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Catch n’ Cook Aquarium Fish!

Catch n’ Cook Aquarium Fish!

guys I have a turtle I literally have a churro right now if maybe this is a Brazil way of fishing where you just throw lines up and then you come back and check up look at this we got a turtle guys what is cookin guys check out this pier behind me I want to fish off of it but it’s not mine let’s go of it let’s test my Portuguese skills and let’s see if I can get permission to fish from this boy boy ill no fala portugues es el americano you sow you tuber you que pensé car nappy regalia cerveza no we gather we do together Wow look at this guys is this sweet okay I’m what you guys know something if you guys are new to fishing look at all that algae in the water the wind has been blowing for the last couple days straight at the shore here and that is a very good thing because what that does is it blows algae and just kind of stirs up the bank then when that all gets stirred up it stirs up the little fish come around feeding on it and of course the little fish being active it stirs up the bigger fish because they come around eat the little fish so whenever you have you see like usually I’m not always but usually when you see like algae like this and the winds been blowing hard it’s not blowing hard at the moment but when the winds blew been blowing hard at the shore and kind of stern everything up that usually means a fishing is better on this side of the river or lake alright guys so we’re just gonna try some classic classic bottom fishing with night crawlers it gave me I got a bag of night crawlers before I came here at a tackle store let’s just throw some out on the bottom and let’s see what’s out there let’s just see what bites one of the workers that’s working on the property of it actually came over and he just pointed to me he said did this so I assumed that meant go to all the way to the end of the dock so that you know I’m gonna try it since I’m gonna try throw out a worm everything usually eats worms got my feet in the water just good old-fashioned fishing on a simple bait hook wait I just have a ball of worms and then we have a sinker and away we go hopefully no big catfish or something comes over and grabs that cuz I only have ten pound test line on yes I’m already into bite oh I had a bite already not even like a minute out there got something oh I think it just got off unless it’s so small oh no it’s a tiny oh it’s a portkey no a little tiny it looks like an aquarium fish check that out guys this fish is called a portkey no and the deliver literal translation is a little pig little pig fish looks like it should be long in it in an aquarium but they’re practically a delicacy here in Brazil they don’t get very big apparently and I was talking with a vocal and he said all porky no and he just went crazy he said it’s basically said it’s the best fish so I’m actually put this in the bucket I don’t know how big pig is like is this a big one or not so anyway we’re gonna eat or whatever news I’m going to throw this little pig fish in my bucket and because that’s only a mouthful or two but we’ll keep casting I don’t know we’ll see if we’ll eat that one I normally don’t eat fish that small but there I guess from what I understand they’re like a delicacy here people eat them all the time in fact if you if you guys are closely following my channel there’s a one scene where I caught my first one of those and the guy actually asked me in Portuguese but I didn’t understand and he asked me if you want to keep it and I just threw it back because I didn’t I didn’t understand what he was saying so apparently they eat them that small so throw them in a bucket I’m only gonna keep no if I can catch you know some other fish otherwise that’s just like two bites oh I didn’t even know I had one he’s reeling in now that perky new is just a little too small that’s not even a bite on both sides another cool little pig fish though I probably shouldn’t set the hook that hard on fish this small another porky no oh this is a little bit bigger one figure than the last one I’m basically eating aquarium fish well you know if they’re delicacy I’m in for trying them at least once got another one well this feels like a better one okay what do we got I know they’re poor keen there must be a school because like this is kind of easy that is the biggest one of the day right there folks as far as big fish go man they are spiky spiky little devils look at that doesn’t that look like some sort of ocean fish or aquarium fish that is so cool well this will be one of the most interesting catching cooks I think I’ve ever done before we get to cooking up these porky new guys I’m gonna show you my brand-new travel wallet isn’t that sweet a burnt metal wallet guys this is a ridge wallet it’s fully metallic and the thing that I really love about this is this fits in my front pocket this is just slightly bigger than a credit card as you can see right there I have crept three credit cards actually two credit cards and one ID right in there so it’s smaller then there’s big bulky leather wallets fit it right in front of your pocket you can sit down you don’t have to worry about the discomfort especially when you’re traveling and I know I go to Brazil most people like that’s not they’re not that extreme but if you’re a trucker or if you’re like a traveling businessman I mean imagine being a traveling