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Catch n Cook Mangrove Jack over night fishing trip Andy fisher man EP.330

Hi everyone, I’m Andy. And I’m heading out on an over night trip. I’ve just missed 2 really good days of calm weather, but I had to work. Ive got a big popper rod, small rod, fly rod, I have lots of gear. I haven’t had breakfast yet, the eggs I boiled for breakfast are in my kitchen still! I will have to catch my lunch and dinner and probably breakfast. I have a home made crab pot here. I’ll try that. Today is the first time I am using my new Mako’s and we will see how they perform. I was hoping to do some flats fly fishing, but the wind is up already, so we will see. I’m sure I’ll get a few fish on this trip.
I was hoping to do some flats fly fishing, but the wind is up already, so we will see. I’m sure I’ll get a few fish on this trip. I will use the Surface skipper 160, by Lively Lures. I’m aiming at bommies, points and just places where fish can hide.
I will use the Surface skipper 160, by Lively Lures. I’m aiming at bommies, points and just places where fish can hide. Cast in nice and close, pretty quick retrive. Ho!! First cast, fish straight away, Longtom, there he is, wow. Bait jumping, that’s always good, lets see if we can get it. Yep, right in the spot. OHH! YEP! Straight away, I’m on. I think it’s a big GT.
OHH! YEP! Straight away, I’m on. I think it’s a big GT. AWWW!! Busted me off… Oh, got me around the coral. Didn’t take much drag, but he got down into the coral. I’m just doing an FG knot, I like to use my toes and both my hands. It’s actually pretty fast. You just go over each side and then under, this is not a tutorial, but I just wanted to show how fast it is. That’s probably enough there, just do a loop to lock it off. There we go, make sure it’s locked in before I finish it. That’s it, very quick to do. So I’ve re-rigged, same style of lure, but slightly different colour. And hopefully this one will get eaten and not burried. Aww, there’s another splash in there. Aww, that’s another one, yep, awwww…. Ok, he’s getting me in there. He’s around that coral. Come on get out. Ok, feels like I might be able to pull him out now. Got to drive the electric out. I haven’t gained much on him, he’s just pulled me in. There we go, and a lot smaller than what I thought. He’s hooked int he side, that always makes them pull really hard. Every time I pull, I’m pulling his whole side towards me. Ok, now we have him. They pull so much harder when hooked in the side, and that’s right in the middle of his side. I thought he was much bigger than that, but he’s still 60cm long. Much much bigger fish out here. There we go, not a bad one, but there are bigger ones around. I might recognize him from the scar in a few years time. Ok, little buddy off you go. Yep, he is ready to go, see you. So I’ve just stopped poppering. I’ve only come 50m from my last poppering. I’m going flats fishing with my special crab fly. Maybe get some Tuskfish or Harry Hot Lips. Around the islands here you have fringing reef, and behind that there is usually a coral flat. And it doesn’t matter where you go, you can usually find fish. I spotted a Harry Hot lips, moving fast. Just going around the white coral there, it’s near him.. no, he’s going the other way. Oh, he just ate then, oh, he turned around. Get in front of him again.
Oh, he just ate then, oh, he turned around. Get in front of him again. That’s in front of him. Every time he feeds, you can see he leaves a puff of dirt. One here, one there. Let’s see if we can get in front of him, he’s definitely feeding. He ate there, go left buddy. Looks like a big Queenfish coming my way, oh, no, big Golden Trevally. It’s a GT, a monster GT! Where’s my popper, get the popper out. Come on, come on… He went off the reef edge, that way. I’m changing it up again, going around some rocks with the Assassin 75mm. Nice lure, this one has paint off already, and I like the ones with paint off the best! Let’s see if i can catch some Barra or Jacks, I need something for dinner. I’m getting hungry. I’m working along the shallow rocks here, finding spots fish like to hide. This lure is good, it has a big bib and bounces around the rocks. I can feel it bump along the bottom which is what I want. Single rocks like this hold good fish. Yep, that’s a good one. Cod I think, nice big Cod. Black spot cod, he tried to get me under there, it could have been the same one I just missed. You are going to be my dinner. It’s a nice heavy fish. Alright, I am not going hungry tonight. And he just vomited all over the boat, lets see what he’s been eating. Ah, yes, crab claws there, two bits from two different crabs. Dirty fish, that smells really bad. Get this fish in the esky, before he spews up any more. So here is my dinner for tonight, and he is about 48cm long. I remembered the ice, I didn’t get food, but I got ice. Oh, there’s more rock, time to fish more. I’m changing spots, looking for more fishy areas. I’m looking at this mountain here and you can see it’s like a big funnel or bowl. That means all the water comes down to one creek, probably over there, should be a creek. The tide is coming in now and that should be really good. The first push of the tide always brings in the bait. Nice gutter here, it looks like it goes to the corner. I have worked my way right up into this gutter now. There has to be a fish in here some place. Flathead, I knew i would catch a fish in here. Lets get him up. Oops, he dropped off, he was a good size flathead. Maybe a 50cm flathead. This is looking good, a big boulder and another next to it. He had it, had it. Try that again. Oh, Cod, yes got him. Hooked him underneath. I like when my predictions are good. Let him go, off you go buddy. Yep, same spot and what have we caught? An Estury cod, that was a black spot cod before. Both sitting on the same snag. That’s pretty cool. He’s just a small fellow, maybe 32cm. Off you go. Oh, yes, that’s a nice Cod, today is Cod catching day. Codathon today, that’s a good one. They do pull hard at the start, I knew if I worked those rocks I would catch him. That was good. I will let him go, I already have dinner. These Cod grow to about 400kg. He is a very nice fish, about 52cm. Very nice. I love looking at their eyes. Off you go, there he goes, beautiful. I might try something else very soon.
