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Catch n’ Cook BIG, FAT Tilapia!

Catch n’ Cook BIG, FAT Tilapia!

what’s going on guys let’s make a cast to this boat ramp here first cast of the day whoa whoa right there right there oh look at that I just paused it right before her brought it out of the water this little peacock bass came over and attacked it oh he got my finger good dang son oh yeah bleeding a little bit they’re not a giant fish look at Warren Spahn his tail is pretty cool not a giant but a nice little fish start great start to the day cuddle on that little lucky craft jerkbait I love this jerk bait little guy got a little revenge on me got my finger what is going on guys back out here today on the old pier if you guys new to my channel I get permission to fish run spear even though this is not mine we are in South Paulo Brazil and I am fishing this piece of structure that you see behind me it’s a launch ramp a boat ramp and it’s one of the only hard pieces of structure along this nice weedy shoreline so when I’ve come here a lot of times there have been some peacock bass stacked up eivol might catch a cook stuff with me should be a great day let’s get yours will not believe this you guys will not believe this I have a little tiny peacock bass that’s hooked onto my jerk bait and a big peacock bass this came over and is trying to get it I’m gonna pull it up and show you guys in just a second but okay this peacock bass is literally swimming around with my jerk bait and this big peacock bass this is incredible okay I’m gonna show you guys just a second I’m gonna flip it right back down there just as it is this is crazy guys look at that there’s a tiny peacock bass that’s hooked onto the dirt mate and a big one was swimming around trying to get this isn’t that crazy alright so let’s flip it right back down there let’s even get that big one to bite okay when I was if you guys watch the last episode whereas kayak fishing with that guy Raphael he had a giant bass that was feeding it was eating little peacock bass I could not get that one to come back well guys and nothing else on the jerkbait I just look at the simulator that’s pretty cool I mean not an exact copy but that’s pretty darn pretty darn close guys I fished her about 10 or 15 minutes more it cannot get anything else so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna try another type of fish and we’re gonna keep this dirt bait tied on and we’ll definitely I’ll fish with this a little bit more later on we have here some crimp up just jumped out of the bucket jumpy little fellows here check that out guys little live shrimp on a simple bobber you can see there let’s get this down there if you guys are members of my channel members you know that I made the video I caught the peacock here oh I didn’t have that peacock bass gone off and then I got one of those aquarium fish right here so we’re gonna drop it right down there by the way you guys want to become members of my channel you get to see extra videos catch and cook videos and little anecdotes and cool things that happen and unless members video just published or caught a turtle there’s all kinds of cool little things so consider clicking the join button down below if you guys are interested in seeing more than the once a week a video that’s guys I got one I don’t finally what’s nice peacock bass oh no oh it’s a blue one too it’s a blue one okay I got to be here for cuz I only have ten I only have ten pound test a spinning rod and this is a big blue peacock bass holy mackerel this is a really really nice bass these things are so strong I have to be very careful I’m not really sure how I’m gonna lay in this thing I’m Anton just drag him just up on shore I’m just gonna let him tire himself out guys this is a big fish I don’t I kind of have weak line here okay it’s not it’s not a giant bay it’s two and a half three pounds it’s two and a half three pounds on a whole shrimp I just put a great big jumbo shrimp on and I was so bored I’ve been fishing for a while I was so bored I forgot that I even like had the camera on look at that just barely on the outside of the mouth it’s a blue peacock bass guys look at those blue fins oh he’s barely hooked I mean barely barely hooked well he’s Keys going along pretty nicely here yeah this is kind of nice probably once he get some of the weeds he’s gonna go crazy I can’t lift him I’m just gonna have to he’s being pretty good right now heat guys I cannot tell you the cameras can’t pick it up the GoPro can’t he is barely on the outside of his mouth if I lay in this thing I’m gonna show you guys how close the landing of this fish there we go guys guys we got a blue peacock bass guys look this big beautiful bass look how the hook is just barely on the outside of its lip this is the biggest or the second biggest peacock bass