businessman like a three-piece suit and you have this sweet metallic wallet guys this is the 21st century man’s wallet fits right in your front pocket no discomfort and it just looks amazing most of us are carrying cards anyway so might as well ditch that bulky wallet get yourself a Ridge wallet at but if you carry a little bit of cash boom has the cash clip this is the cash clip or they have a strap two different options there check them out in the description of this video and you guys type in the code ace at checkout they won’t you a cool 10% off Ridge wallet guys I promise once you get one of these you will never go back check them out in the description below alright guys so I was sitting here fishing deciding what I want to do next and this gentleman showed up and he’s going to be fishing he arrived on his bike down here on the on the dock or on the pier well though oh come on oh all right so I know what he’s doing oh come on Wow uh-huh shrimp all right guys he’s using live shrimp okay it’s car yes they got the one out there I’m just gonna watch what he’s doing this is a perfect opportunity for me to learn something on ice we’ve got a double double rig on okay so he’s got a double double shrimp on throws out on the bottom okay and we have another get on and then he has boys right dude yeah [Music] I guess I have a little bit of a dilemma that guy it put the threat at the three feet he has three fishing rods cast out there was shrimp plumbing he’s gone I don’t know what he’s doing I really don’t he’s he’s livid I cannot even see him and I’m pretty sure one of these just got a bite on it um and like look they’re not even anchored down it’s just like yeah just laid there I really don’t know what to think here I’m looking at his bike and it just looks like a regular as applier just looks like a regular fisherman that came down here for a day and I don’t know why he would just throw out three lines and then literally walk away without the lines even anchored down I guess I I know so I can’t even see him I don’t know where he’s and I know this is getting a bite so I’m gonna like man is fishing rod for my guess I would say that was just kind of a dumb move because what if a big peacock bass grabs it pulls the fishing rod in III don’t think he would do that unless he thought that I was gonna watch the fishing rods or maybe and this would be just like a Brazilian to do maybe he thought oh there’s the this guy’s out here he doesn’t know he’s doing so I’m gonna throw out three fishing rods for him hopefully catch some fish oh yeah oh good grief we got a bite he may have thrown these out for me and I just didn’t understand the bike we got oh this really rusty I think he got off oh no we got okay we got this little tiny fish I can’t one of these I don’t know what it’s called caught one of these before he has watched that episode maybe this guy I don’t know I really don’t know I think he threw this out for me this is all he put these fishing lines together so that I would have oh look this one’s going off got one I would hate this is gonna be so funny if he just threw these out maybe this is a Brazil way of fishing and he just three guys I have a turtle I literally have a turtle right now if maybe this is a Brazil way of fishing where you just throw lines up and then you come back and check it but it doesn’t make any sense to me because he didn’t secure his fishing rods look at this we got a turtle guys he ate a shrimp this is cool this is the first turtle for sure and I’ve never caught oh he just spit it out he wasn’t really cooked whoa that is a fast eater and he’s tangled up my fish there he goes Wow you literally never know what you’re gonna catch out here oh here he comes here he comes I was using his fishing rod yeah taluka amazed amazed amazed look out excellent Magali means cool guys are nice Jose uh-oh we got one guys we got one on this board Deena Oh guys that’s a good one right there I’ve got a soccer net boy yes sir all right guys got another keeper forking over him put this in his fish basket here there we go so I was right about the fishing rods he intended for me to watch over these I guess or maybe it just happened that way and he’s just too nice not to say anything I’m gonna man these just for a little while longer and we’re gonna cook up these I got my fish all right guys he’s got look at this okay this is big for a porky oh look how beautiful that fish is I just can’t get over that’s like an aquarium fish is so cool wait the bone oh that’s nice a hooked up here yes that month oh it’s another nice pork inna here I was cast now I didn’t even have to kiss Oh Ricky you feel a feel a weight the ball okay yeah he says he said Burke he knows really good stick this fish basket there we go three porky no for him I am going to try eating them for the first time is the nipsey luckiest I’m a proposed co3 god oh man oh man oh man oh man doc wants you bad you yeah we gotta are you gonna thank you well guys he’s going to give me some of his porky no we gotta well guys there we go we have six yeah six porky – thank you sex six face six obrigado Rasta Lily gather person would say know me wrong Joe Rome John ligado sailed um Oh ASA haze I say it videos youtube channel yeah Portuguese oh oh oh yeah he’s got something no no no say we gather I guess I wanna see what is this oh another nice one kill it I’m casting out the whole tie Dean you have to cast out they were just right