Off you go, there he goes, beautiful. I might try something else very soon. They hit hard, good fish. The breeze has kicked in, it should slow down later. These rocks look really good. I should catch some Barramundi or Mangrove Jack off here. Yep, that could be a nice Jack, yes a a nice Mangrove Jack. Woo hoo. I might keep that one for my dinner, a Jack I can eat. I knew that would pay off, despite the wind. He is a legal fish, just under 40cm. Got me in there a few times. Beautiful Mangrove Jack and more like 42cm long. Even though it’s windy, I can still catch fish here. He will be a nice dinner, a much better size than the cod. I know he is in there. Yep, Oh, yes, nice. Oh, another good Jack. I left that rock for a while…. Actually I’ll just lift him in, I don’t want another fish. I had a hit on that rock, then caught a nice Jack over there. He is another big Mangrove Jack. He is a 43cm long fish. Get this guy back in the water and catch more fish. I wanted to do that more gentle. A nice sheltered spot to cook an early dinner. And maybe fish at night. I will use the fish guts as crab pot bait. I’m a little worried about getting stuck. Nice little beach, fire down below the high tide mark. Then cook fish for dinner. No shortage of wood here. That’s the fire started. I want even coals to cook my fish. Make a big fire and burn it down. Normally I cook the fish whole, but I need fish guts for crab pot bait. They don’t taste any different cooked with guts in as long as they are fresh. You don’t need to gut it, just cook it whole. No chance or fain tonight, which is good because I’m sleeping on the boat tonight. I have a mattress, and a sleeping bag. Doesn’t look like rain. That looks perfect now, spread it out a little. I don’t want too much heat. Throw him on. I prefer fish cooked whole now, it’s so much easier. There is less chance of drying the fish out if cooked whole. For an entree, I have some oysters on rocks. When they open the oysters will be ready. Wow that was quick. Don’t throw the rocks right into the fire. Most of them are open. Eat my entree My little bush fork. Mmm, oh yeah, very tasty. And that fish should be cooked in 5 minutes. Mmm, take off the skin and tasty. As I peel the skin off you see the nice meat. And that is still really moist, the skin keeps in the moisture. That fire was a bit too hot. That was a great day. I just pumped up the mattress. There is my queen size bed on the boat. It feels like a water bed that keeps moving. Lets see what tomorrow brings. Good morning, it’s 10 minutes before dawn. A little windy last night, not too bad. The mattress leaked, not too bad, but I slept on the deck pretty much. Not sure what to do today, I think some popper fishing. Maybe soft plastics up the creek. Some exploring, I haven’t been here before. I found this cree. Very shallow. I have to be careful I don’t get stuck in here. Using a a Zman curley tail with weedless hook and split shot lead. I will cast into the mangroves. Work it back out. Big Turtle. I heard his breath before I saw him. Yep, got a small Trevally. First fish for the morning, off you go. I can hear lots of fish now. Yes, and another Mangrove Jack straight away. He is about 28cm long. Very pretty fish. Off you go, see you. There’s a couple of fish in there. Oh, yep, Mangrove Jack. I was just hitting bottom with the electric. Beautiful fish. That is a very big Mangrove Jack, he is 45cm long. Their mouth snaps shut when you touch it. Don’t put your fingers in there. I don’t kill too many fish, let you go. Right in there… and Mangrove Jack. Boop, he’s gone. Oh, yep, I have something. It is a Sand Bass. They look just like Barramundi. Their nose is different. I really need to head out, but I need to catch a Tarpon. I hope I don’t get stuck in here. There’s Tarpon, yes, first cast! Good sized Tarpon. There they are. I can see 20 fish swiming. Now they are scared of my lure. As you can tell, I may not get out. I can see deeper water over there. I’m touching bottom, I’m in trouble. I have to get out and push. Please float though here. That was lucky, one day the last 2 casts will get me in trouble. I’m almost out now, all good. I’m going to use a Skitter Pop along this rocky edge. It looks good. Oh, dropped it. That is a Cod I think. Nice one, that first one was a Jack. This one is a Black Spot Cod. Nice Black spot, close to 40cm long. Let go, let go. That is a big Mangrove Jack, big Mangrove Jack, jumping Jack! The second time he came up he jumped out of the water. I have never seen that before. He is around 50cm long There you go that is a big Mangrove Snapper. Wow, wow. A nice little glamour shot of this fish. Very cool fish, 50cm Mangrove Snapper. Just hold him for a little bit. That is way cool. I can go home now.

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