I’ve ever caught holy mackerel look at that big beautiful he doesn’t look very beautiful right now on a whole shrimp right underneath that dock so Wow both say Kay for those of you who don’t know drew ow or John is a Brazilian fisherman that I met on this pier several weeks back and he fishes off this pier almost every day for his food well it’s a cake Bree Gotham Potter will say uh uh Oona thank you better if I say seen a dude oh oh oh really okay we gotta flee I guess my other rod got a bite while I was over there fishing Oh guys guys I got a bite on this one this bottom ring got one I got one boy this is fast action the afternoon started a little bit slow oh it’s a big turtle taught the nuga guys it’s a big turtle oh this is funny this is the fourth or fifth I don’t know what is with me and catching turtles alright look at this dude this is the biggest one I’ve caught this is I think turtles oh look alright so a subscriber told me that this is a side neck turtle it doesn’t pull its head in like this it folds it sideways give that hook out sorry buddy I put a big fat shrimp on this one too everything eats shrimp I guess he’s got some nice claws too on him right there kind of an ugly cuss wonder if he can catch I don’t me person I don’t know about catching cooking Turtles like I’m willing to catch and cook a lot of things but Turtles I don’t know he’s gonna be fast he’s gonna be fast I know these guys are fast I can race that’s cool alright guys so cool turtle and bass I wanted to give that one to him because if you guys watch some of the last episodes he’s helped me a lot fish in here and so I wanted to do something to return the favor I thought of even like cooking doing to catch and cook with him and like give him some of the fish or something like that but it’s better woman I caught the huge peanut bass it’s better just to give that to him and he can do he can cook how he wants so anyway I’ve been wanting that for a while but he’s given me a lot of help and that’s why I gave it to him but here’s the thing he just told me he said oh where there’s one there’s is you two or three more so I’m just going to UM get another shrimp on and I’m gonna throw it right back down same spot alright guys so I’ve been switching around a bunch of different tactics I’ll just use it a great big shrimp I mean look at this this is a jumbo shrimp and all I’m doing is free line in it which means if you guys are new to fishing all I’m doing is I’m just how all I have is a hook and a shrimp that’s it no sinker no bobber no anything and I’m basically just letting the shrimp swim around so I’m casting out there at the current or walk going this way and I’m I’m just backing up and it drifted right under the threat under the pier when that fish bit but that shrimp is down there swimming around trying to get away trying to find a place to to hide and by doing that he’s attracting all kinds of attention boys we’re getting another bite got him it’s a it’s a different fish it’s a dude I don’t is this a tilapia I’ve never caught it tilapia for I think we might have it to lobby you guys I think I may have just cooked my very first tilapia and it looks like a big one again too big to lift this is fantastic Oh draw husband fishery I was over there he just he has a net I need one of those jalabiya all right guys it is a tilapia we gotta thank you guys got a little stringer here my very first tilapia and it is a big one if I may say so but yeah the guys look at that first tilapia ever put them on this side of the dock so he doesn’t get tangled up with that big peacock bass huh whoa gran g-w guys check out the size of that pork Gino that is big for one of those apparently anybody have any one of those in their aquariums wait the bone all right guys before we get back to the vision I want to tell you guys about the chicest wallet money can buy this is a metallic Ridge wallet I would imagine some of you guys out there wear a three-piece suit or maybe you wear a nice shirt and tie to work complete your accessories guys with one of these metallic wallets from Ridge they simply look amazing and since they are slightly bigger than a credit card they fit in your front pocket so you’re not sitting on a bulky leather wallet all day and while you’re at Ridge check out the leather phone cases amazing quality so many just bad to the bone colors check them out in the description below they’re an official sponsor of this channel Ridge wallet dot-com and don’t forget to use promo code ace at checkout to get 10% off your entire order got one guy’s got one another big fish this fish must wonder why all these big fat shrimp just keep getting dropped down right in front of it that’s the second time in a row same spot there’s under our feet this is so crazy and just hooking live shrimp on just like that no sinker no anything we’re just free