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Catch n’ Cook Fish with SPICY Ramen Noodles

Catch n’ Cook Fish with SPICY Ramen Noodles

what is going on guys back out here fishing in Brazil back on the pier I’ll make a few casts there’s a good-looking spot over here and I make a few casts and then I’ll lay it out what all we’re gonna do today all right guy something right off the bat there are two big birds like herons right over here and I just know that unites how when you see herons walking around usually means there’s bait in the shallows and usually when there’s bait in the shallows are also bass around that’s just a good sign when you’re fishing around those birds and so I’m going to come over here actually it’s fishing off the end of the pier like I’ve been doing the last few videos I’m an official on the shore here one of my favorite lures and to fish guys right here a Strike King spittin King I remember when these first came out or at least I first discovered him they were pretty sweet and I’ve had this one for a long time there’s red on the side so it looks like kind of like a bleeding fish and red hooks and then that little tail is kind of worse for the wear of the little feather tail there but great little lure strike king spittin king let’s try this so I came to fish this laundry on this along the shore there’s not much structure there’s just weeds and so when you have a structure like this anything on the flat bottom little guy but still first fish of the day little peacock bass there you go guys the little peacock oh there he goes peacock bass let’s get one about 12 inches or so before we eat one anyway as I was saying this piece of I feel feel like this is the only piece of structure one of the only piece structure along this Bank and so wouldn’t surprise me if they stack up along here got one another little one I love top art efficient this little guy is bleeding really well it got him in the gill plate alright got him off the hook well he seems fine I don’t know so let me show you what I did here guys I took some of the Dry Creek outfitters trophy bass gel scent I wouldn’t put a link to this in the description but I can I’ve only seen it at the Dry Creek outfitters store in Murtaugh Idaho so and that’s pretty remote as you can see there I put some on the bottom of the bait because I had a plastic like plastic frog melt against this and I don’t want the like burnt plastic taste to be on the lure so that’s why I put the gel scent on the top water and it seems to be working it back in there it’s hard to tell because they all bite so hard it’s hard to tell but yeah this is a tiny one but there are other ones falling guys they must be just stacked up on this structure here put a beautiful little fish I hope my GoPro is on that was crazy these are so much more savage than large mouth or swamp that one oh I don’t know another little one I want I need a good keeper to eat I’m relying on fish for my lunch they’re useless I switch to a little lucky crafter got one I got one guys what’s a decent one it’s a dish it’s a blue one – oh my God look at this guy’s it’s a blue okay I do have 17 do I just lift him up – oh this a little bit dangerous oh look at this look at this beautiful peacock bass got him this is one of those blue ones – oh that is gorgeous I don’t know see it’s so kind of early in the day as far as I kind of want to let a blue one go oh well there’s the decision for me man that was so cool guys I don’t think I could have kept that one because as weird as that sounds just too beautiful that doesn’t really make any sense eat the ugly ones and throw back to the beautiful you know you know anyway that was cool they say here a blue peacock bass I thought it was just snag guys that was like in inlet it was less than two foot of water like eight inches of water or something like that guys guys we got lunch guys oh man this is pretty one too but I’m eating this one not taking a chance we got lunch that’s a beautiful one too I love the spot on the tail just a beautiful beautiful fish I thought because the other day I came up he has watched a previous episode I caught one fish all day so when that Azul peacock bass got away I kind of kind of threw it back it was actually a test I was actually holding it over and I could tell it was pretty feisty and I thought if this thing flips out of my hand flips in the water I’ll just take it as a sign that I should release it and if it doesn’t then I’ll just keep it and eat it so anyway got another one got some lunch guys we are gonna pause here and do a little giveaway this is the bait that’s been getting it done I love and this Lucky Craft baby that you can see on this side there’s no I there’s an eye on that side it’s been beat up pretty bad hooks are kind of blend out of whack in fact I’m gonna have to change the hooks out but anyway giveaway all you guys have to do enter the giveaway is comment below and press the like button on this video and you are automatically entered in everyone even even if this is your first video I’ve ever seen everybody is entered into the giveaway so make sure you comment and like the video I’ll send you this I think it’s like 16 bucks $16 Lucky Craft jerkbait well look at this guy’s doing thanks buddy well that kind of I think it kind of ruins this spot I don’t know maybe not I don’t know how finicky peacock bass are but he just backed his tractor into the water right on the launch ramp on fishy my friends for today’s kitchen cook we have a special treat spicy ramen noodles these got sent to me by one of my subscribers I brought them with me all the way here to Brazil Norman I just brought one of the packets because I didn’t have that much room in my luggage but he says hey ace I noticed your spice tolerance is quite high so I decided to send you some Korean spicy noodles please do a catch eat and cook with these noodles can you and me ancient handle it well Norman the ancient isn’t here right now but I have saved the other packs for a later catch and cook and he says okay and then he gives me instructions on how to cook them Thank You Norman we will see if I can take this I pretty sure well you know what I was about to confidently state that I could take me but look at that these are Asian you know those Asian when Americans think of spiciness their life but when Asians think of spicy it’s like so the only way to know if I can handle these is to cook water and we add the noodles to the boiling water I have to say this is the first time I’ve ever caught and cooked some ramen noodles and now for the piece that I resistance Oh looks like wow that is dark red you’re gonna add all of the hot sauce every last drop and this little packet of like seaweed sesame seeds or something stir that all up perfectly diabolical all right Norman here’s looking at you [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow whoo just one bike dude those are some hot noodles man I need some water I actually need some milk I don’t have any Millman saw some cows over there I could just you know suckle the utters bro these are some spicy noodles man look tearing up those are some spicy noodles man they taste good it’s like but that might be a little too strong for me one bite one bite next time I’m gonna have to put like half of that in there oh that there’s some hot stuff let’s cook up that peacock bass now make a quick filet job on this peacock it would be weird catch and cook a peacock and there we go some nice filet meat so with these fish filet guys I’m gonna take most of the ramen noodles out of the pin but I’m gonna reuse the same pin because I want some of the spice from this to get on the fish I’m gonna leave those noodles in there and all those spices then we’re gonna add butter to the mix and here’s some bits and pieces I’m just gonna add and then the fillets and themselves right in that spicy goodness more bejesus and the other feel a and add a little bit of salt to it and from my other subscriber Maxwell the chili lime seasoning comes out again oh this is gonna be some spicy goodness those Asians they they like their spice that’s for sure I’m more of a like a you go to Buffalo Wild Wings you get like Caribbean jerk or Asian zing but nothing really much above that I don’t I don’t order those super spicy wings more of a medium spice guy I don’t know if you’re if you’re like born with a high spice tolerance or like they develop it or what it is but it’s just too much for me I’m a medium spiced person well guys thank you so much for hanging out today if you guys want to see extra content on my channel consider becoming a member press the join button down below I think it’s a joint button he’s only on when you’re on a desktop so what I’ll do is I’ll put a link to that will lead you to join in the comments section and in the description down below and you guys get to see extra little videos and stuff like that like there’s one video published where some whales can look around our kayak and then just some random just some random videos like the first time I use the live shrimp for bait and just some different ones I’m trying to post about one every week or two weeks or so anyway if you guys want to see extra content be consider becoming a member of my channel made you get to see all the new videos one day early that’s Paul that’s Monday early I kind of I don’t I talk a lot more and stuff with my members so anyway thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see you in there [Music]

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