under the dock yeah that was it okay he’s gonna give me another Oh God well 7:08 now Champa with obrigado well that so many nice people suddenly let me fish up there Peter and that guy let me keep all of his pork keep working knife working one of them anyway and so I have seven of these to try and eat it kind of gave me confirmation because I was like really people eat the fish this small like this better be really tasty and so when he’s catching just small ones even it’s good to know except because I was I didn’t it’d be weird yeah like imagine keeping like eating five inch bass you know people you like what are you doing and I didn’t want to do that so anyway yeah that’s as big as these fish get so what’s gonna cook up my fish on the pier but it is so hot I wanted to find a shady place I love the idea I’m just like it doing you know cooking up my fish right underneath a little Shady Glen and you know enjoying that like I usually do back in Idaho but here in this region of Brazil you do not casually set up a family picnic because in the grass living it just the grass everywhere are tiny venomous scorpions and these scorpions are so bad apparently that they can send a grown man to the hospital so you don’t just you know you don’t throw a blanket down and just like have a nice little picnic so let’s go to this little place right here this is the girlfriend’s family’s they call it a ranch but the term isn’t the same there are not let’s just a little place where they can have family barbecues be close to the river and clean your fish here and then you could cook your finish which they do quite often here I would use this barbecue pit but I don’t have the charcoal required anyway I’m gonna cook my fish up here this is a safe place no scorpions let’s see how we’re going to fillet these little monster all right you a little pig fish we’ll start with you no I’m not gonna start with the biggest one I’m gonna start with the smallest one it’s that way we can practice so what I’m thinking is I might you know with this little one let’s just cook him whole I’m gonna scale him no really easy to scale I mean those scales melt off like butter all right sir little pig fishes scaled and I’m just going to gut him well dig those little bits of guts out those little fins I just pulled those little fins right off so easily now this is interesting this the the skin is really soft on this fish like this fish is so small I’ve never even kept a bluegill this small this is probably the smallest fish I’ve ever kept to eat I’m just gonna like take the head off there we go just pull the head off and there we have a little play of barking well there we go guys they were really easy to clean really soft flesh let’s cook up some little pigs look the butter is literally liquid already it’s so hot out here for this first little pig we’re gonna add them to the butter I’m just gonna cook him in butter and a little bit of salt because I don’t want to mess up like if these are really as good as everybody is saying then I don’t want to mess it up with all kinds of different spices and stuff I’ll cook one and spice but I’m gonna try one just just plain like this and we’re gonna add some salt to this one but then we’re going to add some Trader Joe’s chili and lime seasoning which my subscriber Maxwell said to me Thank You Maxwell I really do love this stuff right up put love free clean on there it’s with this one a little bit crispy and I think the little one now here and just butter and salt I think he’s done this is by far the smallest fish I have ever cooked for Dino go in let me tell you something this is a good this is a really good it is okay first of all the first thing that you struck me is the the flesh is really soft the very very soft fish and just like very sweet the meat is sweet it’s good look at how easily the meat comes away it’s almost a little bit and mushy it’s so soft this comes away oh it is so good guys in terms of a pure flavor this is one of the best flavored fish I’ve ever had one of the drawbacks is it’s so dang small let’s see if this season one is better or worse because sometimes a lot of seasoning on something that’s already good is not a good thing far as is it better with seasoning or have it more plain I would say it’s too close to call well guys here is the conclusion of the matter this is this is real food for thought here if you have an aquarium at your house and you know you have some pretty little fish in there that are just for show you never know you’re craving some fresh fish one evening and just you know just keep in mind you have options you didn’t even maybe know you had until you watch this video so not an overhyped fish at all I thought it might be over hi people the most one over her head and now I gotta say it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever had I wish it was bigger that’s the only drawback but in terms of taste and one of the best I’ve ever had so please click right here if you want to see a frog catch and cook or click right here if you want to see a kitchen cooking playlist over 50 videos in there and you can just scroll through and pick any one pick one thank you guys so much [Music]

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  6. I clicked on this video to watch some small, pretty, and apparently tasty fish be enjoyed, not to think of a pet fish as a last resort. 😂

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