lining them I switched away from the bobber in the sinker and just let him swim around down there no problem oh that one’s up don’t oh it’s another tilapia another tilapia oh it’s a big one too nice nice nice oh here comes you all tilapia ah ligado oh my god guys my second floppy ever and it is another big one oh look oh look his tail got bitten off by something sweet hi guys look at that a couple big fat tilapia I love the taste of tilapia which I’ve had many times here in Brazil because people eat these and a lot all right guys got the fish I want it it’s time to break out the little cook stove and set that up and let’s start cooking some tilapia alright guys some of you have been asking how to fillet a fish and I’m just gonna show you guys that real quick now if you want to skip the filleting Parkes it’s gonna be a little bit long if you wanna skip to the flame part I will put the skip äj– at the bottom there but first of all knock out your fish with a rock or something like that this one is knocked out they will always move even when they’re dead they’ll twitch and stuff gills will twitch and that’s just normal all creatures move and humans move actually – after they die it’s nerves and stuff and so where you’re first gonna use you’re gonna come right behind the dorsal fin and the gill and I usually grab some the fish was something usually a cloth or I don’t I want to save my one cloth that I brought for the cooking part so I’m just gonna grab it with this it’s and you’re gonna start cutting down wow this has really thick scales now I have never known it to Lappe so this might be a bit of a mess because I’ve never done tilapia anyway cut down like so and you’re gonna cut down till you feel the spine you’re gonna cut down an awesome boom your knife is gonna stop like so cut down and then you’re gonna cut all the way to the belly like so so we’ve made a nice clean cut boom all the way down to the spine and then there from here this is all a little bit subjective but what I like to is then I like to cut down along the belly all the way to the base there I probably had a sensor out that word because YouTube is de monetizing for every goofy thing so anyway cut down to that hole and then and then we’re gonna take your night in your tourney knife sideways in there and you’re just gonna start cutting to the socket like so and you want to be careful I and this is hard on small fish you wonder if I’m not to cut through the spine you want to cut right along the spine and you’re gonna be cutting through the rib bones at first so it first it’s gonna be kind of hard got a muscle your knife along that’s why it’s important when you fillet that real sharp knife so I mind just slices the other I usually try to sharpen this at about every two or three after every two to three trips and then once you get through those that’s the rib bones it’s going to get a little bit easier but just keep your knife at like Oh 45 well maybe not 45 maybe about a thirty degree angle as you go along so don’t cut through the spine but keep the knife flat and as close as possible to the fish you’re just gonna cut right on through and then you’ll know if you did a good job if when you flip the fillet out like that there’s not a lot of meat right here and as you can see there bones that you can’t really see and let me get the blood away anyway you can see there’s not a whole lot of meat maybe a little bit right along here and you’re always gonna leave some meat that’s actually why I try to cut quite a bit because you leave some meat behind and when you gut you just you don’t leave any because you just cut the head off pull the guts out so anyway we have it boom cut down like so and then don’t quite cut all the way through because if you cut all the way through then you have to have something to hold down the skin as you do this second and this is a bring this third to several different ways of full aim just so you guys know but this is just one method this is the one of the most common ones used here in Brazil in fact everybody that I’ve seen here in Brazil uses this one there are other different kinds out there maybe they work better for different fish anyway you slice lied your knife under there against the skin and then using about the same battle 45-degree angle cut along the skin cut that flesh away like so keep your knife nice and flat that’s why you need a fillet knife because a fillet knife can bend that’s why you need you can do it with other knives but it’s very hard you need a kind of a long a long fillet knife and you just cut along and you want it flat surface every time this is an okay flat surface not the greatest but look at that beautiful as you can see I didn’t leave any meat on the skin this is just floppy skin there and maybe left a tad actually maybe got too close right there I’m just gonna cut that little