weiter so!!!!! Ich hoffe, es kommen bald 4K Videos von, das wär noch interessanter 🙂

  12. great footage man. just subscribed. also a little reminder if you ever find yourself in the USA. dont eat tarpon. they are super protected and i believe federally protected as well. not saying you would but on the possibility if you ever make it over here to film/fish. keep up the good work my friend 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  13. Hiiiii Andy!
    Sag mal, kannst du einmal ein Video machen, für Leute, die in den Urlaub fahren und die Angelruten in den Kopper packen möchten…am besten Teleskopruten oder wenn möglich, auch Steckruten, womit man auch Barras oder Groupers fängt? Es müssen ja nicht die größten Fische sein, aber somit man als Allrounder zumindest etwas gewappnet ist! Auch würde ich gerne mal die Popper und Twitcher benutzen, also muss für die Rute ja das geeignete Wurfgewicht sein. Das Budget wäre auch sehr interessant, also nicht highend Geräte, da die Ruten und Rollen dann am Ende des Urlaubs ja erst wieder benötigt werden, wenn man wieder in 3 – 5 Jahren dorthin fliegt. Ich hoffe, es macht dir kein Kopfschmerzen gerade was ich alles geschrieben habe!!? Ein solches Video denk ich, würde viele interessieren, aber mich am meisten!!!!!!!!!!!! Mach weiter bitte!

  14. Boring watching you .if you're not gonna eat the fish stay home .you so.e of those fish you throw back might of die and you don't put them on your video's shame on you.not really fun watching you no more.

  15. Make a v-cut just deep enough to remove the eyes. What's neat is that the v-cut follows the pattern the eyes make, leaving the fish with a twisted appearance, kind of like a screw.

  16. Your bottom caption is not in sync with the video, Dude! You probably know this, but thought I would let you know just in case! Great videos always!

  17. Ballz of steel is all i have to say .. where there are Barra Tarpon Jacks and Bream there are crocs … Ballz of Steel . I was very impressed with Gudgeon i have never realized they go that big . I tired Tarpon many years ago to all my Friends shock and horror . I would like to see you use more poppers maybe a skitterpop . I know this is an old video but still a good one . Also like to see do some Big Jew night fishing if at all possible i know they are around your way at times . PS : you havent got the hair to be burining 😛

  18. Just don't let the Chinese find you fishing hole, they will empty that place.
    1970 we used to fish lots of bass in eastern Ontario Canada . We only take big fish and took home what's needed. The migration of Chinese in Toronto area started during that year. A few Chinese saw us fishing in the area. We went back a couple of times and lots of chinese were also fishing even very early morning. We noticed the fish are not hitting because there were no fish! THEY TAKE SO MUCH, LITTLE FISH AND EVEN SNAPPING TURTLE.

  19. The mangrove jack looks almost identical to the mangrove snapper in America mainly the golf of Mexico and parts of the middle Atlantic areas near Florida

  20. Did you ever attacked by alligator or snake but it's not recorded? Am the one scared sometime watching, hehehe

  21. Andy… Barra, Mangrove Jack, Bream and Gudgeon and you chose to eat a Tarpon?? You must have brought some supplies with you that day. Lol

    P.S. Snake Head Gudgeon is an excellent table fish. Very much like sleepy cod. Try some

  22. Found your channel in link from Timmy Turtles movie. A beautiful place thanks to your amazing camera skills. Well done sir!

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