part of the skin off just want to make sure there’s no skin or scales on the meat all right you’re not quite done but we have one more little step here you have all kinds of rib bones and if you put your finger right there you will feel all kinds of those rib bones and so we have to cut those out and so just slide your knife but but make sure you press your knife up like against the rib oh so you don’t miss a lot of meat and so you’re gonna cut down like so and then you kind of break through at a certain point and just keep your knife pointed like up at an angle so you’re not cutting off a lot of meat and then eventually you pop through the rib bones and there we go we have the whole rib cage right there effect you can see all the little ribs right there throw that out and boom we have a nice fillet some people like to cut that part that little skin to the stomach off I really don’t care it might taste a little bit fishy but I kind of like fishy taste and don’t be so concerned a lot of people are really picky about the blood line on there and I don’t know I don’t really care about I kind of like the flavor of it so some people will take the time to try to cut that a little bit of redness out and it’s bigger or smaller depending what kind of fish you have but some people take the time to cut that out and I never do because I like the flavor I don’t I don’t mind the flavor it doesn’t affect me there’s a nice boneless piece of fillet right there and the way we’re to cook this fish today folks is in a little bit of extra virgin coconut oil if you are member you know that I already tried coconut oil and it was delicious and nutritious I know about nutritious actually well you know it’s coconut you know I’m basically cooking with a fruit and a for the tilapia fillets we are using some Louisiana kitchen fish fry mix this is the seafood mix I don’t know why I picked seafood balls at the store and I was just like you know and I’m gonna try it so that’s what’s in this ziplock bag fish fillets and one at a time and drop them in a ziploc bag seal it up long okay this is just so they don’t stick together we’re gonna drop the second one in that’s why you do one at a time same process now we will add be leis twit oh man folks you cannot get fish this breath unless you catch and cook it yourself you know flip this this hope it’s breaking apart when the fish starts breaking apart that means it cook let’s try one of these thin edge pieces here I can never resist not trying a little piece before it’s done I’ll tell you how it is you got to make sure taste test before we dive in you know it needs them just up the hinge just a pinch of salt and then I’m gonna douse it with this lime since we’re in Brazil they use limes in most cases where Americans use lemons it’s a little bit of lime a little bit of salt and I think had it finished right there folks and for the final steps a little dash of salt and a little lime juice over the whole say a quick prayer for this really blessed day and dig in okay right away just the tiniest hint of coconut flavor which makes it really good no fish is good I’ve had to lobby a lot of times before in restaurants because here in Brazil and served in almost every restaurant it is light very very white meat very very flaky not media at all very flaky just delicious and I do have to say that one of the things that make one of the things that makes us so good number one it’s fresh but number two I’m really hungry I just looked at my phone it’s 4:30 in the afternoon I’ve not had lunch that is how focused I get when I’m fishing like I don’t want to stop or anything but I get hungry at hungrier and I’ll get hangry I’ll get angry about every little thing that happens if I don’t even realize like what’s wrong with me because I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast at eight well guys that tilapia was amazing I ate it all already but I want to show you guys one more thing before we leave here we’re gonna take a look the peacock bass was all dirty when I showed you guys now it’s all cleaned off I want to show you guys it real quick guess look at the blue peacock bass there it’s that amazing the colors on that thing that is so beautiful I think Wow and what a fight they give up that is so cool guys thank you so much for watching well [Music] [Music]

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  10. Some beautiful fish, and that Tilapia is wonderful to eat..especially fresh out of the water. One thing though, when you fillet it, do a ( curve around that front left a lot of meat there to waste, just do a curve around it ( then follow the steps as laid out. On bigger fish like that we will usually do the rib bones while it's still connected to the skin, just to give you a bigger holding surface, but it's the same.

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